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Chapter 349: Forty-Three Victories!

Chapter 349: Forty-Three Victories!

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“Let’s go and find Pan Mei and Du Chen,” Ye Lü Qi said to Lin Feng. They flew across the valley. Lin Feng followed Ye Lü Qi.

Pan Mei wasn’t with Du Chen, which would make things easier. It was better to kill one of them at a time.

As expected, at night, Lin Feng and Ye Lü Qi found Du Chen. Ye Lü Qi exchanged a few words with Du Chen. Lin Feng hid in the dark and then ambushed him, killing him easily. Ye Lü Qi also broke Du Chen’s plate.

Ye Lü Qi didn’t do it for Lin Feng, he did all this for himself and for his own interests. He had to kill these two. He wasn’t safe if there were other people. If the two died, he would be completely safe, especially since Lin Feng had badly injured him.


After killing Du Chen, Ye Lü Qi and Lin Feng quickly found Pan Mei.

The fact that Du Chen was dead quickly spread outside of Feng Qi Mountain. Godly Emperor Tian was going insane. Almost all the disciples of the Celestial Gods Government were eliminated, even some people who were secret members of the Celestial Gods Government were being killed now…

Everybody knew that Lin Feng was doing it. They had a map of Feng Qi Mountain in the sky, so they could track him thanks to his plate.

But the fact that Lin Feng had killed Du Chen was normal, too.

Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei were furiously clenching their fists. They wanted to crush Lin Feng to mush. They had humiliated Lin Feng before, so now he was humiliating them.

Nobody dared say anything, but some people discreetly laughed. Lei and Tian were Godly Emperors and a guy who was less than two hundred years was humiliating them like that… How pathetic!

“He’ll see when he comes out,” said Godly Emperor Lei to Godly Emperor Tian telepathically.

Godly Emperor Tian looked glum, and didn’t reply. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

At that moment, lights flashed. A plate broke. Eh…

Did Lin Feng think he could get away with it? Pan Mei’s plate was broken, he had lost, but considering Lin Feng’s temper, he had probably killed him…

Many people were convinced that Pan Mei had been unlucky to bump into Lin Feng. Godly Emperor Tian was completely infuriated, he looked at Godly Emperor Lei and talked to him telepathically,

“When he comes out, you and me, we cut him into two.”


“Ye Lü Qi, both are dead. Now, you should hide. In five days, when it’s time to go out, I’ll chase you and pretend I want to kill you. Pretend you’re exhausted and at the verge of collapse, so that way, nobody will doubt about you,” said Lin Feng, standing at the top of a clif.

Ye Lü Qi couldn’t help but pale and shake, but then he remembered why he was doing all this and nodded.

“I hope you can help me become the leader. If you don’t die, you’ll definitely become a Godly Emperor, and then you’ll be able to compete with Godly Emperor Tian, I’ll feel relieved then,” he replied.

Lin Feng was talented, he’d definitely become a Godly Emperor someday, before most people who had the strength of the top of the ninth layer even. He placed high hopes on Lin Feng.

That was also the foundation of their cooperation.

Lin Feng nodded agreement. Their cooperation was becoming fruitful.

“I’m going. Be careful,” said Lin Feng to Ye Lü Qi. He flashed away and disappeared.

Ye Lü Qi watched Lin Feng disappear, not knowing whether he was doing things right or not…

“I hope you won’t die any time soon,” whispered Ye Lü Qi, flying towards the depths of Feng Qi Mountain.


Lin Feng and he didn’t go into the very depths of Feng Qi Mountain, that’s where the most people were. That was the location of historical remains, like Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s teachings and treasures.

“Sigh, there’s nothing which belongs to the Demon Emperor there, but there are things which belonged to me,” said Godly Emperor Blood at that moment. Lin Feng was speechless, and could only smile wryly.


During the three following days, Lin Feng had twenty battles. He bumped into Dan Nü again and lost again, but he didn’t struggle as much as the first time. Dan Nü even used some of her trump cards.

Lin Feng had won forty-three battles and lost two. He lost twice against Dan Nü. He was now second, he had passing Di Shu and Zhen Mo.

Dan Nü had won fifty battles and was first. Lin Feng had to win more battles to surpass her, they still had four days, maybe he could do it.

Lin Feng’s number of victories was really scary. All the contestants and observers were stupefied. Being second after Dan Nü would make Lin Feng even more famous. Everybody would know about him in Gods City and even in Godsland.

Lin Feng walked a few dozens of li, but didn’t find Di Shu’s real body. He was probably hiding, and plotting even further. Lin Feng had to be even more vigilant.

He landed at the top of a mountain and noticed Zhen Mo nearby. He was seated at the top of a mountain and surrounded by an incredible demon blood Qi.

“That little boy’s demon blood Qi is not bad,” said Godly Emperor Blood remorsefully, as if he regretted being with Lin Feng and not Zhen Mo.

“Master, do you want me to hand you over to Zhen Mo?” Lin Feng asked smoothly.

Godly Emperor Blood shook with fury. Many people wished they could have him on their side, and Lin Feng was talking about him as if he were an object to be horse-traded?

Godly Emperor Blood had to stay with Lin Feng!

“Little boy, there’s something fishy going on over there, maybe an ambush,” the Godly Emperor replied instead.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the mountain where Zhen Mo was seated. Indeed, something strange was going on.

“Does Zhen Mo want to kill me too?” Lin Feng looked doubtful.

Suddenly, Zhen Mo punched the mountain, which almost collapsed. Dark silhouettes appeared and threw themselves at Zhen Mo.

When Lin Feng saw that, he didn’t understand. Some people were plotting against Zhen Mo?

“Who are those people?”

When Lin Feng saw all those people wearing black clothes with their faces covered, he didn’t understand. Those people didn’t seem like they were contestants, but only contestants were supposed to be allowed here? Those people definitely weren’t contestants…

Zhen Mo threw a punch, and a man in black exploded. His Qi was drawn into Zhen Mo’s body. Zhen Mo punched another cultivator, who exploded as well. More black Qi was sucked into Zhen Mo’s body again.

In less than ten minutes, Zhen Mo crushed all of them, and a cloud of black Qi was drawn into his body.

Lin Feng frowned. Zhen Mo’s Qi was becoming more powerful, thicker and thicker.

Lin Feng was stupefied, but it seemed like those guys’ Qi was only beneficial for Zhen Mo.

Godly Emperor Blood coughed once and said, “If I’m not mistaken, it must be a Monstrous Body.”

“A Monstrous Body? What’s that?”

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