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Chapter 350: Lin Feng vs. Zhen Mo!

Chapter 350: Lin Feng vs. Zhen Mo!

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Lin Feng was surprised. What did that mean? Even though Godly Emperor Blood liked to brag, he was very knowledgeable and had lots of experience. He had been in this world for tens of thousands of years.

“It’s a kind of spiritual demon body, a kind of body made by powerful demons. They refine their own body using demon Qi and then turn it into a spiritual body.

“That little boy has a demon body. He’s using spiritual demon bodies to refine his own body,” Godly Emperor Blood explained to Lin Feng. When he was young, he had also used such methods to refine his own body, but then he had been killed. Of course, Godly Emperor Blood was smart, and didn’t tell Lin Feng he had used it to refine his own body back then, so, Lin Feng wouldn’t make fun of him.

Lin Feng was curious about that spiritual body demon thing. If he could learn how to do that, it’d be very beneficial.

Zhen Mo opened his arms and absorbed energies, as if he were absorbing vitality, but Lin Feng knew that Zhen Mo was absorbing the demon Qi he had refined.

Lin Feng could sense that Zhen Mo, who had the strength of the top of the ninth layer, was already about to break through and become a Half-Godly Emperor, and it might happen before the end of the Great Competition of the Gods List. If that happened, Dan Nü wouldn’t be the only one Half-Godly Emperor!

After a while, Zhen Mo took a deep breath. After he finished absorbing all the demon Qi, he slowly opened his arms and looked at Lin Feng coldly.

Lin Feng frowned. Qi emerged from Zhen Mo’s eyes, and also from Lin Feng’s eyes. Four threads of Qi collided, Lin Feng’s Qi wasn’t any weaker than Zhen Mo’s. There was an explosion between them, and the mountain collapsed completely.

“Lin Feng, will you fight against me?” challenged Zhen Mo.

Even though Lin Feng was standing at the foot of the mountain, when he heard Zhen Mo, he flashed up high in the sky, just above a cloud. He looked back at Zhen Mo.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Let’s have a bet though, okay?” replied Lin Feng coolly.

Zhen Mo looked a bit surprised, but then he smiled and said, “If I lose, I’ll transmit you the Demon Emperor’s knowledge I obtained in the grave. What do you think?”

“No, no, it’s suitable for you, not for me. Besides, I also obtained knowledge in there. I just want the Monstrous Body technique,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head and smiling.

When Zhen Mo heard that, he was curious, “You know of the Monstrous Body technique?”

“Of course, I also know that you practiced the Demon Lord body and the Spiritual Demon body, but will you dare and bet?” answered Lin Feng smiling broadly.

Zhen Mo frowned, hesitant. The Monstrous Body was one of his trump cards. Thanks to it, he could get twice the results he usually got with half the effort, and only people who were demon cultivators could practice it.

The Demon Lord body and the Spiritual Demon Body were also techniques to practice cultivation. They were as powerful as godly skills and godly formulas. If they had to be compared with the Godly Skills List’s rankings, they were definitely in the top thirty.

“Alright, I accept. But if you lose, what can you give me? The Monstrous Body is not cheap at all,” agreed Zhen Mo. He couldn’t act too recklessly. In his eyes, only three people posed a threat to him: Dan Nü, Lin Feng, and Di Shu.

Apart from them, Zhen Mo was convinced nobody here could compete with him. Betting with Lin Feng was a good way of obtaining something precious.

When Lin Feng heard him, he felt anxious, as he couldn’t put the Birth of a Buddha at stake. The Assassin God had transmitted it to him because he was talented. No matter what, it was only for him and he couldn’t put it at stake. It was in the top ten of the Godly Skills’ List, it was almost priceless.

He couldn’t put the Great Buddha Formula at stake either, it was even more precious than the Birth of a Buddha, or Little Buddha Formula.

Lin Feng didn’t know what to put at stake, when he suddenly remembered the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill that Godly Emperor Blood had transmitted to him.

Good choice!

“Zhen Mo, what do you think of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill?” said Lin Feng smiled. When Godly Emperor Blood heard that, he was so furious.

“Stinky little boy, you really want to die. The Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill is much better than your Little and Great Buddha formulas. How could you compare that with my Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill? It’s something I worked on half of my life, and you dare put it at stake?!” Godly Emperor Blood was really furious.

Lin Feng just smiled fatuously, he didn’t know what to say.

When Zhen Mo heard Lin Feng, he looked completely dumbstruck. When he saw Lin Feng looked completely indifferent, he realized Lin Feng didn’t know it was priceless.

The Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill was the best thing Godly Emperor Blood had ever created in his life. It wasn’t any weaker than some of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s skills and techniques. If he managed to obtain it, it would be incredible!

Hehe, if Lin Feng didn’t obtain it in the Demon Emperor’s grave, where did he obtain it, then?, wondered Zhen Mo.

Zhen Mo smiled as casually as he could and said, “Okay, I accept.”

Eh? As expected, the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill must be incredible!, thought Lin Feng instantly. If the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill wasn’t extraordinary, Zhen Mo would have never accepted the bet.

Lin Feng now understood that Godly Emperor Blood’s skill was probably awesome.

“Lin Feng, we both need points, so we don’t have time to waste. Let’s stop wasting time talking. I’ll draw a big circle, we exchange a dozen attacks, and if anyone is pushed outside of the circle, they lose. Okay?” said Zhen Mo.

Lin Feng didn’t think too much about it, as he didn’t have time to lose, either. If he wanted to finish first at the competition, he needed to surpass Dan Nü. He needed seven more victories for that.

Zhen Mo and Lin Feng had no time to waste.

“Alright, draw the circle,” Lin Feng nodded.

Zhen Mo didn’t waste any time, raising his left hand and drawing a thousand-meter circle in the sky.

“Lin Feng, please,” said Zhen Mo smiling calmly. He flickered away and appeared inside the circle.

Lin Feng flew in and appeared in the circle, too. They were five meters away from one another. They instantly threw a punch at one another.


They both started fighting silently, and their fists collided. Their energies rolled in waves and crushed a few hills around them.

Lin Feng vs Zhen Mo…


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