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Chapter 351: Winning Again!

Chapter 351: Winning Again!

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“Stones breaking through the vault of Heaven, free and unrestrained rain, Dong Fei Yu!”

After exchanging a few attacks, Zhen Mo made some hand seals and chanted an incantation. Lin Feng was surprised. A particular kind of strength filled the air in the mountain. Zhen Mo started absorbing it, and a gigantic yellowish imprint appeared around his hands.

That gigantic imprint turned into many small earth arrows, it looked like a mud rain. Lin Feng was impressed; Zhen Mo really had all sorts of different attacks. But could that mud rain be used as an attack?

Lin Feng couldn’t help but recall the Sky Palace’s What’s the Date Tonight poem. Did it have any particular offensive potential, too?

Lin Feng just thought of it for a second, he couldn’t afford to be careless. He raised his fists and punched the earth imprint. It weakened, but still crashed against him.

Lin Feng lost against that one.

“My turn.” Lin Feng took a deep breath. Zhen Mo smiled icily. Suddenly, Zhen Mo saw a demon god descend from the sky. He was a demon cultivator too, but he was still surprised, as that demon Dao strength was really impressive.

“Mara Nirvana Formula!” said Lin Feng with a demon voice. The fist of a demon appeared, a few trees around them collapsed. A mountain exploded into a million pieces and the pieces flew hundreds of meters away.

Zhen Mo’s expression suddenly changed. That was the strength of a standard godly skill!

Zhen Mo remained vigilant. He raised his arms and also used a standard godly skill to block the attack. Lights flashed behind Zhen Mo and a demon god also appeared. That demon god shook the sky.

However, Lin Feng’s demon god was a Mara Ahrat, how could he be weaker than Zhen Mo’s illusory demon?

Lin Feng’s demon threw a punch and destroyed Zhen Mo’s illusory demon. Zhen Mo was also blown back, and crashed a hundred meters away. He was only a dozen meters away from the edge of the circle.

His expression changed drastically. He had underestimated Lin Feng a little bit. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so strong.

“Eat this punch!” shouted Zhen Mo furiously. He looked really furious this time.

Lin Feng smiled and jumped. He threw another punch. This time, it wasn’t a Mara Ahrat’s punch, it looked like a Taoist punch this time, natural, no precise target, just an aggressive and natural punch.

“Eat this punch too!” replied Lin Feng, smiling calmly. Their punches collided, their skin rolled in waves in the powerful wind.

An incredible energy emerged from the two fighters, and a few peaks thousands of meters high exploded.

When the watchers saw that, they were stupefied.

Lin Feng and Zhen Mo were both pushed back of a few steps, but they weren’t injured. They both remained focused. Lin Feng rose up to the clouds and threw a kick. Sharp energies were condensed in his foot.

Lin Feng understood the chiliocosm of the Great Tao, the transformation and evolution of all things. Back in the days, the old Taoist Priest could throw a kick as he wished, and his kick had countless forms. That was the chiliocosm of the Great Tao, the multitude of forms and shapes animate and inanimate objects could have.

Zhen Mo looked at the terrifying kick, no matter what he did to block the attack, he’d be injured. He had to surrender.

Thinking about that, Zhen Mo took a deep breath and started chanting incantations. Suddenly, Lin Feng saw many demon lights appear around Zhen Mo, turning into silhouettes.

Those were… monstrous bodies?

Lin Feng studied those silhouettes. Their faces were veiled, a terrifying blood demon Qi rolled in waves around them. Lin Feng was a bit surprised. Zhen Mo had practiced it at such a high level already. It was already perfected!

The spiritual demon bodies flew towards Lin Feng. He threw a kick, energies exploded and shot up to the sky. Zhen Mo opened his arms and blood-red lights emerged from his third eye. The lights illuminated an area of dozens of square meters, growing more and more intense.

“Little boy, he obtained Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s demon skill, hurry up and use my Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill!” Godly Emperor Blood’s voice resonated in Lin Feng’s brain. Lin Feng looked grim. Godly Emperor Blood enjoyed bragging usually, but this time he sounded really alarmed.

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s demon skill? Zhen Mo had inherited knowledge from the Demon Emperor, but could Godly Emperor Blood’s Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill really compete with the demon skill?

Even though Lin Feng had doubts, he didn’t waste time to think about it and instantly started using it.

Zhen Mo narrowed his eyes when he saw Lin Feng’s Qi change. Suddenly, Lin Feng’s demon Qi wasn’t demon corpse Qi anymore, it was blood demon Qi. Lin Feng had also studied demon blood Qi!

When Lin Feng started using the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, one word appeared in his mind: EXHORT!

Lin Feng didn’t understand what it meant, but all he could do was follow the instructions. He could see images in his brain, the knowledge Godly Emperor Blood had transmitted to him.

A short silhouette appeared and flew to the top of the mountain. The mountain was easily a few thousand meters high, but the short entity threw out his hand and it was like a bomb. His attack was very powerful, the mountain was instantly destroyed and leveled to the ground.

The Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill was that scary?

Lin Feng took a deep breath, and flashed higher up in the sky. He could throw his hand like a bullet or a bomb, his stretched his five fingers and five threads of terrifying strength emerged from them and shot towards Zhen Mo’s head.

Zhen Mo shouted furiously. Zhen Mo’s demon skill was effective too, and energies exploded all around. Zhen Mo was pushed back and crashed onto his chest. He was now half a meter away from the edge of the circle.

The demon skill was the reason why he had dared make a bet with Lin Feng. He had thought that if he used it, he’d manage to push Lin Feng out of the circle easily.

He hadn’t thought things would happen this way, he had thought that even if Lin Feng used the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill against him, he wouldn’t manage to push him out of the circle. Five threads of strength pierced through the blood-red strength. The lights didn’t have time to explode before they disappeared.

Lin Feng was bombarded by an incredible strength, he was pushed back a few hundred meters, but he still won the bet.

He was five meters away from the edge of the circle, Zhen Mo was half a meter away from the edge of the circle.

“You won,” admitted Zhen Mo. He stretched out his hand, and a light ball appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng reached out and grabbed the secret monstrous body cultivation formula. It suddenly appeared in his brain.

“I was going to say that neither of us won because neither of us is in the center of the circle,” answered Lin Feng, smiling at Zhen Mo.

Zhen Mo shook his head indifferently, not arguing with Lin Feng. However, he was surprised when he heard Lin Feng and raised his head.

“What you used was the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, right?” asked Zhen Mo. He was speaking really quickly.

Lin Feng didn’t know why Zhen Mo was acting like that, but he nodded and said, “Indeed, it was the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill.”

“As expected. But from your expression, I have the impression you don’t really attach much importance to it. I’d like to tell you one thing though: since you obtained it, don’t use it just like that, carelessly. Otherwise, Godly Emperors will try to steal it from you. That’d be a pity.

“If you had fought against someone else, for example a Godly Emperor, and they saw your Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, they would have immediately killed you to steal it from you,” said Zhen Mo.

When Lin Feng heard that, he had the impression he was going to faint. The Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill was that terrifying?

At that moment, Lin Feng heard Godly Emperor Blood “Hmph!” proudly in his mind, sneering at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, there’s a Godly Skills’ List in the Continent of the Gods, do you know which ones are in the top five?”

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