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Chapter 352: The Terrifying Power of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill!!

Chapter 352: The Terrifying Power of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill!!

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“You mean that the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill is in the top five of the Godly Skills’ List?” Lin Feng asked in a low voice. He was stunned.

Zhen Mo said slowly, “Back in the days, someone paid a very high price, three hundred million Godly Stones! That’s how the list was created.

“You’re very lucky, because the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill you have is the third one on the list. Godly Emperors long for it. Maybe you don’t know, but the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill was created by Godly Emperor Blood!

“Godly Emperor Blood was even scarier than Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. He was very mysterious. Nobody knew what Godly Emperor layer he had broken through to, or what his real cultivation level was. Back in the days, a cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor layer wanted to humiliate him, but Godly Emperor Blood killed him in one slap. After that, nobody dared humiliate him ever again.

“But for unknown reasons, after Godly Emperor Blood became extremely famous everywhere in the Continent of the Gods, he disappeared. Some people says he went to live in seclusion. Even Tian Di was sad about it. An almost almighty cultivator had left the Continent of the Gods,” explained Zhen Mo, sighing sorrowfully.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was speechless. Godly Emperor Blood had disappeared voluntarily? Then, he had stolen Xuan Yuan the Godly Emperor’s things and never come out…?

“Hey, stinky little boy, do you understand? I went to defeat the Demon Emperor…

“Back then, someone told me that Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was dead and that his soul was still in his grave, so I went to challenge him!

“I didn’t think that old bastard would be so strong. I killed him, but fell with him!” said Godly Emperor Blood, angry at himself.

Lin Feng was astonished. Godly Emperor Blood had destroyed Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s soul and died with him? That soul wasn’t weaker than before his death? But then, how strong was Godly Emperor Blood before?

“Master, your cultivation level…?” Lin Feng was curious.

Godly Emperor Blood didn’t tell him, though. He just told Lin Feng the same thing as usual, he would tell him after Lin Feng broke through to the Godly Emperor layer.

“Lin Feng, that’s the story behind the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill,” said Zhen Mo. He got ready to leave but Lin Feng held him back.

“Zhen Mo, the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill is third on the list, so what about the four others?” asked Lin Feng.

Zhen Mo didn’t run away. The competition would end in two days. Zhen Mo didn’t intend to finish first anyway, so there was no pressure.


“You probably know what the first one is,” said Zhen Mo. Lin Feng thought of Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

“The Celestial Emperor’s Celestial Imperial Formula is the best one, nobody can make anything better than the Celestial Imperial Formula.

“The second one is…” Zhen Mo looked confident. Lin Feng looked at him. It was probably Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s Demon Skill?

“…is the skill I obtained, the Demon Skill, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s skill. Hehe, your Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill is the only skill that can be mentioned in the same sentence as Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s Demon Skill. It’s almost impossible to break them completely,” explained Zhen Mo. He looked satisfied.

Lin Feng smiled, but Godly Emperor Blood was flaring up. He wanted to fight against Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor again. He wanted to show him who the stronger one was!

Lin Feng ignored what Godly Emperor Blood was saying.

“The fourth and fifth ones are the Indestructible Celestial Skill and the Celestial Overflow Formula, respectively. Those two celestial skills are from the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

“Apart from Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and Godly Emperor Blood’s celestial skills, in the top five, the three others are from the Three Dynasties.

“These top five skills belong to another world, they’re not like the rest of the godly skills. They’re celestial skills. Not many people know what they’re really like, though,” said Zhen Mo. Lin Feng was more and more surprised.

“Celestial skills?” Lin Feng frowned.

“Indeed, there are probably some skills which are much, much more powerful than godly skills, and celestial skills are an example. But Tian Di the Celestial Emperor doesn’t want to admit it, he’s afraid he would be punished for that.”

“Punished? Who could punish someone like Tian Di the Celestial Emperor?” said Lin Feng. He was curious. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was the strongest god, how could anyone punish him?

“Don’t forget that there’s Gods Country. That country is mysterious. No matter how strong Tian Di the Celestial Emperor is, he’s just the leader of the Three Dynasties,” said Zhen Mo.

Lin Feng had a bad premonition. Maybe Tian Di the Celestial Emperor wasn’t the strongest cultivator at all. Maybe there were even more terrifying cultivators in the Gods Country!

Eh? Thinking about that, Lin Feng thought of the female Godly Emperor. She was from Godsland and had been sent by the Gods Country. And what about the old man in grey clothes? He had also been sent by the Gods Country to be the leader of Gods City. They were both from the Gods Country?

So, those people aren’t extremely strong, they are just Godly Emperors, thought Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, remember, don’t give the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill to anybody,” said Zhen Mo while walking away. He wasn’t worried about Lin Feng, he was worried that some even stronger cultivators would obtain the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill.

He would be in danger too if something like that happened, that’s why he warned Lin Feng.

“Master, what you said was true, your Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill is more powerful than a godly skill?” Lin Feng asked after Zhen Mo left.

“I am not sure, either. Many people say that, but to be honest, it’s not a celestial skill… but I am not sure what it is exactly. All I know is that back then, when I created it, I killed many Godly Emperors who had special godly skills. Hehe, it was so awesome!” said Godly Emperor Blood recalling his past. It felt good to remember better times.

Lin Feng believed him now. That short old man was extremely strong. He wasn’t weaker than Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Therefore, Lin Feng was convinced that he couldn’t be much weaker than Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, either.

“By the way, Master, Zhen Mo’s incantations were extremely powerful, as powerful as godly skills. What was it?” asked Lin Feng. Zhen Mo was gone, so he couldn’t ask him anymore. But Godly Emperor Blood was fifty thousand years old, he probably knew what it was.

As expected, Godly Emperor Blood told him.

“That incantation represents a terrifying entity. You know that little boy, that guy’s disciple, Dong Fei Yu!”

“Dong Fei Yu?” Lin Feng looked surprised. Who was Dong Fei Yu?

“Lin Feng, when you are out, don’t tell anyone you know me. Just ask the leader of Sword Mountain. He knows,” said Godly Emperor Blood. Lin Feng was really ignorant and it really disappointed Godly Emperor Blood. He didn’t say anything else after that.

Lin Feng sighed, still confused. He landed on the ground and walked into a forest, looked for firewood, made a fire, and had a rest.

Well, he thought he was going to rest, some people were still looking for trouble.

“Lin Feng, I finally found you! How do you want to die?”

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