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Chapter 353: Lin Feng Is Poisoned!

Chapter 353: Lin Feng Is Poisoned!

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Lin Feng turned around and narrowed his eyes.

It was Song Tian. Song Tian had already recovered and his eyes were filled with murder. He looked proud and evil. It had changed from when he had been defeated by Lin Feng.

At the same time, Lin Feng looked at him and sensed Di Shu’s Qi, evil demon Qi, on him. It meant that Di Shu and Song Tian had met before, and that Di Shu had sent him to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had to admire Di Shu. He was getting stronger and stronger, and he could even use people for his own interests, he didn’t even need to show up. He had made a big mistake back then by not killing Di Shu.

“Lin Feng, you won against me before, but this time, get ready to die!” said Song Tian, smiling sinisterly.

Lin Feng looked back at Song Tian and smiled. He couldn’t help but think of the Sword Tower, the conversation he had had with Meng Tian Lü. Song Tian had attacked the ghost by surprise, he had stolen the Buddha Sword, and Meng Tian Lü had died.

Lin Feng had to avenge Meng Tian Lü!

And even if it weren’t for Meng Tian Lü and Meng Ke, Lin Feng hated Song Tian too much. He had to get rid of him.

“Song Tian, you think you can kill me because Di Shu supports you?” Lin Feng asked icily.

Song Tian’s expression changed. As expected, Lin Feng understood what was going on, but thinking of what Di Shu had given to him, he wasn’t afraid, he just smiled in anticipation and said, “Hehehehe, so what? Even if you know about that, this time, you will definitely die!”

“Oh? If you’ve become so strong, why are you still there talking?” said Lin Feng. He was curious to see what Song Tian intended to do against him.

When Song Tian saw how confident Lin Feng looked, he wanted to crush him. He raised his hand and threw a fist at Lin Feng. A tornado made of evil and deadly yin Qi appeared.

As expected, it was Di Shu’s evil Qi, but Lin Feng wasn’t afraid. He also raised his hand and threw a punch at Song Tian. Lin Feng used the power of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao in his punch.

There was an explosion as their fists collided, but Lin Feng was surprised because Song Tian wasn’t bombarded away. He wasn’t even pushed back. On the contrary, he took more step forwards.

Lin Feng’s fist felt weak and numb. He looked at his fist and suddenly looked grim. There was a blood-red light in his hand, s starting to flow into his veins. After a few milliseconds, he couldn’t feel his arm anymore.


Lin Feng realized that only poison could injure him like that, and was furious. Di Shu was really a bastard. He had actually sent Song Tian to poison him, and the poison was powerful.

“You want to die!!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He immediately used the Great Buddha Formula, not the Birth of a Buddha.

The Buddha Qi surrounded Song Tian instantly, and finally, Song Tian looked scared, really scared. He had thought he’d be able to come, poison Lin Feng, and then leave. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would still be able to stand to fight against him if he was poisoned.

“Hehehe! You can’t do anything Lin Feng, you’re going to die! Hahahahahaha!” shouted Song Tian ferociously, his face twitching. He stretched out his left hand, and a talisman appeared.

“If you want to use a talisman to escape, dream on!” swore Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He released a hundred-meter long space and time cage. Song Tian suddenly looked alarmed. He really couldn’t escape? The talisman Di Shu had given to him was useless!

“Impossible! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! How could I fail?!” Song Tian looked really alarmed. He looked at the talisman in his hand, but no matter what he did, it didn’t work.

Lin Feng laughed when he saw that. Di Shu didn’t intend to help him get out of it alive!

“How miserable. He used you, and you seemed so happy,” said Lin Feng. He let the cage disappear, and Song Tian tried to use the talisman again, but it still didn’t work.

Song Tian tried to calm down. He knew that Di Shu was a schemer, but he hadn’t thought he’d be used as a piece as well!

Thinking about that, Song Tian raised his head to the sky and gave out a long, mournful cry.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! This is not what I want! I want to finish in the top ten! And he used me! AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!

“Haha, so what! Lin Feng, you will die! Haha! You’re doomed! At least, my two brothers will be avenged! Hahaha!

“I will not let you kill me, I will kill myself! And I will not let you succeed either!” said Song Tian laughing sinisterly. Lin Feng had a bad premonition. Song Tian wanted to kill himself!

Lin Feng didn’t want to let Song Tian kill himself. If he killed himself, then the Buddha Sword would disappear along with him.

Lin Feng released space and time Dao strength, and corroded Song Tian’s pure Qi. When Song Tian realized he couldn’t commit suicide, he looked completely astonished and looked at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, you are vile and petty!” shouted Song Tian furiously and explosively.

“I am petty and vile? Hehe.

“What about you? You killed Meng Tian Lü, who was good to you, and stole the Buddha Sword, aren’t you the vile and petty one?” said Lin Feng smiling icily.

Song Tian glared at him and recalled that. He couldn’t help but lower his head. Indeed, he was vile and petty. He had killed Meng Tian Lü, who was good to him…

“How do you want me to die, then?” Song Tian sighed, giving up. He couldn’t do anything anymore.

Lin Feng really wanted to kill Song Tian before but now he also thought that Song Tian wanted to avenge his brothers’ death. If Lin Feng had been Song Tian, he would have done the same.

Lin Feng was a bit absent-minded. He started thinking he was selfish, so he decided not to kill Song Tian.

“I will hand you over to Meng Tian Lü, and he will decide what to do with you,” Lin Feng said to Song Tian.

Song Tian looked a little relieved. Back then, he was greedy and fooled people. He used to be worse than a pig or a dog, he deserved to be punished.

“Lin Feng, this is the Buddha Sword. Since you saw Meng Tian Lü, he probably gave you the Sword Spirit… take the Buddha Sword too,” Song Tian sighed. He rolled up his sleeves and a two-meter grey sword appeared in front of him and fell at Lin Feng’s feet.

It was the Buddha Sword, a high-level godly imperial weapon!

Lin Feng nodded, then he raised his left hand and grabbed it. Lin Feng put Song Tian in his spirit world where Godly Emperor Blood was.

Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about Godly Emperor Blood. However, Lin Feng was a bit worried that Godly Emperor Blood would kill Song Tian, as he had heard everything after all.

Lin Feng examined the Buddha Sword; it was really a good sword. It was grey and surrounded by an ancient Qi, but it had no soul, so it looked completely ordinary.

Meng Tian Lü had given him the sword’s soul back in the Sword Tower. Now, he could bring the Buddha Sword to life, a high-level godly imperial weapon.

Even though Godly Emperor Blood despised high-level godly imperial weapons, for a cultivator of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and even for Half-Godly Emperors, they were incredible weapons.

Lin Feng sensed the poison Qi in his body was getting more intense. He coughed some black blood and his face paled. He felt exhausted. The left part of his body felt completely numb.

The poison was extremely strong!…

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