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Chapter 354: Profit by Misfortune!

Chapter 354: Profit by Misfortune!

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Lin Feng’s face paled. His blood had carried the poison throughout his body, and he looked really sick. Di Shu had planned to poison and kill him.

Am I going to die because of Di Shu’s poison?, thought Lin Feng, touching his numb body. He flew to a place where he could hide in the forest and gathered his Qi. That way, people could not detect his presence.

Lin Feng sensed an intense pain in his blood system. It was like his blood system was sealed. He couldn’t use any energy anymore, not even brightness strength.

The poison was bad. Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh. Di Shu’s plot was a good one. Now, Lin Feng couldn’t use pure Qi anymore. Di Shu had probably planned this for a long time, his plan was going really well.

Who would have thought Song Tian would help him, though?

Damn! As expected, Di Shu wanted to kill me, thought Lin Feng, smiling wryly. He tried to control his inner strength to get rid of the pain a little bit. Since Lin Feng had become a Ruler in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had never sensed such pain, and had never felt so close to death.

Lin Feng didn’t fear that kind of feeling. On the contrary, he was excited. It helped him improve his death Dao strength. His death Dao was level eight and was about to reach the ninth level. His life and death Dao would be the first one to become perfect!

Lin Feng’s whole body felt numb, but Lin Feng had almost forgotten Di Shu’s plan. He had sealed Lin Feng’s circulatory system, but couldn’t seal his vitality strength. He couldn’t stop Lin Feng from thinking, either. Lin Feng closed his eyes and felt death.

He was standing at the top of a precipice. He was surrounded by enemies, all ferocious and their eyes bloodshot. All of them were people he had killed in the past. Now, they wanted to smash his body to pieces and grind his bones to powder.

Lin Feng ignored them. He laid down and looked down the valley. He was getting closer and closer to dying. Danger lurked.

Lin Feng jumped into a free fall. Many people watched him fall and smiled icily. Some of them even clapped and cheered. Some others, however, looked devastated.

Lin Feng was going to die.

Lin Feng was doomed. His soul was at the top of the cliff, but his body was in the forest.

Godly Emperor Blood came out of Lin Feng’s spirit world, appeared in front of Lin Feng and smiled while scratching his beard. He looked at Lin Feng’s body which had no soul anymore, and sighed, “Little boy, you’re extremely brave, but if your life and death Dao really reaches the ninth level, then you’re also lucky.”

If his enemy knew his plan was helping Lin Feng become stronger, I wonder how he would react, thought Godly Emperor Blood smiling.

But there was still one issue. Lin Feng had lost his soul, which wasn’t good for his body. His corporeal body was filled with poison, which was corroding it.

Even if Lin Feng’s life and death Dao reached the ninth level, it would be useless without a corporeal body. He would become like Godly Emperor Blood himself, a wandering soul.

Thinking about that, Godly Emperor Blood narrowed his eyes. If Lin Feng hadn’t gone to Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s grave, he might have been dead already. As Di Shu plotted against Lin Feng, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would obtain one of the Demon Emperor’s three supreme godly imperial weapons, the Blood Cauldron!

Godly Emperor Blood didn’t say much. He rolled up his sleeves and took the Blood Cauldron, then put the Blood Cauldron on the ground. It became extremely big and an incredible demon Qi rolled around it.

Godly Emperor Blood didn’t say anything, just putting Lin Feng’s body inside it. With the help of the Blood Cauldron, the poison could be removed and Lin Feng’s pure Qi could be healed.

Lin Feng’s soul was still falling in the valley, it was extremely deep; one minute, two minutes, ten minutes passed. Lin Feng couldn’t feel anything though, and he couldn’t see anything, everything was blurry around him, and dark.

Lin Feng panicked a little suddenly. If he really died, what would happen to Meng Qing? And Tang You You? And Duan Xin Ye, and Qiu Yue Xin, and Qing Feng, and Liu Fei?

And his sons? Friends? Teachers? What would happen to all those people without him?

Lin Feng was absent-minded. At that moment, an incredible blood-red skeleton appeared above Lin Feng’s head. Two blood-red light beams appeared and penetrated into Lin Feng’s eyes.

Lin Feng shook violently, his muscles feeling like they were being torn apart. He was suffocating, and was covered with cold sweat.

“You are still afraid of death!” a voice sighed in disappointment. Lin Feng heard that and nodded.

But then he opened his eyes and shouted furiously, “No, I am not afraid of death!”

“Hehe, so why don’t you want to die?” said the blood-red skeleton. He almost sounded amused, but nobody would have thought so, because he was way too frightening.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “I am not afraid of death, but I don’t dare die.”

“Oh? You are not afraid of death, but you don’t dare die? Isn’t that contradictory?” repeated the blood-red skeleton. He looked amused.

It sounded like Lin Feng was talking to an ordinary person, as he replied serenely, “It’s not contradictory. I am not afraid of death, so I don’t dare die. If I were afraid, I’d die, and my friends and family would be sad. The people I protect would be too sad, and my wives would be disappointed. Therefore, I can’t die,” said Lin Feng. He sounded determined. He knew that he was right: no matter what, he couldn’t die!

“Haha! Congratulations. You passed. Life and death is about death, but also life. If you studied only death Dao, there would be no life!

“Go. You passed the exam,” the voice sighed. The space around him became dark again, and the blood-red skeleton broke apart.

He opened his eyes and realized he was seated in the Blood Cauldron. He touched his hands, and his legs. He was alive, and conscious again.

He could use pure Qi and brightness strength again. He could sense that the poison hadn’t disappeared from his body, it had been transformed and had turned into a small black poison pill.

That poison pill diffused a terrifying death Qi. If anyone touched that pill, they’d die. Lin Feng could touch it, though!

“My strength? Top of the eighth layer?”

Lin Feng touched and shook his hands. He had become stronger. He had the strength of the top of the eighth layer. One more step, and he’d break through to the ninth layer.

In other words, he had profited by misfortune!

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