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Chapter 355: Final Rankings!

Chapter 355: Final Rankings!

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There was an explosion. Lin Feng jumped out of the Blood Cauldron and rose up in the air. The Blood Cauldron shrunk and disappeared, going back into Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng stood in the air, his black robe and hair fluttering in the wind. His eyes gleamed for a long time, but his Qi was different from before. It was sharper, like a spear millions of years old.

Lin Feng now had the strength of the top of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, so he could probably defeat cultivators of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and he was even convinced that he could compete with Half-Godly Emperors, unlike the other times he had fought against Dan Nü. All he could do before was escape after a few attacks!

Lin Feng raised his head and smiled. Godly Emperor Blood was a bit surprised; Lin Feng suddenly looked like an almighty being.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance and sensed Di Shu’s Qi. But could Di Shu still plot against him?

Maybe Di Shu didn’t know that Lin Feng had broken through; how would he react if he knew that he had helped Lin Feng become stronger with his poison?

Lin Feng looked at Godly Emperor Blood and cupped his fist in his other hand before his chest, “Thank you for taking assistive measures, Master.”

“Stop saying useless things, little boy. It would have been a pity to let you die,” Godly Emperor Blood replied mockingly, smiling icily. The old man then disappeared from there and went back into Lin Feng’s spirit world. He kind of intended to teach Song Tian a good lesson!


Lin Feng inspected the area and continued flying in the sky above Feng Qi Mountain. Two days were left. If Lin Feng wanted to surpass Dan Nü, he needed more victories!

Therefore, Lin Feng needed to challenge more people and defeat them. He even fought against some people whom he had already beaten before.

During those two days, Lin Feng had over twenty battles. He won all of them. Nobody could compete with him anymore.

Lin Feng wanted to fight against Dan Nü again and try out his new strength, but he couldn’t find her.

The fact that they didn’t find against each other again didn’t mean that her score hadn’t increased, either. Actually, she also fought a dozen more battles, and won all of them. Lin Feng had won sixty-eight battles in total and Dan Nü seventy two.

Three hours were left before the end of the competition. Lin Feng couldn’t pass her anymore.

It didn’t matter much, because there were battles after the finals. If he won against Dan Nü, then he’d be the one who would obtain the two titles.

Lin Feng gave up and focused on resting and recovering his fighting abilities, because he knew one thing: because of Di Shu, everybody would know that he was the one who had killed all the disciples of the Celestial Gods Government and the Thunder Gods Government.

Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei probably wouldn’t leave the matter at that. They would probably even attack him. Lin Feng had a bad premonition.

If Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei wanted to kill him, Lin Feng would need to use his biggest trump card, Godly Emperor Blood.

Even though the short old man had just become a broken soul and only had the strength of a Half-Godly Emperor, with Lin Feng’s body, he’d definitely be stronger than Godly Emperor Tian!


The Great Competition was about to end, so many people headed back to the top of Feng Qi Mountain.

Lin Feng also went back to the top, but the scene was funny to watch. He was chasing Ye Lü Qi and pretending he was trying to kill him, as they had agreed.

Ye Lü Qi was badly injured, one more punch and he’d die, so Ye Lü Qi looked at Godly Emperor Tian, who immediately came and saved him.

Actually, Godly Emperor Tian didn’t want Ye Lü Qi to live, he wanted him dead. That way, nobody would care about what had happened in the past anymore. But Lin Feng was chasing him and everybody was watching, if Godly Emperor Tian didn’t help Ye Lü Qi, a Great Elder of the Celestial Gods Government, then what would people think?

After that, Godly Emperor Tian warned Lin Feng and slapped him. Lin Feng was blown away, his blood boiling, but he survived.


Lin Feng stood at the top of the mountain. Many people were looking at him and whispering.

Some people had compassion for him, some people made fun of him, some people wished he was dead, and some people wished the Godly Emperor had crushed him a moment before, like the disciples of the Unicorn Sect and the Celestial Jewels Sect and the Sealing Clan.

Some people were worried for his safety, like the disciples of Sword Mountain and the Gods Clan. They didn’t want Lin Feng to die.

But Lin Feng’s life wasn’t in their hands. If Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei wanted to kill him, Sword Mountain and the Gods Clan wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Lin Feng knew that many people were looking at him but he didn’t care, he just watched Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei.

The two gods closed their eyes and acted as if they didn’t hear anything but Lin Feng knew that they were smart. They would never attack him before he came down from the mountain, because they would lose face if they did.

However, Lin Feng didn’t know whether they would attack him or not at the foot of the mountain.

But Lin Feng wasn’t worried. Godly Emperor Blood told him that he considered him one of his disciples now. Nobody could kill Lin Feng, except maybe Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

“Dad, are you alright?”

After a long time, Meng Qing and Lin Zhe Tian appeared in front of Lin Feng. Lin Zhe Tian looked nervous and jumped into his father’s arms. He had seen Godly Emperor Tian slap his father.

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled. Lin Zhe Tian was relieved.

Meng Qing stood there and watched them. She understood why her son was worried, and she was Lin Feng’s wife. He knew how she was, she didn’t need to say anything.

Meng Qing’s results were pretty good, she just had ten points less than Lin Feng. She was in the top five of the Gods List. She also told Lin Feng she had defeated Di Shu, but then he had escaped.

Di Shu wasn’t the strongest cultivator, but he was very good at scheming. Meng Qing easily defeated him, so Lin Feng was relieved.

“The competition is over!” shouted the old man in grey clothes. Everybody was excited, as they were finally going to know the final results.

The ranking list was for both the Top-Class Great Competition and the Great Competition of the Gods List. The first one in the rankings would be a champion holding two titles.

“Tenth, Zhu Deng Si. Thirty-two victories, seven defeats.

“Ninth, Su Zi, thirty-five victories, four defeats.

“Eighth, Qi Lin Tian, forty victories, five defeats.

“Sixth, Lin Zhe Tian and Di Shu, forty-three battles and seven defeats.

When the old man in grey clothes said that, the members of Sword Mountain were all dumbstruck and really excited at the same time. Lin Zhe Tian was sixth! What an honor for Sword Mountain!

If things continued that way, Lin Zhe Tian would become famous everywhere in Gods City, and even in the Gods Government!

Lin Zhe Tian was unmoved. He had already expected he’d finish in the top ten. Lin Feng clapped his son’s shoulders in satisfaction.

“Fifth, Xuan Long, forty-five victories, seven defeats.”

“Fourth, Meng Qing, fifty-five victories, three defeats.”

As expected, Meng Qing was fourth. She would also become famous in the Gods Government, which was perfect, because she wanted to bring the Snow Region back to life, and for that, she needed help from extremely strong people. Being ranked in the top ten of the Gods List was a great way to draw some very strong cultivators’ attention.

“Third, Zhen Mo, sixty-three victories, four defeats.”

“Second, Lin Feng, sixty-eight victories, two defeats,” continued the old man in grey clothes. When he said that, everybody looked solemn. Nobody said anything anymore.

The old man knew that everybody knew who the first one was, but he still had to announce it officially.

“First, Dan Nü, seventy-three victories, no defeats!” said the old man. Dan Nü hadn’t lost any duels? The first one in the Gods List still wasn’t from Gods City, she was from the Gods Government, but the in the previous ranking list, the first one was from Godsland.

But all the groups of Gods City felt humiliated, especially since Lin Feng had said he was from the East. The third-place finisher, Zhen Mo, wasn’t from Gods City, either!

The fourth, Meng Qing, was like Lin Feng, she had come from the East. Only the fifth one was from the Dark Gods Government, but nobody cared about fifth place…

The top four cultivators were all from abroad, none were from Gods City. Many people were unhappy about that, but nobody dared say anything, as nobody dared criticize the Gods Government.

The finals of the competition of the Gods List were over. But it wasn’t over, because now, it was time for challenges! Those battles would be incredible. The death rate would be higher during the challenges than during the whole competition.

It was the case every time!

“The Challenges can start. You can challenge anyone, even those already on the Gods List can challenge other people from the Gods List.”

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