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Chapter 356: Lin Feng Is Almost Invincible!

Chapter 356: Lin Feng Is Almost Invincible!

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Finally, the challenges were starting. After the challenges, the Gods List would finally be in its full, final version. Of course, if nobody challenged anyone, then the Gods List wouldn’t change.

When the old man in grey clothes announced the beginning of the challenges, an eerie silence came over Feng Qi Mountain. The Godly Emperors and the female Godly Emperor all remained silent, as well.

But that silence was quickly broken. Suddenly, many people started speaking extremely loudly, their voices caused soundwaves to appear. Many people started challenging other people.

“I want to challenge Lin Feng, he doesn’t deserve to be second!”

“I want to challenge Lin Feng, he’s a piece of trash from the East. Why should he be second?”

“I didn’t participate in the competition, otherwise, I would have crushed Lin Feng!”

“Hurry up, I want to crush Lin Feng, that piece of trash!”

Many people were shouting and raising their hands. The more people challenged him, the more the others felt like challenging him too.

Lin Feng frowned. He hadn’t thought so many people would be unhappy because he had finished second! He looked at those who were challenging him, and saw they were all from groups who didn’t like him: the Unicorn Sect, the Celestial Gods Government, the Thunder Gods Government.

“Anyone can come and challenge me. I accept any challenge!” Lin Feng smiled.

Lin Feng accepted the challenge? Was he aware that he might not be second after that?

Lin Feng ignored those who were looking at him mockingly. He just stared at a few people who shouted the loudest. However, after Lin Feng accepted their challenges, some people just hid back in the crowd. They didn’t dare say anything anymore.

“You’re just using your mouths to attack him? If you say he’s a piece of trash, you must fight; if you don’t, who’s the piece of trash?” roared Tang Ye, mockingly humiliating all those who were making fun of Lin Feng the most.

When Tang Ye said that, those people’s cheeks felt like they were burning, but they still didn’t dare come out and fight. Lin Feng had even dared chase Ye Lü Qi to kill him, who would dare offend someone like that?

The atmosphere became extremely oppressive. Those few disciples’ leaders, like the Patriarch of the Unicorn Sect, looked grim.

“Piece of trash. He just has an undeserved reputation. How can you be scared of him?” shouted the elder of the Sealing Clan furiously. He looked ferocious. If he hadn’t been in charge of the whole group, he would have gone and killed Lin Feng. He wouldn’t have let him act arrogantly like that!

“If anyone wants to challenge me, just come, damn it! You’re just making your respective groups lose face by doing that,” spat Lin Feng, glancing around.

Now, their leaders weren’t the only ones who felt humiliated anymore, their fellow disciples’ cheeks also started burning. How humiliating!

“Fuck it then! I’ll go!” Finally, a member of the Unicorn Sect jumped up and landed in front of Lin Feng.

“Defeat him!”

“Don’t give him any opportunity! Use your full strength!” shouted the disciples of the Sealing Clan and the Celestial Jewels Sect.

The dozen disciples who had just made fun of Lin Feng looked glum and pulled long faces. They were shaking from head to toe. The majority of them had the strength of the sixth or seventh layer. They were real heroes in their different groups. But in front of Lin Feng, second on the Gods List, how could they act recklessly and arrogantly?

Lin Feng glanced at them. They looked so subservient, it made Lin Feng laugh. Why had they even made fun of him in the first place?

“I’m going to attack!” said Lin Feng, smiling casually and glancing at the dozen disciples.

Suddenly, the disciples’ faces paled. They wanted to step back, but Lin Feng didn’t give them the time to do so. Since they had made fun of him, Lin Feng was going to be merciless.

He jumped into the crowd and threw a kick. There was a loud scream.

He threw a punch and a disciple of the Sealing Clan was blown away, blood splashed. Lin Feng threw another kick, the sound of crackling bones spread as another disciple was blown away.

Lin Feng threw punches one after the other, destroying those disciples as if he were kicking and punching hens. Lin Feng’s fighting speed was incredible, a disciple was blown away every second.

Everybody saw that and paled. A challenge? That was no challenge for Lin Feng!

Finally, the fifteen disciples who had made fun of Lin Feng and then wanted to escape were blown away in a few seconds.

The patriarch of the Unicorn Sect and the leaders of the Sealing Clan and Celestial Jewels Sect looked at Lin Feng angrily, wishing they could kill him. Of course, they cheered themselves up by telling themselves that they were Half-Godly Emperors, and that they couldn’t fight against a little boy like that.

Lin Feng looked at those leaders and suddenly had an idea. He could challenge them and if he won, then it’d mean he would be able to win against Dan Nü, as well!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled and looked at the patriarch of the Unicorn Sect, Qi Lin Peng.

“Can I challenge him?” Lin Feng respectfully asked the old man in grey clothes, pointing at Qi Lin Peng.

Suddenly, many people’s eyes went wide with astonishment.

Qi Lin Peng glared at Lin Feng. He smiled mockingly and said icily, “Challenge me? Is there no limit to your arrogance? You think you’re qualified to fight against me?”

“You don’t look like the powerful patriarch of the Unicorn Sect, what’s wrong? Why couldn’t I challenge you?” said Lin Feng dismissively.

“You…” Qi Lin Peng suddenly looked grim. He clenched his fists and made them crackle.

Jian Shi and the disciples of Sword Mountain were dumbstruck. Lin Feng wanted to challenge Qi Lin Peng?

Qi Lin Peng was even stronger than Jian Shi! Had Lin Feng become so strong during the Great Competition? So strong that he could compete with a Half-Godly Emperor?

He had the strength of the top of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he hadn’t even broken through to the ninth!

“Haha, Qi Lin Peng, that piece of trash dares challenge you? Hehe, you…” said the patriarch of the Celestial Jewels Sect, Tie Xuan, smiling icily. He was trying to infuriate Qi Lin Peng, but also, everybody understood that someone who was infuriated was also more motivated to use their full strength.

When Lin Feng heard Tie Xuan, he glanced at him mockingly. He almost seemed amused. Tie Xuan’s expression suddenly changed.

“We can have a two on one if you want, you two against me at the same time!” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Suddenly, everybody stopped talking and stared at Lin Feng. He was challenging two Half-Godly Emperors at the same time? Was he feeling suicidal?

“Eh… Nobody can compete with Lin Feng anymore…” said Tang Zhen when he saw that. He smiled in embarrassment. Jian Shi didn’t smile, he calmly looked back at Lin Feng.

“Qi Lin Peng, Tie Xuan, will you fight against me?”

Lin Feng was resolute and decisive. His voice reverberated everywhere in Feng Qi Mountain. He looked like a sharp sword ready to stab the two leaders.

Qi Lin Peng and Tie Xuan looked ferocious. Who did he think they were? They were Half-Godly Emperors, they were extremely strong! A tiny little boy of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer talked to them like that? He dared make fun of them and humiliate them?

No matter what would happen on that day, regaining face would be difficult.

“You want to die! To kill a hen, you don’t need the best knife. You go and kill him,” said Tie Xuan to the Great Elder of the Celestial Jewels Sect after a long time spent grinding his teeth.

That Great Elder nodded and looked at Lin Feng proudly. He flashed towards Lin Feng!

“I can kill you easily!” the Great Elder burst into laughter, a little frantic. He raised his fist and threw a punch.

Everybody’s expression changed. That man had the strength of the top of the ninth layer. How strong!

Could Lin Feng compete with him? Many people were worried. However, the fact was that…

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He raised his hands and made some hand seals. White lights smashed into the Great Elder and blew him away.

A deathly silence invaded the whole area.

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