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Chapter 357: You’re too Weak, and so are You!

Chapter 357: You’re too Weak, and so are You!

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“You guys should come.” Lin Feng crossed his arms in front of his chest and glared at Qi Lin Peng and Tie Xuan icily.

The two Half-Godly Emperors looked furious. Lin Feng was too arrogant. If they didn’t manage to get rid of Lin Feng, then who would? The five Godly Emperors?

“Since you want to die, I will help you,” replied Tie Xuan, furiously grinding his teeth. He shouted and got ready to attack and kill Lin Feng.

“Slow. I’ll do it,” said Qi Lin Peng, preventing Tie Xuan from attacking.

“Qi Lin, a deep hatred exists between the Celestial Jewels Sect and Lin Feng, I should kill him,” Tie Xuan said to Qi Lin Peng.

Qi Lin Peng knew that, so he smiled and nodded, “I also hate him. I want to kill him too!”

“I’ll do it. Letting you do it would be a waste, you are too skilled and strong for him.”

“I’ll do it, it’s the best.”

They were starting to argue over who was going to fight against Lin Feng. They just wanted to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at them impatiently, then smiled and shouted impatiently, “STOP ARGUING! BOTH OF YOU, COME AND FIGHT NOW!” Everybody stared at Lin Feng, speechless. Lin Feng didn’t even know if he could defeat a Half-Godly Emperor, and now he was challenging two?

“He overestimates himself,” whispered a disciple staring at Lin Feng.

“If you were strong enough, wouldn’t you challenge a Half-Godly Emperor, as well?” asked a female disciple next to that disciple. She sounded sarcastic. The male disciple blushed.

“Right, you wouldn’t dare challenge one, and you’re not even qualified to participate in the Great Competition, what are you doing here?” asked another female disciple disdainfully. She looked at Lin Feng with admiration.

Many female disciples looked at Lin Feng as if he were a perfect hero.

“Little boy, you know whom you’re talking to?” said Godly Emperor Tian, trying to put pressure on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the impression his muscles were going to explode. He looked grim. He felt persistent, too. He was also happy that he had killed all the disciples of the Celestial Gods Government.

“Ahem!” Lin Feng coughed. “You’re a Godly Emperor, you could kill me in one slap, but will you dare violate the rules of the competition?” shouted Lin Feng icily. He didn’t look at him with admiration. He even sounded extremely aggressive.

When Godly Emperor Tian heard Lin Feng, he frowned. Godly Emperor Lei narrowed his eyes, which were filled with murder.

Both of them clenched their fists.

Godly Emperor Tian coughed and prevented Godly Emperor Lei’s Qi from moving towards Lin Feng. Then, he said to Lin Feng indifferently, “I will not go against the rules, I will teach you the rules.”

“Hehe, I see. Thanks, but I don’t need you to teach me the rules. If you could teach your disciples the rules, that’d be good enough,” said Lin Feng smiling icily. Then, he ignored Godly Emperor Tian who was pulling a long face, and turned to the two Half-Godly Emperors.

“I’m going!” said Qi Lin Peng. He immediately jumped forwards and landed in front of Lin Feng. He then threw a punch at Lin Feng without saying anything, with all his strength. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng.

If he managed to kill Lin Feng, they’d regain face!

“Kneel down and admit you were wrong, or do you really want me to kill you?” said Qi Lin Peng, raising his left fist. A very heavy Qi rolled around his fist. A unicorn appeared in the heavy Qi.

“Can you kill me?” retorted Lin Feng, smiling icily.

Qi Lin Peng was furious. He stopped talking and threw his punch. It was like a gigantic unicorn was flying towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s expression focused.

As expected, a Half-Godly Emperor was really strong, but Lin Feng remained perseverant. He would progress only by fighting against Half-Godly Emperors!

Lin Feng didn’t flinch. He made some hand seals, white lights appeared and turned into a gigantic light imprint. The lights bombarded the unicorn. The white light imprint instantly exploded and a terrifying strength pushed Lin Feng a few dozen meters away.

Qi Lin Peng looked at Lin Feng mockingly. Lin Feng had overestimated himself, as expected. Maybe he was really stronger than some cultivators of the top of the ninth layer, but so what? Did he think he could offend Half-Godly Emperors easily?

Qi Lin Peng didn’t give Lin Feng any opportunity to flinch. He charged again and threw a punch which had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

Lin Feng looked grim. He ground his teeth and raised his fists. A hole appeared in space. Lin Feng blocked the attack with both fists. This time, he wasn’t pushed back! On the contrary, Qi Lin Peng was pushed back a few meters!

“Should I attack?” said Lin Feng, smiling cheerfully. He raised his hand, and made holes appear in the air around him with only one finger. An ancient Qi appeared and penetrated into that finger. His finger became extremely sharp, and then Lin Feng touched Qi Lin Peng’s chest with his finger.

Qi Lin Peng’s expression changed drastically. He could sense a few hundred, if not thousands, of different sorts of Dao in that finger. If he was careless, that finger could destroy his whole circulatory system!

Qi Lin Peng’s expression had completely changed. He had underestimated Lin Feng. This little boy had become incredibly strong. A few more years and he’d become a terrifying Godly Emperor. He’d be able to destroy people like Godly Emperor Tian easily!

Thinking about that, Qi Lin Peng ground his teeth and used a godly skill!

“Unicorn Formula!” shouted Qi Lin Peng furiously. A hundred-meter-long unicorn appeared behind Lin Feng. It looked extremely aggressive as it opened its gigantic mouth and thrust its head towards Lin Feng. This was a deadly attack!

Lin Feng didn’t look at the unicorn, he looked at Qi Lin Peng angrily. Qi Lin Peng had a bad premonition, but it was a bit too late.

The unicorn was about ten meters away from Lin Feng when he raised his left hand and released Buddhist Qi. A two-meter grey sword appeared in his hand and dazzling lights exploded forth. A grey light pierced through the unicorn and cut it into two before dispersing.

The unicorn Qi also disappeared, but Lin Feng’s Buddha Sword was still there. It was ready to behead Qi Lin Peng.

Qi Lin Peng paled and coughed up some dark blood a few times. His unicorn had been destroyed and he was already injured.

He never thought something like this would happen. Lin Feng was so strong even though he only had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

“I’ll come help you,” exclaimed Tie Xuan hastily. He threw himself at Lin Feng from behind and attacked by surprise. He had only one thing in mind: kill Lin Feng, it would solve all their problems!

But Lin Feng couldn’t let him have it his own way.

“Mara Nirvana Formula!”

“Imperial Imprint Formula!”

“Aggressive King Punch!”

Lin Feng took a deep breath and used three standard godly skills consecutively. Energies rolled in waves all around him. Tie Xuan wanted to get close to Lin Feng, but he couldn’t, the energies of Lin Feng’s three standard godly skills pushed him a hundred meters back.

Many people were completely astonished, and had the impression they were hallucinating, it was just unbelievable…

Two Half-Godly Emperors couldn’t even compete with Lin Feng?

How was this going to end?

Tie Xuan and Qi Lin Peng looked at Lin Feng icily. They wanted to attack again, but they felt so humiliated.

Lin Feng smiled coolly, then said slowly, “You’re too weak!”

He was pointing at Tie Xuan.

“And so are you!” said Lin Feng, pointing at Qi Lin Peng, while shaking his head sarcastically.

You’re too weak, and so are you!

They didn’t dare refute what he said. Even if they did try to contradict him, that would just be ridiculous, because Lin Feng’s fighting abilities were astonishing. Nobody doubted him. No cultivator of the Emperor layer seemed to be able to compete with him.

As expected, he’s cured from the poison, thought Di Shu. He looked glum. The demon lights in his eyes seemed like they could absorb everything. His Qi didn’t seem very stable, it was like it could explode anytime and turn into an extremely powerful Qi bomb, but it also seemed like he was controlling himself.

“Anyone else want to challenge Lin Feng?” asked the old man in grey clothes, which meant he had won against the two Half-Godly Emperors!

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