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Chapter 358: Last Battle!

Chapter 358: Last Battle!

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Who would want to fight against Lin Feng after that? The two Half-Godly Emperors had lost against Lin Feng, Qi Lin Peng was even injured. It proved everything!

It proved that Lin Feng could already compete with Half-Godly Emperors, even though he hadn’t even broken through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer himself. The only person who had managed to do something similar before Lin Feng was Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, a hundred thousand years ago. With the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he had managed to kill a Half-Godly Emperor!

Lin Feng, with the strength of the eighth Emperor layer, could compete with Half-Godly Emperors. Lin Feng was the new Xuan Yuan!

Thinking about that, Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei became nervous. If Lin Feng became a Godly Emperor, wouldn’t it be extremely easy for him to kill them?

They couldn’t allow something like that to happen. The two Godly Emperors glanced at each other, their eyes filled with murder.

After the challenges, they had to crush Lin Feng!

Now, nobody wanted to challenge Lin Feng anymore. Maybe before he fought against the two Half-Godly Emperors, some people from the Gods List wanted to challenge him, but now they had decided they wouldn’t.

Something like that had never happened during the Great Competition.


Many people missed the previous Great Competition. Five Half-Godly Emperors had participated, and in the end, they had fought against each other. It had been lively and fun. But this time, apart from the two Half-Godly Emperors and Lin Feng, the atmosphere wasn’t lively at all.

Di Shu was in the crowd, looking grim and evil. But then he smiled coldly, because he had another idea.

“Brother, I would like to tell you something.” Di Shu looked for a disciple of the Celestial Gods Government, and whispered something to him.

When the disciple heard that, he looked at Lin Feng and frowned. He seemed reluctant, but then he nodded. “I’ll do that,” said the disciple, then walked away. He landed next to Godly Emperor Tian and whispered something to him. Godly Emperor Tian frowned and nodded. The disciple then went back to where he was.

“Alright,” said the disciple to Di Shu, smiling indifferently. Di Shu looked at him in satisfaction and turned around. His eyes were filled with flames of fury.

“Lin Feng, one plan failed, but I’m sure the second won’t. I’m sure you’ll die this time!” whispered Di Shu, clenching his fists and smiling ferociously, grinding his ugly yellow teeth.


At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t know that Di Shu was plotting against him, as he was looking at Dan Nü. Dan Nü also looked back at him.

Dan Nü looked so cute, but she wasn’t kind, she was actually crueler than most people.

“You want to challenge me?” said Dan Nü, smiling resplendently.

Nobody dared say anything when she said that, because the only person who was qualified to talk to Dan Nü was Lin Feng.

“Do you accept?” said Lin Feng, not replying to her question directly.

Dan Nü pursed her lips and looked at Meng Qing. She smiled neutrally and said, “I fought against her, and she lost.”

“Oh?” Lin Feng frowned and looked at Meng Qing. Meng Qing nodded. She hadn’t told him that before because she didn’t want him to be worried.

“Are you alright?” asked Lin Feng. He was still worried about Meng Qing.

“I’m alright. Don’t worry, darling,” said Meng Qing, shaking her head. She remained expressionless, not wanting Lin Feng to worry.

Lin Feng nodded and looked at Dan Nü, he stretched out his left hand and said, “Please come. If you lose, I’ll be first.”

“If I win, you’ll still be second,” said Dan Nü. She looked incredibly cute, but Lin Feng couldn’t be fooled.

“It’ll be the third time we’re fighting. This time, I hope it won’t finish so quickly,” stated Dan Nü, walking towards the battle stage, looking amused and smiling.

Lin Feng knew what Dan Nü wanted to say. She didn’t want the same thing to happen again: attacks which were not powerful enough, battles ending too soon.

Lin Feng was convinced that he could win this time, though. If he finished first at the competition, Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei would definitely feel extremely humiliated.

If Lin Feng finished first, he’d be the champion, and the two Godly Emperors wouldn’t really be able to kill him. Indeed, how could two Godly Emperors kill a champion? If they dared, someone would probably stand up for him.

That was Lin Feng’s main goal!

“Please,” said Lin Feng, walking to the battle stage. The two fighters were a hundred meters away from each other. Two sorts of Qi rolled in waves and collided. They were both affected.

“I’m going to attack!” shouted Dan Nü. In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of Lin Feng, people couldn’t even follow her with their bare eyes as she threw a punch. Golden flowers appeared and turned into a gigantic hand.

However, Lin Feng released speed Dao and his silhouette flickered. He moved aside, raised his fingers and threw a gigantic hand at Dan Nü.

Their attacks didn’t collide loudly. A subtle sound spread in the air, and both fighters were blown away.

Dan Nü didn’t say anything, she just looked at Lin Feng. Golden lights emerged from her eyes and shot towards Lin Feng, shredding the air.

Lin Feng raised his hands and made some hand seals. Using his Imperial Imprint Formula, the white lights of the Imperial Imprint Formula smashed into the golden lights and they disappeared. A second later, Lin Feng threw a punch at Dan Nü.

Dan Nü also threw a punch, aiming at Lin Feng’s shoulder.

Dan Nü and Lin Feng both groaned with pain, and were pushed backwards. Lin Feng was pushed back fifty steps, Dan Nü of fifty-two. The crowd was stupefied.

Dan Nü, a Half-Godly Emperor, didn’t have the advantage against Lin Feng, a cultivator of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

Dan Nü smiled without concern. She flashed up in the air, raised her hands, and two golden light beams appeared, moving at an incredible speed. Even Godly Emperors couldn’t follow them with their bare eyes.

Everything was moving so fast that Lin Feng had to react quickly too. He threw an aggressive punch, but it didn’t block Dan Nü’s two golden light beams. Lin Feng was smashed away and nearly crashed outside of the battle stage.

Many disciples looked at Dan Nü in admiration. She was so strong! She had nearly pushed Lin Feng out of the battle stage!

“Haha! Lin Feng can’t defeat Dan Nü.”

“He’ll still finish second.”

“Second is not bad, either. Don’t forget that Dan Nü is a Half-Godly Emperor.”

Many disciples were muttering. They didn’t make fun of anyone, because the two fighters were the strongest on the Gods List.

After Lin Feng was blown away, Dan Nü suddenly coughed blood and her face paled. She took a few steps backwards.

What’s going on?, thought Tang Zhen. He was astonished.

Jian Shi was also astonished. None of them saw anything clearly, what had happened to Dan Nü? Why was she coughing up blood?

“Lin Feng injured her. He punched her a dozen times; nine were fine, the last ones injured her.”

Godly Emperor Du Hu walked over to the two people and released strength. He looked extremely kind.

The two fighters cupped their fists and looked at Godly Emperor Du Hu respectfully. He had lived for thirty-thousand years, he was older than the four other Godly Emperors.

“When the competition is over, take Lin Feng away as quickly as you can,” said Godly Emperor Du Hu to Jian Shi. Then, he went back to the group of disciples of the Du Hu Government.

Jian Shi looked worried. He knew that Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei wouldn’t let Lin Feng off.

But considering their strength, could Jian Shi protect him?

Lin Feng is in danger, thought Tang Zhen, sighing. But saving Lin Feng was easier said than done!

Jian Shi didn’t say anything. He just looked at the battle stage.

Dan Nü and Lin Feng were still fighting.

Lin Feng raised his left foot and threw a kick. Dan Nü grunted icily. She was starting to get angry.

“Phoenix Nirvana!”

A golden phoenix appeared, its lights illuminated the whole region, even the whole Gods City. Ordinary people saw dazzling lights in the sky and knelt down, worshipping the gods.

The chant of a phoenix spread in the air. Feng Qi Mountain trembled. Half-Godly Emperors released pure Qi to resist the energies. Holy Spirit Emperors all felt pressured. Weaker people collapsed and died.

“Lin Feng, admit you’re going to die!” said Dan Nü emotionlessly. She raised her hands, the gigantic phoenix whistled and appeared above Lin Feng’s hand. It opened its gigantic mouth, wanting to devour Lin Feng alive.

Lin Feng was fearless as he looked at the golden phoenix.

He remembered what Godly Emperor Blood had told him, made some hand seals and said, “Mou, Ma, Nan, Chi, Kan, Kun, Zhen, Dui!”

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