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Chapter 359: The Champion!

Chapter 359: The Champion!

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It was an eight-syllable mantra, a special mantra to fight against phoenixes. Godly Emperor Blood had told Lin Feng about it. Even though Lin Feng didn’t know the meaning, he chanted it without the least hesitation.

When Lin Feng chanted it, he understood what it meant instantly. Everybody looked at the gigantic phoenix, which was being oppressed. The golden phoenix screamed, and the golden lights dispersed and disappeared.

Dan Nü looked astonished and stared at Lin Feng.

“How do you know the eight-syllable mantra?” demanded Dan Nü icily. Her Qi exploded around her. She looked like a female demon, even if she looked extremely cute.

“Mara Nirvana Formula!” Lin Feng ignored her, because he didn’t know how to answer anyway.

A gigantic Mara Ahrat hand appeared and lunged towards Dan Nü extremely quickly, oppressing her. The demon Qi made some pieces of the mountain explode. Many disciples were dumbstruck and released pure Qi to protect themselves, but most of them were thrown away anyway.

Lin Feng looked like a demon at that moment, his punch containing very destructive energies. The five Godly Emperors frowned.

Dan Nü put her hand on her chest and groaned with pain, also coughing up blood. Blood suddenly splashed on the gigantic Mara Ahrat hand.

Lin Feng groaned with pain too, his blood boiling. The lights disappeared, as well as the hand.

Dan Nü was in a bad shape now. She had five drops of essence blood which she had kept her entire life to protect her. She didn’t intend to use them here, so she was really angry at Lin Feng. She wanted to crush him now!

“Incantation Pill, activate!” exclaimed Dan Nü, charging forwards. She made some hand seals and put her hands on her chest. Blood-red lights appeared, then a blood pill appeared on the palm of her hand.

Dan Nü looked grim. The blood pill in her hand shot towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. Lin Feng felt pressured and groaned with pain. He had the impression his brain was going to explode.

Lin Feng was pushed back a hundred steps. He couldn’t step back any further, because otherwise he would fall from the battle stage and wouldn’t be able to continue battling.

“Lin Feng, use the poison inside your body,” Godly Emperor Blood said in Lin Feng’s mind. Lin Feng nodded and put his hands on his waist, a pitch-black poison Qi appeared and rolled in waves around Lin Feng. The space became dark.

Many people looked at the poison Qi and gasped. Lin Feng was using poison Qi to fight against Dan Nü?

The blood-red incantation pill and the pitch-black poison demon Qi collided.

The whole city shook violently again. Everybody had the impression the whole town was going to collapse. Rifts in the ground appeared everywhere. Weaker people collapsed.

Lin Feng and Dan Nü were both blown back and coughed up blood. Their faces were completely pale, and they had the impression their veins were going to explode. They couldn’t feel their hands anymore.

Dan Nü had already lost two essence bloods during this short battle. Her dress was torn apart. Some parts of her skin were visible. She looked extremely sexy.

Many disciples almost fainted on seeing this.

“Kill him! Kill him!” said Dan Nü demoniacally. It was a holy order, hundreds of disciples looked at Lin Feng ferociously. Their eyes were bloodshot.

A hundred of disciples threw themselves at Lin Feng. The weakest ones were cultivators of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but most of them had the same level as Lin Feng.

“Fuck!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He moved back a hundred meters and rose high up in the air. He raised his left hand and his Buddha Sword appeared.

Lin Feng had rarely had such fierce battles. Dan Nü seemed like she had an infinite number of different attacks. A cultivator had to be extremely strong and know incredible attacks to oppress her.

A hundred disciples threw themselves at the battle stage. Their energies blotted out the sky. The atmosphere became completely dark. It was likes millions of beasts were roaring and howling.

“Since it’s that way, don’t blame me for being impolite,” said Lin Feng taking a deep breath and looked at the disciples who were controlled by Dan Nü. He was firmly holding his Buddha Sword as he used the Great Buddha Formula.

The Buddha Qi penetrated into the Buddha Sword, a grey light flashed around the sword, it was extremely sharp. The air was cut. Sword lights flashed all around the disciples. Suddenly, a countless number of horrible screams spread in the air and cultivators were hurled far away.

When the disciples sensed the pain, they all came back to their senses. They looked at Dan Nü furiously when they came back to their senses, but what could they do?

Lin Feng was holding his Buddha Sword, standing high up in the sky and his robe fluttering in the wind. He looked like a supreme demon.

Lin Feng disappeared and flew towards Dan Nü. Sharp energies moved towards Dan Nü extremely quickly. Dan Nü was worried.

Dan Nü hadn’t expected that Lin Feng would be so strong. Her beautiful eyes gleamed as she released corrosion Qi. Lin Feng felt his body was being corroded.

“You managed to make me use such an attack! Even if you die, you can be proud!” she shouted furiously, throwing out her fist. Corrosion Qi penetrated into Lin Feng’s dantian. Dan Nü wanted to cripple the cradle of Lin Feng’s cultivation, his dantian.

But no matter how powerful Dan Nü’s corrosion Qi was, against Lin Feng’s forbidden body, it was almost useless. How could someone who had been abandoned by the gods fear corrosion Qi?

His spirit contained absorbing energy, so Lin Feng absorbed the corrosion energy in the blink of an eye.

Lin Feng smiled disdainfully. Dan Nü looked alarmed and stepped back. She wanted to attempt a second attack, but Lin Feng didn’t give her the opportunity to do so. His Buddha Sword destroyed the little bit of energies she released.

Dan Nü looked alarmed, and took out a golden pill. Something exploded in front of her, and Lin Feng sensed a terrifying energy which seemed like it was going to destroy him. He used the Buddha Sword to block the energy but he was still thrown back.

But Lin Feng smiled because he had won anyway, even if he was forced back!

Lin Feng crashed onto the battle stage. He put his hands on his chest and coughed up blood. He was exhausted, especially since his cultivation level wasn’t very stable. Fighting against Dan Nü, a Half-Godly Emperor, was extremely complicated.

But Lin Feng was stupefied because Dan Nü wasn’t just a little bit stronger than the two Half-Godly Emperors; she was much, much stronger! Could there be huge differences between Half-Godly Emperors?

Lin Feng stared at Dan Nü.

Dan Nü clenched her fists. She wasn’t happy, as she had lost. The last pill she had used was the proof she had lost, because that kind of pill had blown her a thousand meters away.

“Lin Feng won?”

“Lin Feng is the double champion!”

“Lin Feng is going to rise quickly after this!”

Many disciples were chatting and gasping with amazement. Lin Feng could defeat Half-Godly Emperors with the strength of the top of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, everybody would quickly know about that.

I announce that the double champion is Lin Feng!!

The old man’s sentence went off like an explosion in people’s brains.

“Wow, amazing! Lin Feng is the double champion.”

“Elder Lin Feng is awesome!”

“I hope Elder Lin Feng will never die!”

All the disciples of Sword Mountain were extremely happy and proud. No matter where Lin Feng was from, he was an elder in Sword Mountain, and they were proud of him!

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