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Chapter 361: Happy Killings!

Chapter 361: Happy Killings!

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Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei looked furious. They wanted to kill Lin Feng, they considered him as a traitor.

But in Gods City, the news that Lin Feng had finished first spread quickly, and the rumors that he had been killed also spread. Apparently, Lin Feng had been killed because he had offended Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei. Many people were sad for him.

But one day passed, and another rumor spread. It was said that the female Godly Emperor the Gods Government had sent had challenged the three Godly Emperors, and had defeated them all. Then, in the end, she had apparently said that if anyone dared touch Lin Feng, the champion, the Gods Government would not let them off.

Many people were stupefied and wondered what Lin Feng and the female Godly Emperor’s relationship was. Why did she help Lin Feng all the time? Why had she challenged the three Godly Emperors and threatened them for Lin Feng?

Then, more rumors spread. Apparently, Godly Emperor Tian had gone to Sword Mountain to kidnap Lin Zhe Tian and put pressure on Lin Feng.

But something surprising happened instead. Godly Emperor Tian came back injured. Nobody knew what had happened to him in Sword Mountain, or who he had bumped into. Sword Mountain remained silent.

Then, rumors about the founder and ancestor also spread. Apparently, he wasn’t dead, he had been alive the whole time, and some people said that he had probably injured Godly Emperor Tian, but nobody could check if those facts were true or not.

Everybody in Gods City now knew Lin Feng. After some time, people slowly started thinking about other things.

Nobody knew where Lin Feng was. He had just vanished without a trace. Godly Emperor Tian dispatched many disciples to look for Lin Feng, but nobody found him.

Therefore, many people guessed that Lin Feng had already left Gods City and that he was in the Gods Government. When that rumor spread, the three Godly Emperors were completely furious. If Lin Feng had gone to the Gods Government, then they couldn’t do anything anymore.

The female Godly Emperor had threatened them, who would dare go to the Gods Government to see if Lin Feng was there? Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei couldn’t stand it, they had rarely been so furious in their whole lives. Every day, they dispatched some disciples to look for Lin Feng. But after some time, they slowly started forgetting about it.

After some time, Gods City became normal again. And the most surprising thing was that on the new Gods List, the first one wasn’t Lin Feng, it was Dan Nü. It was as if Lin Feng’s existence had deliberately been completely erased.

Some people wondered why. The female Godly Emperor had threatened the Godly Emperors. How come Lin Feng had been removed from the Gods List, then? But apparently, Dan Nü was a disciple of the Elixir Temple, and the Elixir Temple and the Gods Government had decided to agree on a compromise.

Therefore, the female Godly Emperor had caused trouble in the Gods Government and in the end, she had ended up injured. The leader of the Gods Government had injured her and after that, she had disappeared too.

Everybody was even more confused. The female Godly Emperor had disappeared, Lin Feng had disappeared, those two important people had both disappeared.


Outside of Gods City, there was a cave, Lin Feng was seated inside cross-legged. He had been in there for seven days, healing. His circulatory system was slowly recovering, but his left arm still felt numb.

Thanks to the three Godly Emperors, Lin Feng had managed to break through to the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Lin Feng hadn’t gone out of the cave for seven days. Godly Emperor Blood assisted him in his recovery. He opened his eyes and took a deep breath. Steam appeared when he exhaled.

“Lin Feng, things have changed so much in Gods City during these seven days. Haha!” said Godly Emperor Blood. He was standing next to Lin Feng, smiling and playing with his beard.

“Can you tell me what happened, Master?” said Lin Feng, smiling at Godly Emperor Blood.

Godly Emperor Blood nodded and took out a golden sheet, giving it to Lin Feng. It was the Gods List.

“First one, Dan Nü?” whispered Lin Feng. He wasn’t first anymore?

Lin Feng wasn’t really surprised, it was all because of the three Godly Emperors. They were powerful enough to do that.

“Lin Feng, what do you think? I mean, about the fact that you were removed from the first position,” asked Godly Emperor Blood, smiling in amusement.

Lin Feng smiled and threw the Gods List away, it turned to ashes. Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, “It’s just a piece of paper. I know what my rank should be, so that’s enough,” said Lin Feng. He really didn’t take it to heart. He knew how much he had progressed and how strong he was.

If the list could be modified so easily, it meant it was worthless! Lin Feng didn’t believe something written on paper, he believed what he saw.

“Lin Feng, what do you intend to do now?” asked Godly Emperor Blood. He couldn’t stay in Gods City anymore, it was too dangerous.

Lin Feng shrugged, glancing at the ashes of the Gods List angrily. Godly Emperor Blood shivered.

“Before leaving this place, I have a gift for them,” Lin Feng smiled. He suddenly looked excited.

“For them?” Godly Emperor Blood also looked excited. What was Lin Feng going to tell him?

“Yes. One should return as good as one receives. Since I can’t be first on the list again, I’ll crush some disciples of the Celestial Gods Government and the Thunder Gods Government. At least, that’ll help me cheer up a little bit,” whispered Lin Feng, smiling broadly.

Godly Emperor Blood wasn’t Lin Feng, but he felt sad and angry for him. What was happening to Lin Feng was unfair. But he admired Lin Feng for his courage; if Lin Feng had left just like that, Godly Emperor Blood would have thought he had become a coward.


Godly Emperor Blood went back into Lin Feng’s spirit world and their souls fused together. It made Lin Feng’s strength increase, he now had the strength of the Godly Emperor layer.

But that kind of soul fusion was also limited, and they probably wouldn’t be able to do it again after.

Lin Feng left the cave and rose up in the air. He flew towards Gods City, and more precisely towards the Celestial Gods Government. He then hid his Qi and entered the Government.

There, he went into a killing frenzy.

Half an hour later, one last head flew away and fell on the ground. Lin Feng flew towards the Thunder Gods Government.


Very quickly, Godly Emperor Tian realized that someone had come to his Government. When he saw what had happened, he almost fainted. There were so many corpses on the ground, hundreds and hundreds of corpses. They had all been beheaded. Something was written with blood on the ground.

“People have to be punished for their crimes!”

“Lin Feng, I will kill you! AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” shouted Godly Emperor Tian, looking at the sky. His eyes were bloodshot.


Lei Long was practicing cultivation in the Thunder Gods Government when he sensed that someone was behind the door of the room in which he was and threw a punch at it.

However, his fist stopped and he was surprised to see that person.

“You… What are you doing here? What do you want?”

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