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Chapter 362: Fighting Against Godly Emperor Lei!

Chapter 362: Fighting Against Godly Emperor Lei!

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Lin Feng glanced at Lei Long, and didn’t say anything, he grabbed him by the neck and pressed with deadly force, throwing him outside into the courtyard. Lei Long crashed against a massive tree which seemed to be at least ten thousand years old.

“You…?” Lei Long coughed in terror. He put his hand on his chest and stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was so strong? His Qi…?

Lei Long had had that impression only around Godly Emperor Lei, but Lin Feng’s Qi was just a little bit weaker than Godly Emperor Lei. How was that possible though? Had Lin Feng become a Godly Emperor?

He was really afraid. He hadn’t forgotten what had happened in the Demon Emperor’s grave, he had betrayed Lin Feng in there and attacked him by surprise.

“AAAHHHHH! Someone save me! Please!” shouted Lei Long suddenly. His only chance of survival was a Godly Emperor!

Lin Feng had the strength of the Godly Emperor layer at that moment. Lei Long wanted to shout again, but he couldn’t because Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed him by the neck again. Lei Long felt his neck was going to break. He was suffocating.

“Uhhh… help, help…” His eyes became red and his face pale. He could taste blood in his throat. He released as much strength as he could, but nothing worked.

“Back then, I thought we would become good friends. And even if we hadn’t become friends, I would have never thought we’d become enemies. I never thought you’d betray me.

“And for the knowledge of the Demon Emperor, you betrayed me, I trusted you and you attacked me in the back,” said Lin Feng icily. He was holding Lei Long as if he were holding an ant. He could easily kill him.

Lei Long looked hopeless and desperate. He knew it was over, and even if Godly Emperor Lei came, he wouldn’t have time to save him.

“You hadn’t thought something like this would happen? Hehe. Who would have thought I’d become so strong, and would be able to kill all my enemies?

“I can see you regret what you did in your eyes. You regret that we’re not friends. Maybe you would have benefited even more from our friendship. That’s what you think, right?” said Lin Feng, smiling icily. Lei Long felt remorseful, he regretted, and now he was devastated. What had he done?

“Well, remorse is useful. Die now. I don’t need a friend like you.

“Farewell, Great Elder of the Thunder Gods Government,” Lin Feng smiled. Then he clenched Lei Long’s neck with even more force, crackling sounds rang out. Lei Long went limp. Lin Feng released him, and his body fell on the ground loosely. A white broken soul came out of his body, wanting to escape.

However, how could Lin Feng let Lei Long’s broken soul escape? He raised his left hand and used his Imperial Imprint Formula. A big white seal crashed onto Lei Long’s broken soul, and he died thoroughly.

“That’s the price you have to pay for offending me. Godly Emperor Lei, did you see that?” said Lin Feng looking in the direction of a palace. Lin Feng had already noticed someone standing there, but that person hadn’t come. That was Godly Emperor Lei. He had seen Lin Feng kill Lei Long. He didn’t react, but he wasn’t happy, obviously.

When Godly Emperor Lei heard Lin Feng, he frowned, then smiled indifferently, “You think that you can scare me with your strength? You’re too naïve! Hehe,” said Godly Emperor Lei smiling disdainfully. He could see that Lin Feng wasn’t a Godly Emperor, but there something strange about his strength…

“If you think I’m too naive, I’ll think naively then,” said Lin Feng smiling coldly. Then, he disappeared from there and reappeared in the sky above the palace. He threw a punch. He didn’t use any skill, he just used pure physical strength.

Godly Emperor Lei looked grim. He shouted out and released lightning, which clapped and collided with Lin Feng’s fist. Lin Feng took back his hand and performed some hand seals, using his Imperial Imprint Formula, which instantly destroyed the lightning.

Godly Emperor Lei raised one finger, containing a terrifying destructive strength. There was lightning around his finger.

Lin Feng remembered the chiliocosm of the Great Tao, he also raised one finger and released brightness strength, his finger also containing Godly Emperor Blood’s strength. The fusion of their energies was quite destructive.

The two fingers collided. Many people in Gods City raised their hands and saw two gigantic fingers collide in the sky. The ground trembled, and everybody’s face paled. The two fingers contained destructive energies which blotted out the sky.

The two antagonistic energies collided and then disappeared.

Lin Feng’s face paled a little. He was covered with cold sweat, but he didn’t flinch.

Godly Emperor Lei looked like a mess. He shouted furiously and released lightning again. He raised his finger again and threw it at Lin Feng’s finger once again.

Lin Feng was blown away and coughed up blood. He crashed into a mountain, which exploded, completely razed. It exploded into billions of pieces.

“Lin Feng, hurry up and leave, I can’t hold on much longer.”

Lin Feng heard Godly Emperor Blood’s voice in his mind. Lin Feng had no time to waste. If Godly Emperor Blood couldn’t help anymore, then Lin Feng would be in terrible danger.

Lin Feng turned around and flew away, injured.

Godly Emperor Lei looked grim. Then he smiled widely.

“You have a friend, why would you need to worry?”

As Lin Feng was escaping, a golden silhouette appeared and something crashed against Lin Feng. Lin Feng coughed blood and was blown away, crashing into another mountain. Many disciples came over.

Godly Emperor Tian appeared in front of Lin Feng and looked at him indifferently.

“You killed hundreds of my disciples, you think you can escape like that?” swore Godly Emperor Tian ferociously. He wanted to crush Lin Feng alive.

“Let’s take him back. Tomorrow, we’ll hang him on the gate of the Celestial Gods Government and we will dismember his body!” said Godly Emperor Tian darkly. Everybody in Gods City heard him. Many people’s faces paled suddenly.

In Sword Mountain, Lin Zhe Tian looked devastated. He wanted to go and save his father, even if he wasn’t strong enough, he preferred dying with his father.

But Lin Zhe Tian didn’t even have time to reach the exit of Sword Mountain before a gigantic wrinkled hand appeared and grabbed him, and he disappeared along with the hand.

Outside of the Du Hu Government, Meng Qing’s dress was fluttering in the wind. She flashed away and flew in the direction of the Thunder Gods Government.

At that moment, Godly Emperor Du Hu appeared in front of her. The old man hit her head with a walking stick, and she fainted.

“Bring Meng Qing back to her room,” said Godly Emperor Du Hu to some female disciples. They disappeared with her quickly.

Godly Emperor Du Hu gazed into the distance and sighed, “Little friend, that’s all I can do for you.”


At that moment, outside of the Thunder Gods Government, Godly Emperor Tian was standing in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng had his hand on his chest, he could feel an intense pain there. Godly Emperor Blood was silent, as if he was sleeping.

Godly Emperor Blood was probably injured, too and probably wouldn’t wake up for a while. Lin Feng only had the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, what could he do?

But Lin Feng didn’t regret. Even if he were killed, he wouldn’t regret. He had succeeded on doing what he wanted to do.

After this, no matter whether he died or not, he would be famous everywhere in the Continent of the Gods. With the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he had humiliated two Godly Emperors.

“Lin Feng, I didn’t think that you’d want to get your revenge so bad that you’d come back to Gods City.”

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