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Chapter 363: Dismember Him!

Chapter 363: Dismember Him!

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“But no matter what your trump cards are, you can’t escape from us,” said Godly Emperor Lei icily. His eyes were filled with murder. Lin Feng had humiliated them over and over again, and even if they killed Lin Feng, people would still remember that Lin Feng had humiliated them.

People would make fun of them because of him!

“Lin Feng, your Qi is back to normal. What you used to increase your Qi, is gone now,” Godly Emperor Tian smiled coldly. Lin Feng’s Qi was back to normal, so he didn’t need to worry anymore.

Lin Feng coughed blood. He was badly injured. It was more severe than when the three Godly Emperors had attacked him. This time, even Godly Emperor Blood was injured.

Lin Feng felt guilty. Godly Emperor Blood was now injured and sleeping. Initially, it had nothing to do with Godly Emperor Blood, but now he was badly injured because of him.

“Lin Feng, is there anything you’d like to say?” said Godly Emperor Tian, smiling confidently. He knew that Lin Feng couldn’t possibly have any more trump cards, so he was relieved.

“Hehe, I don’t have anything to say. I just wish I could kill you,” said Lin Feng to the two Godly Emperors. He looked sad.

Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei glared at him icily. Capturing Lin Feng was the best thing they could do, if Lin Feng escaped and came back someday, then they’d be the ones in danger. This little boy never forgot his enemies.

“Come and help hang Lin Feng on the big gate. Tomorrow, at noon, we will dismember him.”

“Make a public announcement that Lin Feng the traitor and murderer will be dismembered,” said Godly Emperor Tian darkly, but he looked happy. He felt powerful, one sentence and people obeyed him.

He could decide what Lin Feng’s punishment would be. Lin Feng couldn’t do anything, because he was too weak.


They tied him up. The disciples of the Celestial Gods Government grabbed Lin Feng and took him to the Celestial Gods Government.

Godly Emperor Tian left, too. He looked grim as he went back to his Government. On the next day, he would dismember Lin Feng himself.

The fact that Lin Feng had been captured by the Celestial Gods Government quickly spread around Gods City. Many people rushed over to the Celestial Gods Government, they wanted to see the one who used to be the first on the Gods List. Now he had been punished and was going to be killed.

Many people arrived in the Celestial Gods Government on that night, hundreds of thousands of people. Among them, there were even some strong cultivators from the Gods Government and Godsland. In terms of the Gods List, Lin Feng could compete with the Son of Destiny. But he wasn’t as strong as Tian Fan because Tian Fan’s father was extremely strong: he was a strong cultivator from the Three Dynasties, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

He was also considered the strongest cultivator in the Continent of the Gods. Nobody could compete with Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. Therefore, his son also had a very high social status.

How could Lin Feng compete with him? Lin Feng was tied up now anyway and he was going to be dismembered.

To dismember him, they would use a knife. They would slowly cut into his body with the blade, cutting him everywhere, and they would also cut his eyes with the tip of the blade and make them pop. In other words, it would be a slow and painful death. It showed how much Godly Emperor Tian hated Lin Feng.

He couldn’t let Lin Feng live on, he couldn’t let him become too strong. If Lin Feng lived on, he’d pose a threat to them.


The night passed quickly, Lin Feng was still hanging at the gate of the Celestial Gods Government. Everybody could see him.

“Poor boy. He seemed gifted,” said an old man, stroking his beard sadly.

Many people understood what was going on, but what could they do? Lin Feng was accused of being a traitor, after all.

“It’s time. It’s noon already,” said Godly Emperor Tian at noon. Godly Emperor Jiu Yao and the others had arrived as well. The Dark Gods Government had even sent over their leader.

They would be relieved if Lin Feng died.

“Let’s announce Lin Feng’s crimes,” said Godly Emperor Tian, taking out a black plate and rose up in the sky. A blood-red book which was half a meter big descended from the sky. Godly Emperor Tian grabbed the book.

“Lin Feng’s crimes are: he’s a traitor; he is a danger to public order; he has killed many innocent people; he has gone insane and committed many crimes in doing so. He’s a demon cultivator and from that path, he has become insane. The Gods Government and Godsland allow Gods City to dismember him for his crimes.

“He shall be punished now!”

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. No matter what he had achieved in life, no matter how successful he had been, no matter how strong he was, he had become an outcast; he had become a demon and was a danger to the public order. When someone stood out and was a danger to the public order, they were executed, it was the case almost anywhere.

Lin Feng was now considered a mad traitor. He posed a threat to many people, they couldn’t let him live.

Lin Feng found life amusing. He had become a traitor because Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei said so?

The two Godly Emperors were just using their power and influence to oppress him. Now they were going to punish him to prevent him from ever having the opportunity to become stronger.

“If I don’t die today, I will really dedicate my life to demon cultivation. I won’t care about righteousness ever again. Because of their ‘righteousness’, I’m probably going to die.”

Lin Feng closed his eyes. He felt unlucky and sad. Maybe some strong cultivators from the Gods Government and Godsland were disappointed after what the two Godly Emperors had told them, and they hadn’t checked the facts.

Lin Feng was sentenced to death already, he was a criminal.

“Enforce the law!” shouted Godly Emperor Tian, looking at the sky. Then he raised his left hand, a blood-red blade appearing there. He was going to dismember Lin Feng himself!

“If I become a demon, I will be the only real demon in the whole world,” whispered Lin Feng. He looked determined.

I wouldn’t have thought my demon cultivation would improve once again before my death, he thought. He could sense that something was changing in his body. He now had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

He had the strength of the top of the ninth layer, but he was going to die.

“No!” shouted Lin Feng on the inside. Godly Emperor Tian looked ferocious and evil. He moved his blade towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and waited for death. He would never have the opportunity to get his revenge.

Lin Feng would never forget these two Godly Emperors who had used despicable means to plot against him.

Kacha! Crack!

Lin Feng didn’t feel any pain. He heard many sounds around him. He slowly opened his eyes, and what he saw astonished him.

Godly Emperor Tian looked terrified and was shaking.

Lin Feng looked behind Godly Emperor Tian.

But there was nobody. But Lin Feng could sense a powerful demon Qi. It seemed like it could destroy everything.

“Piss off!” shouted a demon voice. It was as if the surrounding mountains were about to collapse. Godly Emperor Tian had no time to react, he was immediately blown away, along with Godly Emperor Lei, Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, and hundreds of thousands of disciples. They were all bombarded by energies of different intensities.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. How strong. That strength had struck hundreds of thousands of disciples?

Lin Feng wanted to see what was really going on, but suddenly, everything became dark, and he fainted.

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