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Chapter 364: Situation in the Continent of the Gods!

Chapter 364: Situation in the Continent of the Gods!

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One month later, inside and outside Gods City, people still talked about Lin Feng. The whole story had become a gigantic joke. Not only hadn’t Lin Feng been executed, but the Godly Emperors, especially Godly Emperor Tian, had been badly injured. Godly Emperor Tian had gone to meditate in seclusion and hadn’t come out since.

The disciples of the Celestial Gods Government were all nervous. It was easy to guess that something had happened, considering their expressions.

The disciples of the Thunder Gods Government and the Bestial Gods Government were no different. In Gods City, it smelt like ancient Qi. People had a bad premonition.

In the Du Hu Government, Godly Emperor Du Hu was stroking his beard and looking at three potted plants. One of them looked withered.

“Eh, who would have thought that that flower would go against such a determination and would wither? Going too far is as bad as not going far enough, though, isn’t it?”


Lin Feng opened his eyes, everything was dark. He shook his hands. He felt much better but still, he hadn’t completely recovered.

Lin Feng suddenly thought of what had happened. He had seen a gigantic black silhouette and then he had fainted. He had no idea what had happened afterwards.

Lin Feng stood up and looked around. It was a cave, there was no sunlight and no fire inside.

How did I end up here? Who saved me?, thought Lin Feng. The one who had saved him was extremely strong, he had managed to push back hundreds of thousands of people, and Godly Emperor Tian looked terrified when that strong cultivator had shown up.

Lin Feng was curious. He didn’t know what had happened to him, or what was going on in the outside world. He would have to see outside.

Lin Feng recovered a little, then changed his face. He didn’t look like Lin Feng for the time being.

Lin Feng came out of the cave and found himself at the top of a mountain. He didn’t know that mountain, it wasn’t Feng Qi Mountain.

Lin Feng went down the mountain. He didn’t see any city, just a village. Smoke came out of some chimneys. There were small bridges crossing small streams and rivers. There was water all around the village which was was crystal clear, Lin Feng had never seen such crystal-clear water.

The village was tiny, there were only a few hundred inhabitants. There was no powerful Qi in the air. However, the Qi of the village was a demon-type Qi, and not a righteous Qi.

What happened? Lin Feng was puzzled. He entered the village. It was small but the roads were wide and clean.

A few people were talking on the streets. They didn’t look nervous, but happy, peaceful and relaxed.

When all the villagers saw Lin Feng, they looked surprised.

Lin Feng wondered where he was.

“Little friend, where are you from? I’ve never seen you.”

Very quickly, a group of people gathered around Lin Feng, and a middle-aged man spoke to him.

Lin Feng first looked dumbstruck and then he said, “I come from Gods City, do you know about it?”

“What? Gods City?”

Everybody looked stupefied. Initially, the villagers were smiling, but when they heard Lin Feng, they suddenly looked ferocious and evil. They instantly converged on Lin Feng.

Demon Qi?

Lin Feng was surprised. The villagers all controlled a very pure demon Dao. Lin Feng had never seen such a pure demon Qi.

“Everybody, I am not a bad person,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t want to offend those people, because they were way too weak. The strongest one of them had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

But they seemed to be in a frenzy and all continued running at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had no choice but to do something, so he released thirty percent of his demon corpse Qi.

All the villagers instantly stopped moving. They looked surprised.

“Little friend, since you’re a demon cultivator, why do you say you’re from Gods City? Were you joking?” asked the big fellow.

Lin Feng understood what was going on. The villagers hated people from Gods City, but they didn’t hate people who were demon cultivators as well, because they also practiced demon cultivation.

“Brother, could you please tell me where we are?” asked Lin Feng.

The big fellow understood that Lin Feng was really confused, and he wasn’t pretending. The big fellow waved at everybody and they quickly dispersed.

The big fellow then took Lin Feng to his home. It was a simple home, only a hundred square meters, but it was very clean.

“Sit down,” said the burly fellow, pointing to a chair.

Lin Feng sat down and started chatting with the big fellow.

“Little friend, you said you were from Gods City? Why are you a demon cultivator then?

“People in Gods City say they’re virtuous, but they’re a bunch of hypocrites. They consider us enemies. You said you were from Gods City, so I didn’t like you at first, but then you showed us you were a demon cultivator too, so I’m confused,” said the big fellow honestly.

“Brother, I really came from Gods City this time, but before that, I was in the East, and I am also a demon cultivator.” explained Lin Feng.

The big fellow looked surprised, “You’re originally from the East? No wonder, only people from the East study demon cultivation.”

“Eh? Only people from the East practice demon cultivation?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“What? Don’t you know that Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was from the East?” said the big fellow. He seemed puzzled.

Lin Feng was astonished. The Demon Emperor was from the East? How was that possible? How come he didn’t know that?

“Come on, little friend. A hundred thousand years ago, the Demon Emperor left the East with a dozen demon generals and a few hundred disciples. Back then, the East was called the Demon Continent.”

“Back then, the continent wasn’t called the Continent of the Gods, and the most outstanding region, the East, was called the Demon Continent. The whole continent was called the Demon Gods Continent.

“But then, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor killed Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor then renamed the continent and called it the Continent of the Gods. That’s when things started to change.

“And that’s why everything happened after. Because the Demon Emperor was from the East, the other regions hated the East.

“Useless pieces of trash. Those people’s hearts are rotten with jealousy and envy, they hated the East only because they were afraid of the Demon Emperor.” The big fellow looked furious, and hammered his chair with his fists.

Lin Feng frowned. No wonder people from the Continent of the Gods hated the East!

“But that happened a long time ago. Nowadays, the new generations disdain the East, whereas their ancestors really hated it,” said the big fellow. He looked furious and sad. Lin Feng felt for them. Thinking of Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei, he became even more furious.

They had probably plotted against him because he was from the East!

But who was the extremely strong cultivator who had saved him? And what was his relationship to the East?

Why had Tian Di the Celestial Emperor killed Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor? According to legends, the Demon Emperor was also considered a traitor, it was why Tian Di the Celestial Emperor had killed him. Lin Feng realized he had become part of a very complex issue.

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