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Chapter 366: Mister Mo Zhang

Chapter 366: Mister Mo Zhang

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“Little friend, what’s your name?” asked Mo Fang kindly.

“Me? You can call me Mu Feng. My real name is Lin Feng, but it’s better to change my name for the time being,” Lin Feng smiled.

“Haha, Brother Mu Feng, we’re going through the same hardships. Even though you’re not one of the Demon Emperor’s descendants, I admire you, especially after hearing your story. You killed hundreds and hundreds of those ‘righteous’ people and you injured Godly Emperor Tian, haha! Awesome!” exclaimed Mo Fang, smiling happily. After hearing Lin Feng’s stories, he also understood Lin Feng had a bad temper.

At least, in this village, Lin Feng could have a peaceful life for the time being, a life without fighting, without wasting energy. The village wasn’t bad. Even if these people were considered criminals, they hadn’t lost their senses and maintained their true nature.

Lin Feng was furious that the descendants of Xuan Yuan had to be oppressed like this. He had been accused of being a criminal in Gods City, and considering what had happened, it meant that the Gods Government and Godsland had actually agreed on it.

“Brother Mu Feng, let’s go and see my grandfather. He’s the leader of the village,” said Mo Fang.

Lin Feng didn’t refuse. He would be happy to see one of the Demon Emperor’s grandchildren. Maybe Mo Fang’s grandfather had even had the opportunity to see the Demon Emperor!

Lin Feng followed Mo Fang. They crossed a lively area, then walked towards a remote area of the village, and stopped in front of a thatched hut.

Mo Fang told Lin Feng to wait there. Mo Fang then entered the thatched hut and didn’t come out for a long time.

Lin Feng glanced around. The courtyard was small. There were wooden fences around the thatched hut, and the garden was full of vegetables and fruits.

Lin Feng couldn’t wait to see Mo Fang’s grandfather and what kind of man he was, he had a peaceful and tranquil life in the village.

“Mu Feng, please come in.”

After a long time, Mo Fang came out and tapped Lin Feng’s shoulder with a smile.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled back, then followed Mo Fang inside the hut. It was small but clean, and also very beautiful. There was no evil Qi inside. Everything was made of wood, and at the back of the hut was a purple wooden bed.

A pale old man was seated on the bed, holding a two-meter-long demon staff.

The old man’s hair was white, skinny and looked weak. One could see his red veins through the pale and thin skin of his nose. An indistinct demon Qi floated around his head, looking like a small dragon floating around him. Each time the small floating dragon moved faster, the old man’s face became even paler.

Lin Feng was stupefied because he couldn’t detect any pure Qi emerge from the old man, as if he had no cultivation level, and no strength, he looked like an ordinary old man.

“Hello, Master.”

Even if the old man didn’t seem strong, Lin Feng bowed hand over fist politely and greeted the old man respectfully.

The old man nodded. He used his demon staff to stand up. Mo Fang walked to him to support him by the arm, but the old man pushed him away.

“You must be Mu Feng. Little Fang told me your story,” said the old man walking towards Lin Feng with the help of his demon staff. He looked at Lin Feng sympathetically; he felt Lin Feng’s pain and he hated people from the Continent of the Gods as well.

“My real name is Lin Feng, but I want to be called Mu Feng for now,” replied Lin Feng.

The old man nodded, then he looked over Lin Feng from head to foot. Suddenly, Lin Feng shivered, what kind of vision technique was that? It was impressive!

The old man’s eyes looked like two abyssal holes. It was as if an invisible and indestructible strength had emerged from them.

Lin Feng was even more curious. He couldn’t see any pure Qi emerge from the old man’s body, but at the same time his vision was powerful. Interesting!

“As excepted, you’re a convicted criminal too. I, Mo Zhang, didn’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to see a second criminal like you,” said the old man smiling. He also looked nostalgic.

“Little Fang, go out. I want to talk to Mu Feng,” Mo Zhang ordered Mo Fang.

Mo Fang looked at Lin Feng, and then at his grandfather, but had no choice except to nod and leave the thatched hut. He didn’t walk too far away though, waiting just outside.

When Mo Fang left the thatched hut, Mo Zhang sat down again and smiled at Lin Feng, “Mu Feng, what do you think of Mo Fang?”

“Eh? What do you mean, Master?” said Lin Feng. He didn’t understand what Mo Zhang meant.

“I was thinking that making you and him leave the village could be a good idea,” said Mo Zhang, smiling indifferently.

Lin Feng was very surprised. Making them leave the village? From what Lin Feng had understood, people who were in Criminals’ Village couldn’t leave, otherwise some righteous people would kill them. Some had tried and had been killed.

Many people who had thought of leaving had finally given up on the idea. Now, the village was becoming more lively, there were already hundreds of inhabitants.

Now, Mister Mo Zhang wanted Lin Feng and his grandson to leave the village? Why?

“Mu Feng, don’t be surprised, my grandson is thousands of years old, he’s always been in the village, and he’s never seen the outside world, I feel guilty.”

“Therefore, I wish you could travel with him. I hope he can see the world. Maybe that way he’ll be less pessimistic if he sees the outside world,” said the old man sorrowfully. People in the village hated everybody from the continent, but they didn’t even know them. There were some people who were really righteous, too.

But nobody could do anything against the descendants of Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. Therefore, many people considered Tian Di the Celestial Emperor the most amazing cultivator in the world. Nobody could contradict him.

Lin Feng understood that the old man felt guilty and sad. He wanted his grandson to see that there were some nice people, too.

Lin Feng knew that Mo Fang hated everybody from the continent. He needed to travel if he wanted to become stronger.

“Master, I can take him with me, but how?” asked Lin Feng smiling wryly. Those days, Lin Feng checked what it was like outside the village. He detected a powerful Qi of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. It probably belonged to powerful cultivators in charge of guarding the village.

With so many strong cultivators around the village, it was almost impossible to escape. Lin Feng wanted to have a peaceful life in Criminals’ Village, break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer, and then only go out.

But the old man had begged him. Lin Feng couldn’t refuse, but he knew leaving the village wasn’t easy.

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  1. Gray June 12, 2019 at 3:37 am - Reply

    “Mu Feng, don’t be surprised, my grandson is thousands of years old, he’s always been in the village, and he’s never seen the outside world, I feel guilty.”

    There is some mistakes in the story.
    If Mo Fang really never gone outside, then how could he got mark branded as criminal on his body?

    Seriously, what is wrong with you Author?

    • Mu Feng November 8, 2019 at 2:02 am - Reply

      Demon emperors decendants are all considered criminals so maybe since the day they are born, they get the criminal mark

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