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Chapter 367: Recruiting Troops!

Chapter 367: Recruiting Troops!

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“No rush. These days, you will have the opportunity to get out. You just have to control your anger,” said the old man, smiling calmly. He didn’t seem worried at all.

Lin Feng had doubts, but he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t do much but wait for that day to come. If the old man was right and there was a solution to escape, then Lin Feng didn’t mind taking Mo Fang with him.

“Mu Feng, I sensed grandpa’s Qi on you, did you inherit his knowledge?” asked Mo Zhang after a long time. The old man was breathing faster.

Lin Feng told him the truth. He took out the Blood Cauldron and it crashed on the floor of the hut. The hut wasn’t big, and the cauldron was as big as the hut.

“That’s… my grandfather’s Blood Cauldron.” Mo Zhang was astonished when he saw the cauldron. Then, he looked nostalgic. He missed the good old times, back when he was a kid.

“Mu Feng, where did you obtain it?” asked Mo Zhang, shaking as he staggered over to the cauldron. He stretched out his wrinkled hand and touched the Blood Cauldron. The demonic marks on the Blood Cauldron flashed when he touched them, it seemed alive.

Mo Zhang wasn’t surprised by the cauldron’s reaction because when he was a kid, he used to play with it. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time, but they were still close friends.

“In the Demon Emperor’s grave,” Lin Feng said honestly.

Mo Zhang frowned and nodded while sighing. He touched the Blood Cauldron and said, “Mu Feng, before you leave, I will give you something good,” Mo Zhang said kindly, but he didn’t say what, so Lin Feng had to be patient.

Lin Feng wanted to give the Blood Cauldron to the old man, but the latter refused and gave it back to Lin Feng. He said that since the Blood Cauldron had submitted to him, he could keep it. He was its new master.


Lin Feng left the thatched hut, Mo Fang followed him. He told Lin Feng more stories about the Demon Emperor. Lin Feng did nothing much those days, but he understood more and more things about the Demon Emperor. He admired Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor more and more as well.

When the Demon Emperor was young, he had been to the Gods Country, the most mysterious place. Nobody knew what he had done there, though.

When the Demon Emperor came back from the Gods Country, he had become much stronger. Then he had oppressed many people, for example the Evil Dragons, the Evil Demons, the Blood Spirits, and had saved the Continent of the Gods.

He used to be a real hero, but in the end, he had been killed and rumors had spread about him, rumors saying he used to slaughter innocent people and such things. In the end, for some unknown reasons, the inhabitants of the Continent of the Gods believed the rumors and nobody thought of him as a hero anymore.

Mo Fang seemed really sad when he told Lin Feng about that. He wished he were a Godly Emperor; he would kill all his ancestor’s enemies, those who pretended to be righteous.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything because he didn’t know how to cheer Mo Fang up. He would show him there were nice people outside of the village, someday.

Winners narrated history, not losers.

Lin Feng thought that if he ever became the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods, he’d help the descendants of the Demon Emperor. Nobody would dare go against his orders then!


Three days passed, Lin Feng was starting to get bored doing nothing in the village. He wanted to leave. Staying in the village for too long wasn’t good for him.

Finally, it was time.

Very early on one morning, all the villagers gathered at the bottom of a ten-thousand-year-old tree at the entrance of the village. They all stood there, including Mo Zhang, the leader of the village. The strong cultivators of the Gods Government had convoked them.

Lin Feng and Mo Fang were there, too. Mo Fang looked at the strong cultivators of the Gods Government angrily. If he were strong enough, he’d kill them without the least hesitation.

Lin Feng remained calm and looked at the three Half-Godly Emperors in the sky. They looked indifferent and proud, looking down disdainfully and mockingly.

On the ground, were a dozen strong cultivators of the top of the ninth layer. They were young heroes from the Four Temples.

“Mo Zhang, who’s the strongest young person of the village?” asked the leader of the Half-Godly Emperors. He looked annoyed.

He wasn’t happy to be there, how come they had made him come to this miserable place? Were they provoking him?

Mo Zhang ignored the man. He was already used to this. Many strong cultivators regularly came to their village to humiliate them. Mo Zhang wasn’t surprised anymore.

Mo Fang didn’t seem as calm. When he saw how impolite the Half-Godly Emperor was, he was about to burst into anger. He jumped forwards and shouted furiously, “I am the strongest, what do you want? How do you intend to torture us this time? Speak!”

“Little prick, who do you think you are to talk to me like that?”

When that Half-Godly Emperor heard how Mo Fang was talking to him, his expression changed a little. Mo Fang was humiliating him? He threw his hand in Mo Fang’s direction.

Lin Feng’s expression changed. Mo Fang couldn’t compete with that guy’s attack, so Lin Feng wanted to intervene secretly, but Mo Zhang made a face. Lin Feng was stupefied.

The man slapped Mo Fang and sent him flying away. He crashed a hundred meters away.

Mo Fang ground his teeth in pain. He rose back up and put his hand on his left cheek. He looked at the Half-Godly Emperor fearlessly.

That Half-Godly Emperor was getting more and more furious. He clenched his fists, wanting to attack again.

“Slowly, Master. Please, my grandson doesn’t understand much. Please don’t be angry,” shouted Mo Zhang, bowing hand over fist. Mo Fang’s eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his fists and groaned angrily. His grandfather was getting humiliated because of him, again!

“Hmph! Old piece of shit. You’re lucky you begged me. I won’t kill him then,” said the middle-aged man, smiling icily. Then, he clasped his hands behind his back and looked at the crowd.

“The Gods Government gave us an order. An unknown danger has been detected recently in the Yin Territory, we need some outstanding and brave cultivators to help.

“You are all descendants of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Back then, he was incredible, mighty, powerful… You should be like him and help us maintain public order.

“Hehe, I know that your cultivation levels are very high, so we’ll select three of you. We’ll be impartial. We took three disciples with us, but you are different because you are all descendants of the Demon Emperor, so you’d probably be happy to help and even die for the Continent of the Gods like him. So, there are three open spots in total and they’re all for you,” said the Half-Godly Emperor sarcastically. He even smiled mockingly. By mentioning the Demon Emperor, he was deliberately humiliating them.

He was going to assign the three spots to inhabitants of Criminals’ Village, not choosing any of their disciples. He clearly wanted to send the descendants of the Demon Emperor to fight a losing battle, they were ninety percent sure of dying if they did. Who would be willing to do that?

When he said that the Demon Emperor had died for the Continent of the Gods, all the inhabitants of the village were furious. When Lin Feng heard that, he also wanted to attack and crush him.

Back then, the Demon Emperor hadn’t died for the Continent of the Gods, he just didn’t want hypocrites to harm the people of the Continent of the Gods. They had killed him, he hadn’t died for them!

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was responsible. That petty and vile cultivator made the lives of the Demon Emperor’s descendants a sheer hell. He couldn’t reach his goal in one step though, it was a step by step process.

That’s why he had set up a strategy to torture the descendants of the Demon Emperor slowly and painfully. He would be relieved only after killing all of them!

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    Im lost. How lin feng ended up in criminals village? Who help him? Who put him in the village the one who help him or the people of the continents of the gods? If the people of the continent of the gods is guarding the criminals village means they are the one who put lin feng there?

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      The new Author did.

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    In the previous 3 chapters, he was suddenly saved by an unknown expert and he fainted. Then he woke up some where near the village and entered it. He didnt wake right inside the village though

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