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Chapter 368: Yin Territory!

Chapter 368: Yin Territory!

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“Old thing, your son will go to the Yin Territory and he will die for the Continent of the Gods,” said the middle-aged man icily. Lin Feng found him disgusting.

He really wanted to take his revenge, but what could he do?

“Anyone else strong? Come to the front,” said the middle-aged man, glancing at the crowd stonily.

Mo Zhang’s expression suddenly changed. He had thought there’d be only two spots, not three… And now it had changed, they were going to take three people from the village?

Was there anyone who had come back after being taken away by their enemies? They had all died outside. Some of them hadn’t even had time to get to the battlefield, the members of the Gods Government had killed them before. And when they said they were going to the Yin Territory, it was just an excuse to kill some younger people of the Criminals’ Village.

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor did it to prevent the village from raising some extremely strong cultivators who would be able to threaten him someday.

He had to take drastic measures. Drastic measures were cruel, but Tian Di the Celestial Emperor didn’t consider these methods cruel, he considered them little insects anyway.

He could kill anyone if he wanted to!

“I’ll go,” said Lin Feng to Mo Zhang, stepping forwards.

Lin Feng stood at the front. The inhabitants of Criminals’ Village looked at him in a strange way, but they were both touched and worried. They considered Lin Feng as their own kind, they had spent quality time with him these days.

They didn’t want him to die. They didn’t want Lin Feng to leave, either.

But Mo Zhang prevented everyone from stopping Lin Feng, especially the old women who considered Lin Feng as their kin, and it made them cry.

Lin Feng sniffled. He hadn’t felt so touched for a long time. It had been a long time since someone had been kind to him like them.

The few women were really worried about his safety. It was normal, young people made older people feel less lonely and younger.

“Ladies, don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” said Lin Feng to the women with a smile. Then he walked over to Mo Fang.

“Who are you?” asked the Half-Godly Emperor in the sky, frowning. He could see that Lin Feng had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

A cultivator of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, in Criminals’ Village? They were happy they were able to pick up a cultivator of the ninth layer.

“My name is Mo Feng, I am Mo Fang’s cousin,” Lin Feng replied indifferently.

The Half-Godly Emperor couldn’t help but frown. He could see Lin Feng was proud and he could even see murder in his eyes.

“Disrespectful little bastard, you should be slapped!” said the man, throwing his hand. He wanted to slap Lin Feng like he had slapped Mo Fang. He wanted to teach this arrogant little bastard a good lesson and show him who the boss was.

Mo Fang’s expression suddenly changed.

“Brother, hurry and run!” shouted Mo Fang furiously. He jumped in front of Lin Feng, wanting to protect him.

Lin Feng was touched.

But he couldn’t let anyone protect him. Their opponent was a Half-Godly Emperor, he couldn’t teach him a good lesson.

“You want to die. Hmph!” When the man saw Mo Fang was trying to protect Lin Feng, he grinned ferociously, and released even more Qi.

Everybody’s expression suddenly changed, including Mo Zhang’s. They were all worried for Mo Fang and Lin Feng.

Lin Feng pushed Mo Fang aside and jumped forwards. In one second, Lin Feng threw a dozen punches.

After that, the inhabitants of the village all heard nine sharps sound in a row. The inhabitants of Criminals Village were completely astonished. What was going on?

Neither Lin Feng nor Mo Fang were getting slapped? The Half-Godly Emperor was getting slapped! He looked miserable! He had been slapped nine times!

He looked like a buffoon, many people tried to control themselves to not to burst into laughter.

The man was furious and dumbstruck at the same time, as if he didn’t understand what had just happened. He wanted to slap Lin Feng and he had ended up getting slapped nine times?

Impossible! How could a cultivator of the top of the ninth layer do that? The difference between between a cultivator of the ninth layer and a Half-Godly Emperor was enormous.

He never thought something like that would happen. Nobody would!

Lin Feng looked calm and composed. He didn’t say say anything.

He didn’t need to say anything. If anyone repeated what had just happened, how would the Gods Government react?

He had been slapped nine times and it had all happened so fast, he hadn’t even had time to react. The ordinary cultivators of the top of the ninth layer and the two Half-Godly Emperors hadn’t even seen anything.

The man tried to control himself, but his cheeks hurt.

When the inhabitants of the village saw Lin Feng and Mo Fang were safe and sound, they were really relieved. They didn’t care about the Half-Godly Emperor.

“Last one!?” demanded the man, frowning.

“I’ll come,” said a young man of the village, coming out of the crowd. His name was Mo Tu, he was Mo Fang’s elder brother, and also one of Mo Zhang’s grandsons.

Mo Zhang only had two grandsons, Mo Zhang and Mo Tu!

Now they were going to go to the Yin Territory, they would probably die unless Lin Feng was able to protect them.

“Mo Tu, take care,” said Mo Zhang.

“Don’t worry, grandpa. I will not make you lose face, I won’t make my great-grandfather lose face, either,” said Mo Tu, clenching his fists. He looked determined. He walked over to Mo Fang and looked at Lin Feng.

“Brother Mu Feng, we will have to support each other.”

“Yes, take care of yourself,” said Lin Feng nodding and clapping his shoulder.

“Come here, my boy,” said Mo Zhang, waving at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng slowly walked over to Mo Zhang. The old man put the demon staff in Lin Feng’s hand

“Take it. It’s the Demon Emperor’s third item, it’s also the only one which has no seal. Don’t refuse, just take it,” said Mo Zhang, looking determined. Lin Feng looked at the old man, and knew he couldn’t refuse.

It was probably the good thing the old man had told him about.

That demon staff was the Demon Emperor’s third item. It was different from the items in the grave, like the Blood Cauldron. The power of the cauldron was limited, as it was sealed.

The last item was probably in Zhen Mo’s hands. He had received the best item.

Lin Feng took the demon staff, and now it was time to leave.

The three Half-Godly Emperors and the dozen cultivators of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer walked away. The road would be dangerous, they might die on the way.

Even Godly Emperors didn’t dare go to the Yin Territory unless they really, really had to. Inside there were strange creatures and strange sorts of Qi.

Those years, many strong cultivators from the Gods Government and Godsland had gone there but only to easy places, especially the young and famous cultivators. They looked for opportunities to improve there, and once they improved enough, the Four Temples and the Three Dynasties then usually cast eyes on them.

The Yin Territory was situated in the northern part of the Continent of the Gods. It was a chaotic area, full of evil Yin Qi. Godly Emperors couldn’t go there, and when cultivators of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer went there, only one out of ten survived.

But those who came out alive usually came out with incredible treasures!

Lin Feng and the two others followed the group of cultivators for a dozen days before arriving in the north of the Continent of the Gods.

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