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Chapter 369: Godly Emperor Huang

Chapter 369: Godly Emperor Huang

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“There is a city over there. We must arrive before it gets dark,” said the middle-aged man icily, looking at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes. He wished he could crush him on the spot.

Other people didn’t know what had happened in Criminals’ Village, but he did. He had been slapped nine times by Lin Feng, so he considered him his first enemy. He wouldn’t let him off.

The three Godly Emperors were seated in the space shuttle, Lin Feng and the two others had to follow as quickly as they could. Even if Lin Feng was strong and relied on brightness strength, Mo Fang and Mo Tu were with him.

Lin Feng couldn’t stop though, why could they all use space shuttles but not them? Why did they have to use their full strength to follow?

It was a simple reason: because they were offenders, no matter what, nobody would treat them fairly.

Lin Feng was better off, but Mo Fang and Mo Tu only had the strength of the eighth layer. They were weaker, and Lin Feng had to take care of them.

Luckily, hundreds of li were not a long distance, and it wasn’t dark yet. Lin Feng and and the others arrived in the sky above that remote town before it got dark.

The town wasn’t very big, and could accommodate hundreds of people. There were gigantic bluestone towers all around the boundless city. In front of the city were dunes covered with dried blood. There were also some white skeletons.

A hundred li away, the sky was ash grey, some rays of sunlight piercing through the clouds coldly. The atmosphere looked gloomy there. The ice-cold Yin Qi corroded the strong cultivators’ bodies in town.

Now and then, some cultivators of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer were corroded by the Yin Qi, their bodies rotted and only their souls remained.

Lin Feng and the others were a new batch of cultivators in town. The three Half-Godly Emperors, and twelve cultivators of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, with Lin Feng, were thirteen.

Mo Fang and Mo Tu were there, too, so two cultivators of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Many people in town didn’t understand why anyone would bring cultivators of the eighth spirit there. Did they want them to die? But when they learned that those people were from Criminals’ Village, they understood.

When the middle-aged man introduced Lin Feng and said he was from Criminals’ Village too, hundreds of people looked at him. How could someone from Criminals’ Village have the strength of the top of the ninth layer?

What if they gave Criminals’ Village more time? They would start having Half-Godly Emperors? They would easily be able to free themselves then, the fish would get back into the ocean. Capturing them would be impossible!

Luckily, they had noticed Lin Feng early enough!  They didn’t intend to let him off.

Naturally, Lin Feng wasn’t going to say he wasn’t from Criminals’ Village. It was useless. However, people from Criminals’ Village never survived such events.

Lin Feng and the two others were assigned a room. It was a very low-class room, falling apart and dirty, even worse than a maid’s room.

In normal conditions, with his strength, Lin Feng should have had a high-class room.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, because it was useless. They were bullied on purpose. Contradicting them was useless, and they would just make fools of themselves.

Mo Fang and Mo Tu weren’t surprised. They had been humiliated for such a long time, even worse than by being put in a insalubrious room. Sleeping in a dirty place wasn’t a problem at all.

“Brother Mu Feng, you should escape. We don’t want you to suffer for no reason,” whispered Mo Fang.

Mo Tu nodded. He agreed. They were from Criminals’ Village, they were descendants of the Demon Emperor, and were really used to getting bullied, but Lin Feng wasn’t. He didn’t deserve to suffer so much.

In the Continent of the Gods, a cultivator of the top of the ninth layer could have a great life, they could be part of a great group. All they had to worry about was how high their position in a group could be, but in any case, it was high.

Lin Feng just said one thing to them. “I am a criminal too. Where could I go?” said Lin Feng. He didn’t sound depressed, on the contrary, he sounded amused.

Indeed, Lin Feng was right. Even though he wasn’t one of the Demon Emperor’s descendants, he was also a criminal. Where could he go?

The Godly Emperors could see that Lin Feng was a criminal, he had a brand on his third eye. He couldn’t hide anywhere, he couldn’t go anywhere.

“You three come out. We’re going to make strategic plans tonight.”

After a short time, someone came and knocked at the door. Lin Feng stood up, but then the door was smashed open. A disciple of the Gods Government who had the strength of the ninth layer came in.

The man looked at Lin Feng and the three people proudly and said, “Let’s go. We’re going to make the strategic plan tonight,” said the man, glancing at the three of them darkly. Then he waved and left the room.

Lin Feng didn’t pay any attention to the man’s behavior. If he were angry, he could crush him in one punch.

Lin Feng felt that when a dog barked, it was useless to reply, even if the dog was proud.


Ten minutes later, they gathered in a meeting room. Three hundred cultivators were present.

“Godly Emperor Huang, please,” said a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man rushed over and knelt down. Godly Emperor Huang looked at him indifferently and kicked him aside. He continued walking slowly.

Lin Feng looked at the middle-aged man’s expression. Then, he looked at Godly Emperor Huang. He smiled icily. Sometimes, licking someone’s boots wasn’t a good idea, either.

The middle-aged man didn’t look ashamed though, he continued smiling. He stood up and walked next to Godly Emperor Huang, he bent his head so much it was almost at the same level as Godly Emperor Huang’s bottom.

Lin Feng shook his head. Such guys were considered strong cultivators in the Gods Government?

They were extremely aggressive and arrogant in front of weaker people, but in front of stronger people, they were like little dogs. Lin Feng started understanding these things.

In the meeting room, many strong cultivators looked amused and almost burst into laughter, but they naturally didn’t say anything.

Godly Emperor Huang stood in the middle, glancing over the crowd. When he saw Lin Feng, he frowned and looked pensive.

Lin Feng was nervous. What if Godly Emperor Huang recognized him? That would be very troublesome.

It was unlikely that all the Godly Emperors knew him. Besides, the Gods Government was extremely big. Not everybody had spied on him.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng felt relieved. He looked back at Godly Emperor Huang again.

He was a Godly Emperor of the first layer, like Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei.

“Tonight, we’re going to fight against the unknown creatures, we have to establish a strategy.”

“We have to hold on for half a month, then a new Godly Emperor will arrive and we’ll be able to rest,” said Godly Emperor Huang. Many people looked happy. A new Godly Emperor was going to come?

If that was really the case, they just had to be careful and not get crushed by the unknown creatures.

“We’ll make three groups, you’re in charge of the first and you of the second,” said Godly Emperor Huang. He didn’t waste time. Lin Feng looked at him with new eyes. Godly Emperor Huang was doing all this to protect the Continent of the Gods and protect people.

“Third group, you’re in charge,” said Godly Emperor Huang, looking at the middle-aged man indifferently.

The middle-aged man paled. He wanted to say something, but Godly Emperor Huang looked at him angrily.

“Yes, sir!” said the middle-aged man, bowing hand over fist.

The man looked at Lin Feng and the others grimly. “You guys, you’re with me.”

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