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Chapter 370: Going Through Dangers!

Chapter 370: Going Through Dangers!

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Lin Feng frowned, but didn’t say much. The middle-aged man was determined to harass them. His task was to destroy people from Criminals’ Village, it was his main goal.

Therefore, he was waiting for any opportunity to kill them. He wasn’t going to let them off. Lin Feng knew that, and Mo Fang and Mo Tu knew it, too.

The three groups left. Lin Feng and the two others were with the middle-aged man.

“Meng Tian, you must accomplish your mission. If you dare act pettily and vilely, you don’t need to come back,” said Godly Emperor Huang to the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was furious, but he was just a Half-Godly Emperor, what could he do? He wasn’t strong enough to compete with a Godly Emperor. He had no choice, but to nod.

Meng Tian left with seven or eight strong cultivators, including Lin Feng and the two others. They flew away from town.

Lin Feng had never seen such a thing. There were creatures with a green skin coming out of the Yin Territory. They had four intertwining long beards and spat poison. Everybody started getting corroded by the poison. It was difficult to survive against.

A dozen li away from town, everything was emerald. Nobody had ever seen such a landscape. Some people immediately paled and coughed up blood.

“You three, go to the front and open the way,” said Meng Tian to Lin Feng and the two others. His eyes were filled with killing intent. It was an opportunity; if they were poisoned, they’d die.

Lin Feng looked at Meng Tian’s expression, angry on the inside. Meng Tian was just trying to send them to fight a losing battle.

“Meng Tian, don’t forget what Godly Emperor Huang told you. If you act pettily and vilely, you don’t need to go back,” said Lin Feng icily.

Meng Tian’s expression changed but then, thinking about his main mission, he smiled icily and spat, “You don’t need to worry about that. I am the leader of the group, though, and if you don’t listen to my orders, it’s a great offense, and I am qualified to kill you,” said Meng Tian, smiling cruelly. He was arrogant because of his strength and position.

Lin Feng looked at Mo Fang and Mo Tu and said, “You stay here and watch. I’ll go and see alone,” said Lin Feng, jumping out of the space shuttle. He landed on the ground and looked at those unknown green creatures.

When those creatures saw Lin Feng, they became even more agitated. They stuck out their tongues and spat out green poison. They looked gleeful and evil, as if they had seen a great dish.

Lin Feng suddenly sensed something ice-cold penetrate into his veins. Lin Feng released brightness strength to block it. That ice-cold Qi was different from Meng Qing’s spiritual snow Qi, it was an evil Yin Qi. It was bestial and scary.

Lin Feng didn’t dare act recklessly. He took out the Buddha Sword. With a high-level godly imperial weapon, he didn’t to worry about these creatures.

The Buddha Qi of the Buddha Sword panicked the creatures. They collapsed, crawled back up and retreated until they were at least ten meters away from Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his Buddha Sword. He stuck the tip of his sword in the ground, and sharp lights flashed. Lin Feng flashed forwards and the unknown creatures retreated.

Lin Feng moved a thousand meters, the creatures stepped back a thousand meters. When Meng Tian saw that, he was surprised and angry.

Lin Feng didn’t pay any attention to Meng Tian on the shuttle. He continued flying forwards and raised his blade, drawing closer and closer to the creatures. The Yin Qi was denser and denser. Lin Feng could sense Yin Qi penetrate into his body, but it didn’t corrode his body and it wasn’t painful.

Lin Feng was curious, so he accelerated.

Suddenly, the ground started trembling. That kind of earthquake could make a mountain collapse. Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. He turned around and saw a hundred-meter-tall blood-red giant. Blood floated in the air around it, and its eyes were bloodshot too.

Lin Feng looked at the creature with his eyes wide. The monster then walked towards him, each step moving it forwards a dozen meters.

Lin Feng felt great pressure, and his heart started pounding, his blood started boiling. It wasn’t pleasant, and his expression changed drastically. He raised the Buddha Sword in his left hand and started changing the Birth of a Buddha incantation.

An ancient Buddha Qi emerged from the sword and surrounded the blood-red giant. Phwap! The monster shrank down; it was initially a hundred meters tall, now it was only as tall as a human.

Lin Feng shouted furiously, raising his left hand, and made a cutting motion with his sword. Pa! Lin Feng beheaded the giant, and its head flew away.

Meng Tian was now alarmed by Lin Feng’s fighting abilities. If it had been him, he would have ended up badly injured. He looked even more furious; he really had to accomplish his mission!

Lin Feng had to die, otherwise, he would pose a big threat to them in the future. Thinking about that, Meng Tian accelerated and left Mo Fang and Mo Tu behind, then he rolled up his sleeves and bombarded there green creatures.

Green creatures exploded. Pieces of green flesh flew around like rain. Some green flesh splashed in the direction of Lin Feng’s face. There were over a thousand drops of green poison moving towards him. He is probably going to die, thought Meng Tian.

Meng Tian rejoiced and sighed with relief. Finally, this time Lin Feng would die.

“Be careful, brother!” shouted Mo Fang and Mo Tu when they saw that. They looked extremely worried about Lin Feng. Was he going to die?

“You bastard. You attacked those creatures on purpose!”

“You did it on purpose…!” shouted the two brothers furiously while clenching their fists.

Meng Tian’s expression changed drastically, but then he shouted, “Shut the hell up! I am saving people’s lives! We have to kill the creatures to prevent them from getting into town. Who would be responsible if the creatures got into town?

“And we’re inevitably going to suffer losses, even if one or two people die, it’s worth it if it’s to save millions of lives,” said Meng Tian. He didn’t admit he was wrong, he looked proud and satisfied.

Mo Fang and Mo Tu looked glum. What could they do, though? They could only hope Lin Feng would be able to survive.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked up, where thousands of drops of poison were blotting out the sky. Just one of those drops could kill a person and make their soul disintegrate.

Lin Feng looked at Meng Tian angrily. he knew that Meng Tian had done this on purpose. As long as Lin Feng didn’t die, Meng Tian wasn’t going to give up.

Since it’s that way, I’ll kill you!, thought Lin Feng. He raised and opened his arms, then he released an explosive absorbing strength. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng was surrounded by demon Qi. The green poison crashed onto the black Qi.

Meng Tian saw that and smiled mockingly. “Useless, die!”


However, as he was thinking that Lin Feng was doomed and just attempting the impossible, he saw Lin Feng rise up, raise his arms, and then the poison flew away. Then, Lin Feng pointed at Meng Tian with his finger.


Meng Tian paled, and kicked the shuttle. He felt so humiliated, he had the impression he was going to explode. He turned around and flew as fast as he could in the direction of the city.

When the thousands of drops of poisons landed on the ground, a stinky poison cloud rose up in the air. The ground, which was originally hilly, became completely flat. The poison corroded the ground and a crater a dozen meters across appeared.

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