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Chapter 371: Infuriated by Meng Tian!

Chapter 371: Infuriated by Meng Tian!

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“Bastard, you’re escaping?” Lin Feng stood in the air and looked at Meng Tian. Meng Tian had left even though they weren’t even done. The strong cultivators in the shuttle hadn’t even come out of it yet.

Mo Fang and Mo Tu ran behind the shuttle. They weren’t trying to escape, they were trying to catch up with it, but they were too slow compared to the shuttle.

Lin Feng flashed after them. He wanted to get to the top of the city wall but there were rumbling sounds as two blood-red giants emerged from the ground. Lin Feng understood why there were so many dunes everywhere; there were probably giants under them!

The two blood-red giants opened their arms and grabbed Lin Feng’s feet. Lin Feng struggled, but he couldn’t break free.

When Meng Tian saw that in the distance, he laughed frantically. He shouted, “Give me a bow and arrows!”

“What are you doing?” When Mo Fang heard how excited Meng Tian sounded, his expression changed drastically. He was furious.

Meng Tian looked at him disdainfully. He took a bow and arrows and smiled cruelly. He aimed at Lin Feng’s chest.

“You’re insane. Stop!” shouted Mo Fang and Mo Tu, understanding now. Meng Tian didn’t want to help Lin Feng break free from the giants, he wanted to seize the opportunity to kill him!

The two brothers were furious. They raised their hands and threw punches as hard as they could. However, to a Half-Godly Emperor, they were way too weak.

Meng Tian jumped, kicked them and landed back on the shuttle on his left foot. Then he aimed at Lin Feng. He used as much strength as he could, he had never used so much strength in his life. He was thinking of the moment when Lin Feng was slapping him. His eyes were bloodshot.

“Die now! Hehe!” Meng Tian grinned manically. He released the released the bowstring and an arrow whistled its way through the air in Lin Feng’s direction.

In half a second, the arrow appeared in front of Lin Feng. He frowned, his eyes filled with flames of fury. He had to kill Meng Tian!

At the most crucial moment, Lin Feng raised his hands and made some hand seals. White lights flashed and streaked across the sky. They struck the arrow and broke it apart. Lin Feng continued using his Imperial Imprint Formula, and an imprint drove towards Meng Tian’s chest.

Meng Tian looked at the imprint mockingly and threw a punch. However, when his fist collided with the imperial imprint, he realized he had just made a really bad mistake.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My hand!” Meng Tian screamed. His left arm was crushed to mush. A bone stuck out of his shoulder and crushed flesh was hanging on that bone. Then he was hurled away and crashed against the city wall.

There was a muffled explosion, but the wall didn’t collapse. Meng Tian crashed onto the ground and blood splashed. He looked miserable.

I was too careless, thought Meng Tian. Otherwise, how could that have happened?

Lin Feng was satisfied, that’s what happened to most people who dared disrespect him. But he ground his teeth. Too bad that bastard wasn’t dead. He was tough…

Lin Feng didn’t have time to take care of Meng Tian for the time being. He looked at the gigantic blood-red giants and shouted furiously. He threw punches containing the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao.

There were two explosions, and the two giants blew apart, bleeding flesh spraying everywhere.

Lin Feng rotated in the air and flew towards the city wall because there were more and more of the creatures, Lin Feng couldn’t take care of them alone.

However, Lin Feng hadn’t thought that Meng Tian, who was initially badly injured and crawling on the ground, would manage to crawl up and reach the top of the hundred-meter-high city wall.

“Close the city gate! Block the creatures!” shouted Meng Tian furiously. His voice spread all around in the city. Nobody dared open the door for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with murder. Lin Feng decided that if he managed to get back to the city, no matter what, he’d kill Meng Tian!

However, he was in a rush at that moment. Purple Yin Qi rolled in waves in the Yin Territory. A blood-red light appeared in midair. Many creatures emerged from the ground. They were faster than strong cultivators of the eighth layer.

If there had been only one, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but there were millions, and they were backed up by blood-red giants. An ocean of strange creatures walked towards the city walls. The atmosphere was extremely oppressive, and people were scared.

“Meng Tian, wait for me in town, I’ll kill you!” shouted Lin Feng standing in mid-air.

Meng Tian shuddered with fear. He was really afraid of Lin Feng. What if Lin Feng really managed to come back to town alive? But then he calmed down. His main task was to kill talented people from Criminals’ Village, he had to keep calm and remain determined.

“Hmph! Come back to town alive first!” Meng Tian mocked. Then, he looked at Mo Tu and Mo Fang and smiled cruelly. “I think that you need help! Here, two friends. Haha!” said Meng Tian, laughing maniacally. He raised his hands, grabbed Mo Fang and Mo Tu, and threw them outside. Lin Feng ground his teeth and caught them.

A hundred-meter blood-red giant threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng tilted to dodge the attack, but immediately after, he was attacked by another creature.

Lin Feng dodged again and at the same time, he protected Mo Fang and Mo Tu. Meng Tian had thrown those two to wear him down. He knew Lin Feng wouldn’t abandon them. Relying on the evil creatures to kill Lin Feng and the two others was the best thing Meng Tian could do.

“Mu Feng, don’t worry about us, or we’ll all die, including you,” said Mo Fang. He felt guilty for being used.

“Brother Mu Feng, don’t worry about us. You’ve been incredibly kind to us, but we can’t continue being burdens for you,” Mo Tu said to Lin Feng. He pushed off Lin Feng, who was holding him and fell down in the ocean of unknown creatures. They devoured him instantly.

“NO! Brother!” shouted Mo Fang when he saw Mo Tu drowning in the billions of tentacles. They devoured him entirely, not a single bone, hair, or finger was left. Mo Fang started crying. His biological brother… had just died in front of him…

Lin Feng’s face was getting paler and paler. He didn’t have much more pure Qi left. If they fell down, the unknown creatures would have a feast.

“Mu Feng, let me go. And remember to avenge me and my brother,” Mo Fang cried. Then, he looked at Meng Tian furiously, before raising his left hand; he wanted to break free from Lin Feng, who was still holding him.

“No, Mister Mo Zhang handed you over to me. I didn’t manage to protect Mo Tu, I have to protect you. If you want to avenge your brother, do it yourself!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His hair and robe was fluttering in the wind. He looked like a demon. He had to push it to the limits.

Lin Feng jumped and flew towards the city as fast as he could, Meng Tian was panic-stricken, he shouted with a trembling voice, “Shoot arrows! Shoot Arrows!”

“You big-headed bastard!” someone shouted furiously


A gigantic golden silhouette emerged from the city and flew to Lin Feng. Then two gigantic golden hand slapped the ground behind Lin Feng. Instantly, a tenth of the horde of creatures died.

“Use the poison pellet you have in your body!” shouted Godly Emperor Huang to Lin Feng at that moment. Lin Feng didn’t ask him how he knew he had the poison pill, but he had no time to lose. He immediately spat out the poison pellet and threw it at Godly Emperor Huang.

Godly Emperor Huang shouted out and slapped the black poison pill. Millions of poison drops fell on the ground. In half a second, all the green creatures screamed in agony. In the end, the green poison turned into an ocean, and all the creatures died.

The poison pill was still flashing. Godly Emperor Huang shook his hand and the poison pill went back into Lin Feng’s hand. Lin Feng put it away and flashed away. He was still carrying Mo Fang.

Lin Feng put Mo Fang on the shuttle. A second later, Lin Feng took out the Buddha Sword and threw himself at Meng Tian.

“I’ve rarely been so furious in my entire life!!” shouted Lin Feng in rage. His hair was fluttering in the wind, his demon Qi rolled in waves around him. Meng Tian’s expression suddenly changed and he paled.

“Try and dare…!” squealed Meng Tian, shaking and pointing at Lin Feng with forefinger.

He was a Half-Godly Emperor, but in front of Lin Feng, he was like an ant. Lin Feng raised his sword. He didn’t care about Meng Tian, even if he was threatening him.

The Buddha Sword rotated in midair, and Buddha Qi sliced towards Meng Tian’s head extremely quickly. Blood splashed, Meng Tian had no time to react.

A Half-Godly Emperor had pissed off Lin Feng and Lin Feng had beheaded him. Everybody was shocked.

A cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer had burst into fury and had beheaded a Half-Godly Emperor? That would spread quickly.

Lin Feng’s eyes were bloodshot, he looked at Meng Tian’s head. Maybe Meng Tian didn’t even know he was going to die. Maybe he didn’t even know how he had died.

Lin Feng had done it, and it was over.

However, Lin Feng also had to pay the price for killing Meng Tian. He initially didn’t have much pure Qi left, but to kill Meng Tian, who was a Half-Godly Emperor, he had had to use almost all the pure Qi he had left. His circulatory system was affected. Lin Feng coughed up blood, his eyes became pitch-black and he fainted.

“Mu Feng!” shouted Mo Fang worried when he saw Lin Feng faint.

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