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Chapter 372: Paying a Visit to Godly Emperor Huang!

Chapter 372: Paying a Visit to Godly Emperor Huang!

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“Pieces of trash, he couldn’t even do that properly,” cursed an old man in a meeting room in the Gods Government. When he heard the report, he punched his cup of tea which flew across the room and crashed onto the ground. His servant was shaking like a leaf, and didn’t dare raise his head.

“How could someone so strong come from Criminals’ Village?” murmured the old man, frowning with his hands clasped behind his back. He pulled a long face.

“Father, we received an order that we’re not allowed to let him rise; otherwise, he’ll become like Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. It would be very dangerous for the hierarchy. Remember what happened a hundred thousand years ago. We can’t let anyone do the same as the Demon Emperor,” a middle-aged man frowned. He kept calm, unlike the old man.

The old man pulled a long face and nodded. He knew those things. They couldn’t allow the same thing to happen again, especially with a descendant of the Demon Emperor.

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was a demon, a slaughterer, they were sure of that. And even if they weren’t, they didn’t say anything, because of Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

“By the way, is Dan Nü alright?” asked the old man after having been lost in thought for a little while. He looked worried.

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “Don’t worry, father. Dan Nü was lightly injured, she’s fine,” the man smiled gently. The old man was relieved.

“That Lin Feng is really a beast. He didn’t even have the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and he managed to defeat Dan Nü. He was amazing. What a pity…” said the old man sighing nostalgically.

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “Lin Feng was really strong. No wonder he became he became a champion holding two titles. He was definitely extraordinary. But they sentenced him to death and killed him. He had the same fate as Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor,” said the man coldly and slightly mockingly. It was difficult to say whom he was mocking though, Lin Feng or Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

“We have to obey His Holiness Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s orders. That’s the only way for us, the Elixir Temple, to continue rising and live for a very long time.

“The Celestial Sun Temple is under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. The Heaven and Earth Temple has formed an alliance with the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. We have no choice but to cooperate with Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. Only the Spiritual Yin Temple is independent, but they’re different. We have to be careful of them,” the old man said gravely.

“Father, I’ve heard about the female Godly Emperor who escaped from the Gods Government. Apparently, she’s like Lin Feng and comes from the East,” the man spoke up, as if he had just remembered something. At the same time, he seemed reluctant to talk.

The old man frowned and looked surprised. “Hehe. It’s getting more and more interesting. Since when are there Godly Emperors in the East?”

“I’m very worried. I think she’s hiding and planning to get her revenge. Besides, she’s an envoy sent by Godsland. By doing that, the Gods Government probably offended Godsland.”

“What are you afraid of? We’re safe with Tian Di the Celestial Emperor,” said the old man, interrupting the middle-aged man. The old man glanced at him and smiled mockingly.

The man nodded in agreement. He bowed to his father. “Father, I have things to do. I’m pretty busy in the Elixir Temple.” He rolled up his purple sleeves and left the meeting room.

The old man narrowed his eyes and saw his servant, down on his knees. The old man asked icily, “You… heard everything we just talked about?”


Blood splashed and the atmosphere became silent again.


Lin Feng was laying down. He thought of what had happened before his coma, and had the impression it had just been a dream. He had gone insane and beheaded a Half-Godly Emperor? And it had been so easy?

Lin Feng was completely astonished and couldn’t even believe he was so strong. Had he really become so strong that he could already kill Half-Godly Emperors so easily? During the great competition, he had used his full strength against Dan Nü, and he had even used almost all his trump cards.

However, beheading a Half-Godly Emperor was not easy at all. Then Lin Feng remembered that back then, he had the strength of the top of the eighth layer. Now he had the strength of the top of the ninth.

Lin Feng could already be proud of himself. He had reached quite a high level. Very few people had the same level at the same age. Some people who were tens of thousands of years old weren’t that strong, and would never be.

Lin Feng sighed. He checked his circulatory system and realized he had completely recovered, his veins and arteries were closed again, no longer bleeding out.

Had Godly Emperor Huang saved him? Lin Feng was stupefied. He had never met Godly Emperor Huang before. It was the first time. Why had Godly Emperor Huang taken a risk to save him? Lin Feng didn’t understand.

Lin Feng was thinking when suddenly someone opened the door. Sunlight entered the room. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes, then he opened them again and saw Mo Fang.

“Brother Mu Feng, you’re awake!” said Mo Fang. Lin Feng stood up. Mo Fang looked a little awed.

Lin Feng nodded and asked what had happened after he had fallen into a coma. Mo Fang told him everything from the beginning to the end.

“You were furious and killed Meng Tian. Everybody was astonished because you beheaded him so easily. But then you collapsed. I took you back to the city. Godly Emperor Huang took you and I followed him. I didn’t really want to follow him, but what could I say to a Godly Emperor?

“I have the impression that he doesn’t harbor evil intentions against us. He spent three hours with you in your room. When he came out, his face was extremely pale. Even though I am not very strong, I could see that his pure Qi was extremely weak. He healed you.

“But the strange part is that since he healed you five days ago, he hasn’t shown up again. He disappeared,” said Mo Fang. He looked puzzled.

Lin Feng guessed that Godly Emperor Huang had used too much pure Qi to heal him and that he was now meditating in seclusion to recover.

“Mo Fang, do you know where Godly Emperor Huang is?” asked Lin Feng.

Mo Fang nodded and smiled placidly. “I’ll lead the way, but if you see anything strange, don’t be surprised,” said Mo Fang, a strange expression on his face.

Lin Feng didn’t understand, but he nodded anyway. He followed Mo Fang.

The place where Lin Feng had rested was a high-class room, it wasn’t low-class anymore. Mo Fang and Lin Feng left the room and the pavilion, then went behind it. Lin Feng understood why Mo Fang had warned him things would surprise him.

On the way, when people saw Lin Feng, they stopped moving and greeting him respectfully. Some others also ran away, as if they were afraid Lin Feng would kill them.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Could it be that he had astonished everybody because he had gone crazy and killed a Half-Godly Emperor?


Lin Feng followed Mo Fang, heading into the depths of the city. There was an isolated courtyard there. There were rigid pear blossoms in bloom, and stone benches.

“Mo Feng? No need to wait. Come in.” Lin Feng and Mo Fang were about to sit down when they heard the voice coming from inside the building.

Lin Feng looked at Mo Fang. Mo Fang nodded. They entered the room.

The room was simple and clean. There was a bamboo carpet on the ground, and a bed in the back of the room. On the other side, there were two chairs and tools to make tea. Godly Emperor Huang was seated on a chair. The tea was ready, as if he knew that Lin Feng was coming.

“Little boy, come and have a seat,” said Godly Emperor Huang, smiling gently and pointing at the chair opposite his.

Lin Feng didn’t really remember what Godly Emperor Huang looked like. Now he could see him clearly. He was a Godly Emperor and his Qi was desolate. It reminded him of the Qi of an ancient cultivator. Nobody had such a Qi in modern times.

“What? Am I very handsome? Have you lost your senses after that Half-Godly Emperor pushed you to the limit? Hehe!” Godly Emperor Huang laughed kindly.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and bowed hand over fist, before sitting down.

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