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Chapter 373: Conditions and Price!

Chapter 373: Conditions and Price!

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“Master, since you already knew I was coming to see you, you probably know what I want to see as well, right?” said Lin Feng, going straight to the point.

Godly Emperor Huang smiled indifferently and nodded, but he said nothing. He just looked at Lin Feng in satisfaction.

“No wonder Yan Di likes you. You’re not like most people. A month ago, you injured hundreds of Holy Spirit Emperors and Godly Emperor Tian, and a month later, you kill a Half-Godly Emperor. Hehe, Lin Feng, Yan Di told me a lot about you. Not bad. I hadn’t thought you were so extreme,” Godly Emperor Huang said slowly, still smiling.

Lin Feng was startled. Godly Emperor Huang knew Yan Di and had heard a lot about him? No wonder Godly Emperor Huang had done his best to save him!

“Little boy, Yan Di knows you were sentenced to death by Gods City and the Gods Government, but he was in danger himself, so he couldn’t come and save you. So he shared your picture with all his friends and asked them to look for you and save you.

“You and I were meant to meet. A week ago, I received a message from Yan Di, and then someone brought you here,” said Godly Emperor Huang, smiling broadly.

He talked to Lin Feng as if he were talking to an old friend. Godly Emperor Huang was an elder in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and in charge of Xuan Yuan Town.

“Talking about Yan Di, you probably don’t know, but he’s in danger,” Godly Emperor Huang said gravely.

Lin Feng was worried about his friend and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, he’s in danger, but his life is not in danger. He’s competing with another prince to receive the knowledge of Godly Emperor Tian Yan. They’ve already reached a point of no return.

“Yan Di’s ancestor was a Godly Emperor of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. But Godly Emperor Tian Yan’s legacy can’t be forgotten, so he’s fighting with another prince over it,” said Godly Emperor Huang.

Lin Feng hoped Yan Di wouldn’t act recklessly and miss that opportunity. That’d be a pity…

Lin Feng was angry. He had become a criminal and couldn’t show up easily. Otherwise, he would have gone to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty to help out.

Godly Emperor Huang smiled as if he knew what Lin Feng was thinking. Then he clapped Lin Feng’s shoulder and said, “If you want to help Yan Di, you need to have the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, at least. You also need a powerful background, and you must get rid of your criminal status, too. These are the three prerequisites. You need them all,” said Godly Emperor Huang, smiling strangely. Lin Feng had a bad premonition, as if Godly Emperor Huang wanted something from him.

Godly Emperor Huang was really strong, and could almost see through him. When he saw Lin Feng’s expression, he stopped smiling and said, “Little boy, you’re very smart. You have a good sense of judgement. You understand that I told you those three prerequisites for a reason.

“Indeed, I can help you meet these requirements, but I also have a request, and I hope you can help me, little friend,” Godly Emperor Huang said solemnly.

Lin Feng had never seen a Godly Emperor act like this. Usually, they were so strong that they forced people to do things. But Godly Emperor Huang wasn’t like that. He respected Lin Feng, a junior cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

But Lin Feng guessed that his request was probably extremely difficult, but he really wanted to see Yan Di and get rid of his criminal status, so…

Lin Feng asked, “Master, please go straight to the point. What do you want me to do?”

“Alright, I’ll go straight to the point. I can help you become a Half-Godly Emperor relatively quickly. It’s even quite easy. Without a godly emperor seed, it’s difficult to do.

“By a lucky coincidence, I have a godly emperor seed. It’s a very ancient one. If people knew I had it, even Godly Emperors would try to steal it.

“If you agree to help me, I’ll give it to you. At the same time, you’ll become someone with a background, and you’ll be able to get rid of your criminal status within half a month. What do you think?” said Godly Emperor Huang hastily. He really, really hoped Lin Feng would help him.

No matter what the price for those things was, Lin Feng thought it was worth trying.

“Alright, tell me what you want me to do?” said Lin Feng kindly.

Godly Emperor Huang looked extremely happy. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of vision. A second later, he reappeared in front of Lin Feng, with a little something in his hand, which he put it in a flowerpot.

The thing looked like rattan turned yellow, with black marks on it. It looked like it was going to die.

“Master, that’s…” Lin Feng knew that Godly Emperor Huang would never take a risk with such an item. He probably knew what was going to happen.

Godly Emperor Huang told him the truth.

“Little friend, this withered plant is my daughter. An enemy of mine badly injured her. That’s how she ended up this way.

“I have used lots of Qi to help her live on, but now I have the feeling she won’t be able to hold on much longer. She’s going to die in half a month, I think.

“I am tens of thousands of years old. I don’t fear anything, but I have only one daughter. If anything happened to her, I’d kill myself.

“Therefore, I hope you can save her, no matter how you do it,” said Godly Emperor Huang. He grabbed his robe and raised it a little to kneel down.

He knelt down in front of Lin Feng. A Godly Emperor was kneeling down in front of him… Lin Feng was dumbstruck. If Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei had been there, how would they have reacted?

“Rise, Master. Of course I accept, but I have nothing here, how could I save your daughter?” said Lin Feng, grabbing Godly Emperor Huang’s arm to pull him back up as he smiled wryly.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why Godly Emperor Huang thought he was qualified to save his daughter. How could he heal her?

“Little friend, only someone who has a forbidden body can save my daughter. I just need you to… ‘connect’ to my daughter and then allow her to absorb some forbidden strength,” said Godly Emperor Huang, flushing as he spoke.

Lin Feng’s eyes snapped open. He looked dumbstruck and stared at Godly Emperor Huang.

“Connect” to his daughter? How?! Well… was it even useful to ask that question? Apart from his manhood, what could he use to connect to a woman…?

{Translator’s note: funny anecdote, in the Chinese version, they call Lin Feng’s penis “Little Lin Feng”, so they give it a name, a bit like the French who give it a name, see }

The issue was now extremely complex.

Lin Feng was speechless that Godly Emperor Huang had even dared ask him to “connect” to his daughter to transmit forbidden strength to her.

“Master, you… I…” Lin Feng’s cheeks reddened and burned. If it had been a man, why not? But it was a woman…

Huang Zhong knew that it was an extremely delicate request, but he had no choice, he wanted to save his daughter. Otherwise, he would have never asked anyone to do that.

“Little friend, I beg you. There is no other way. I was desperate until I healed you. When I healed you, your veins and arteries were open and I discovered you had a forbidden body. Otherwise, I would have never known.”

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    “Master, you… I…” Lin Feng’s cheeks reddened and burned. If it had been a man, why not? But it was a woman…

    So he would rather “connect” with a man than a woman?? Wtf.

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    well… when he had too much wives after all these years i guess women no longer excites him (or Little Lin Feng) LOL

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    “Master, you … I …” Lin Feng’s cheeks flushed and burned. If it had been a serious man, something bad. But she was a woman, why not? …

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