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Chapter 374: Embarrassing!

Chapter 374: Embarrassing!

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When Lin Feng saw how desperate Godly Emperor Huang looked, he was sympathetic. But transmitting forbidden strength to someone was also dangerous for Lin Feng. If Lin Feng was a coward, he would never accept.

But when he saw how desperate Godly Emperor Huang looked, Lin Feng was empathic. In the end, Godly Emperor Huang told him that after that, his daughter could become one of Lin Feng’s concubines.

“Alright, I agree,” said Lin Feng. He had no choice. Besides, he’d benefit a lot from the deal. He just had to try and not think of the plant being Godly Emperor Huang’s daughter.

When Godly Emperor Huang heard that, he looked moved. He had tried and saved many people, and finally it had paid off. Otherwise, as a Godly Emperor, he would have never wasted his time saving younger people.

If Yan Di hadn’t been his friend, he would have just forced Lin Feng to save his daughter, and would have avoided the troublesome part that way.

Lin Feng thanked Godly Emperor Huang for not forcing him to do it. However, if Godly Emperor Huang had tried to force him, Lin Feng would have preferred dying than doing it.

“Master, how do you intend to accomplish the three things you promised me?” Lin Feng asked  Godly Emperor Huang. He wanted to be sure Godly Emperor Huang could really do what he had promised him.

The most important thing was the criminal brand. Lin Feng had to get rid of it.

Now that Godly Emperor Huang knew that his daughter was going to wake up, he was extremely happy. He laughed wholeheartedly and said, “Haha! Isn’t it easy! If you’re in Xuan Yuan City and have a certain number of successful battles, I’ll contact Godsland and then Godsland will remove your brand. Easy.

“Regarding your background, if you became the leader of Xuan Yuan City, you’d have a powerful background, and even if Godly Emperor Tian bumped into you, he would never dare touch you,” said Godly Emperor Huang, smiling cheerfully.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. “Why?”

“Because the leader of Xuan Yuan City is also at the top of the hierarchy in the Continent of the Gods. Ordinary Godly Emperors are usually in no position to see someone as important as the great leader of Xuan Yuan City. If anyone dared touch the leader of Xuan Yuan City, then the Three Dynasties would punish them.

“Imagine, Godly Emperor Tian is just a member of one of the Five Governments. The Three Dynasties can easily oppress him. If Godly Emperor Tian dared offend the Three Dynasties, what would happen?” said Godly Emperor Huang jokingly. He found the Celestial Gods Government and the Thunder Gods Government ridiculous.

“Without that enemy, my strength wouldn’t have regressed; I could have recruited you as a disciple back then and things would have been easier,” Godly Emperor Huang sighed.

Lin Feng wanted to ask Godly Emperor Huang who the enemy was, and how he had done that to his daughter.

“How strong were you before?” asked Lin Feng.

Godly Emperor Huang smiled indifferently, “Fourth Godly Emperor layer. I was already at the top in the Continent of the Gods.”

“Eh? You used to have the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor layer?” Lin Feng was astonished. It was the second time after the female Godly Emperor that Lin Feng met someone so strong.

The female Godly Emperor only had the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer though. Thinking about her, Lin Feng wondered why she had done so much for him. She had even been injured and been forced to escape the Gods Government.

But Lin Feng didn’t ask about that. Nobody could give him an answer, anyway.

“Master, what is the connection between Xuan Yuan City and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor? Is there even any?” he asked.

Xuan Yuan usually referred to Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. It reminded everybody of how incredible he used to be.

When Godly Emperor Huang heard Lin Feng, he looked surprised, but then nodded, “Indeed, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor founded the city. He was a protector of the Continent of the Gods. He started his work here.

“I’ve heard that you have been in Xuan Yuan’s grave, so you really have the potential to become the leader of Xuan Yuan City,” Godly Emperor Huang said seriously.

Lin Feng looked at Huang Zhong and asked, “Master, are you not the town’s great leader?”

“Uhhh… Of course I’m not. How could I be? I am just the Godly Emperor the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty sent as a protector,” said Godly Emperor Huang, smiling wryly while shaking his head.

Lin Feng nodded. He was starting to understand. If he became the leader of Xuan Yuan City, everything would be much easier.

“Alright, Lin Feng, take my daughter and bring her back. Thank you for your help, little friend,” said Godly Emperor Huang. Then he stood up, and put the flowerpot in Lin Feng’s hand with the greatest care. Lin Feng smiled wryly, but then took it and left the room.

When he arrived in the courtyard, he saw Mo Fang was waiting for him. Lin Feng felt guilty because Mo Tu had died, and he hadn’t managed to protect him. Lin Feng didn’t dare look Mo Fang in the eyes.

But Mo Fang had always thought that death was something inevitable, because he was from Criminals’ Village. He hadn’t thought death would come so quickly, though. Luckily, Lin Feng had avenged Mo Tu by killing the Half-Godly Emperor!

“Brother Mu Feng, what is that in your hand?” asked Mo Fang, looking at the flowerpot.

“Godly Emperor Huang gave it to me. He asked me to heal this plant,” said Lin Feng. He couldn’t tell Mo Fang the truth, it was too embarrassing. Lying about this wouldn’t cause Mo Fang any harm, anyway.

Mo Fang didn’t ask more, following after Lin Feng. Lin Feng had killed a Half-Godly Emperor, it had scared many people, especially since he only had the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Even the two Half-Godly Emperors who had come with Meng Tian were scared. Of course, they were waiting for an opportunity to strike back.

But Lin Feng felt calmer. Nobody dared act disrespectfully in front of him, or even Mo Fang.


Lin Feng and Mo Fang’s place was now a high-class place. Godly Emperor Huang had prepared it for them.

Lin Feng went back to his room and put the plant on his bed. He looked at the yellow leaves and sighed. Her Qi was desolate, just like Godly Emperor Huang’s Qi.

Lin Feng had to do it; for himself, to help Godly Emperor Huang, and to help Yan Di.


Very quickly, a whole day passed. It was evening, and there were many stars in the sky. The moon was bright and illuminated Lin Feng’s bed. Lin Feng sat down, his cheeks burning. He didn’t feel calm at all, and was actually quite nervous.

In the middle of the night, Lin Feng took a deep breath. He put the flowerpot in the middle of the bed, then ground his teeth and took off his clothes. He was now in his underwear. His manhood was erect. He could only sigh at the situation.

He put the flowerpot between his legs and released forbidden strength, which condensed in one spot.

After that, Lin Feng didn’t sleep. He continued releasing forbidden strength. A connection between the plant and his manhood was established.


Finally, in the morning, sunshine illuminated his bed. Lin Feng finally took a deep breath and put his clothes back on. He put the flowerpot on the other side of the bed.

He didn’t pay much attention, but the rattan had started changing slowly, and the black marks had disappeared. But it still looked withered, as if it were about to die.

Lin Feng was in a very bad mood that day, and exhausted. Giving up some of his forbidden strength was even more exhausting than fighting.

But a few hours later, Lin Feng sensed that forbidden strength fill his body again. He had a special kind of forbidden body, so even when he lost forbidden strength, he could get some back.


That day, Lin Feng and Mo Fang did nothing at all. One week had passed since they had fought against the unknown creatures. The green creatures had been hurt, so none had showed up during those few days.

But something else happened: another batch of Godly Emperors had arrived. From what Godly Emperor Huang said, a Godly Emperor from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty had come. He wasn’t any weaker than Godly Emperor Huang.

That Godly Emperor had already been in Xuan Yuan for a few days.

Back then, Godly Emperor Huang was the only Godly Emperor in Xuan Yuan City. The others were, at most, Half-Godly Emperors. Now, another Godly Emperor was there, which meant they hadn’t underestimated the creatures of the Yin Territory.

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