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Chapter 377: Ancient Godly Emperor Seed, Huang Teng Hua!

Chapter 377: Ancient Godly Emperor Seed, Huang Teng Hua!

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Lin Feng looked out of the window. He gazed into the distance and looked at the sun. It felt good and warm. Lin Feng rarely had time to enjoy small things like this. Initially, it wasn’t fun for him when he arrived in Xuan Yuan City, because he was in danger. Now he was so relaxed.

Lin Feng had enough time to explore the area and relax.

After a long time, Lin Feng was in a deep meditative state. He didn’t know that the flowerpot he had put on the bed was now at the window bathing in sunlight. Golden lights slowly started appearing around her.

At the beginning, Huang Nü wanted to crush Lin Feng. Then she just felt remorse, and now she just looked confused. She had seen many geniuses in her life, but none were as aggressive as Lin Feng.

Huang Nü was shy and felt awkward at the beginning, but now she was also curious, and wanted to know more about him. Her father had told her he had a forbidden body, which was why he could help her.

There was some relationship between forbidden strength and desolate strength. Nobody knew the origin of their existence, but there was a certain compatibility. It was why Godly Emperor Huang had asked Lin Feng to help his daughter.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to her, and Huang Nü didn’t disturb Lin Feng.

The difference between geniuses and ordinary people was that ordinary people couldn’t make a single mistake. If they did, then it could mean the end for them on the path of cultivation. Geniuses, however, could take risks and try different things without having to be too worried.

The difference between geniuses and beasts was that beasts dared do things geniuses didn’t dare do. Lin Feng was trying to understand all sorts of Dao quickly, but if anyone disturbed him, it could have terrible consequences. Huang Nü wouldn’t dare do that.

No matter what, Lin Feng had saved her, and she owed him, even if the method…

Huang Nü blushed, but it wasn’t visible because she hadn’t regained her human shape.

After a long time, Lin Feng came back to his senses. He couldn’t help but notice the flowerpot at the window.

“What are you doing there?” asked Lin Feng.

“Where do you want me to stand?” said Huang Nü icily.

Lin Feng was a bit startled, but he didn’t press. He was lost in thought, anyway.

“Is something causing you trouble?” asked Huang Nü, when she saw that Lin Feng was pulling a long face. She was a bit worried.

Lin Feng looked at her, but then nodded hesitantly.

“If you need somebody to talk, feel free to tell me. Maybe I can help you,” said Huang Nü. She was curious about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at her and remembered what Godly Emperor Huang had told him about the godly emperor seed.

He had no choice but to ask Huang Nü. However, Lin Feng knew it wouldn’t be easy to get it.

But Lin Feng was determined. He needed it, he didn’t want to stay in Xuan Yuan City forever.

“Huang Nü, your father promised me that if I saved you, he’d give me a godly emperor seed, but now, he told me that you have it. Therefore… ”

“Therefore, you feel so annoyed that you don’t dare speak?” Huang Nü asked humorously. Her tone of speech was a bit different, Lin Feng noticed. Huang Nü was scared.

What was she afraid of, though? Was it because there was a special connection between her and the godly emperor seed?

“Huang Nü, the godly emperor seed is extremely important to me. It would allow me to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer. I need to break through as soon as possible because my friend is in danger. I need his help to help me remove the criminal brand I have in my forehead, so…”

“Therefore, you hope I’ll give you the godly emperor seed, right?” asked Huang Nü, icily interrupting him.

He just nodded back.

Huang Nü shivered. Lin Feng could feel that she was furious. He was a bit surprised, what a Qi…

Huang Nü was a Half-Godly Emperor!

Of course, her murderous energies quickly dispersed. The atmosphere in the room calmed down again.

Drip, drip… Some drops appeared on the plant. She whispered, “You really want the godly emperor seed?”

Finally, the dripping sound stopped and Huang Nü looked at Lin Feng.

An indistinct image appeared in front of Lin Feng, it looked like a celestial being in golden armor. She looked like a peerless fighting goddess.

But it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Lin Feng was confused, but he nodded.

Huang Nü sighed. Lin Feng didn’t know why. She didn’t feel like parting with the seed? She was shy? It was strange. Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“What is your real name?” asked Huang Nü after a while.

“My real name is Lin Feng, but you can call me Mu Feng for the time being, or Mo Feng, as you wish,” said Lin Feng, smiling as he bowed to her.

“I see. I’ll call you Mu Feng now then, since you are living incognito,” said Huang Nü calmly. “Mu Feng, I do have a godly emperor seed, and it’s a kind of seed any Godly Emperor would want. If anyone knew I had it, it would be a disaster,” said Huang Nü.

Lin Feng felt pressured. The godly emperor seed really seemed to be an incredible thing. Even Godly Emperors would want to steal it if they knew she had it?

“What kind of godly emperor seed is it?” Lin Feng sighed.

Huang Nü remained silent for a few seconds and finally said, “It’s an ancient godly emperor seed, Huang Teng Hua!”

“Ancient godly emperor seed, Huang Teng Hua?” Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t understand the reply. He didn’t even know anything about godly emperor seeds, Godly Emperor Huang had told him about it. Before, he used to think that if he broke through to the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he’d be able to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer naturally. He was naive.

“You don’t know about it, it’s normal, because only people who have lived ten thousand years or more know about her,” said Huang Nü. She wasn’t angry, and she didn’t look at Lin Feng disdainfully either.

“Huang Teng Hua is one of the most powerful godly emperor seeds in history. Nobody can resist its strength. Even people who have a very high level can go insane when they see it.

“There are some words which are even older than her.

“Those who obtain the body of the immortal god are almost indestructible!

“However..,” said Huang Teng Hua. Lin Feng’s eyes were wide open. He could already imagine that the seed had something to do with Huang Nü.

“Those who obtain the godly emperor seed Huang Teng Hua are almost like the owners of the world!”


Two dazzling light beams emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes. The Qi slowly dispersed. Lin Feng knew why, he couldn’t resist the potential of the godly emperor seed.

“As expected, you’re just like the others, you can’t resist her power. And I’m just telling you about it. If you see her real body, you’ll go completely crazy,” said Huang Nü. Her words were as sharp as a sword.

Lin Feng’s chest hurt. His body felt numb. Was he like all the others?

Could he resist the temptation of Huang Teng Hua the godly emperor seed?

Lin Feng was convinced he could. There had to be a way, just like when he couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had found a way!

He had a forbidden body, nothing was impossible for him!

“Thank you, Huang Nü. I think that I don’t need Huang Teng Hua the godly emperor seed, then!”

Huang Nü realized that Lin Feng’s Qi was changing. It had become more powerful. He suddenly looked like a dazzling sun. He had gotten rid of impurities which polluted his heart. Lin Feng smiled confidently.

Huang Nü realized Lin Feng was indeed different from the others. He was just different though; what she needed wasn’t someone different, but someone who could completely resist it.

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