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Chapter 378: Call For Battle! Let’s Fight Again!

Chapter 378: Call For Battle! Let’s Fight Again!

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“You seem very confident?” wondered Huang Nü. She didn’t think Lin Feng was bragging, but she didn’t take him seriously, either. Who could be sure of what was going to happen in the future?

Lin Feng smiled, but didn’t say anything.

They both heard a bugle call for battle. It sounded solemn and heroic.

“Seems like it’s time for battle again. I’m going to go and see,” Lin Feng frowned, and quickly left the room.

Huang Nü was still in her pot. She was progressively getting rid of that form. The golden lights around her were also growing more and more dazzling. She was really happy about that.

“Actually, I could give it to you…” whispered Huang Nü. She sounded both shy and heroic.


But Lin Feng couldn’t hear her. He was already in town and holding his Buddha Sword. He was fighting against hundreds and hundreds of strange creatures, along with other strong cultivators.

The creatures were still spitting poison. They were also very quick. Many people were injured.

But this time, there weren’t as many creatures as before, only a few million. There were no blood-red giants, either.

Lin Feng’s black robe was fluttering in the wind. He was at the front of the battlefield, holding his Buddha Sword and Buddha Qi rolling in waves all around him, forcing the creatures to move away. However, Lin Feng didn’t let them escape, he killed them.

Seeing how strong and brave Lin Feng was, seven or eight Half-Godly Emperors moved forwards and fought even more fiercely.

Such a fierce battle hadn’t happened for a very long time there. It was amazing. Everybody looked at Lin Feng like a monster slayer.

Godly Emperor Huang had told Lin Feng that the battles there were like a journal, everybody knew what was going on here. Those who accomplished great things here also had the potential to be chosen as a new town’s great leader.

Godly Emperor Huang had become the vice leader of the town like that. However, since Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had died, there was no great leader here anymore.

There were opportunities, but nobody was qualified to become the great leader.

Why? Nobody knew.

Lin Feng needed to prove he was strong enough first, by winning battles. If he won enough battles, he’d lose his criminal status and prove he wasn’t evil.

There was hope. That battlefield was his hope.


Lin Feng fought for three days and three nights. Godly Emperor Huang didn’t intervene. He only sent seven or eight Half-Godly Emperors from Xuan Yuan City and a few Holy Spirit Emperors at the top of the ninth layer along with him.

Three days and three nights later, there were fewer and fewer Holy Spirit Emperors. Many of them had died from poison. Even a Half-Godly Emperor had been poisoned, but luckily, he had a godly emperor seed and Godly Emperor Huang had saved him. However, it was the end of his road of cultivation in this life, he’d never break through ever again.

That cultivator was extremely disappointed. He’d be a Half-Godly Emperor his entire life. In a small world, he could be proud of himself, but in this world? Half-Godly Emperors were nothing here.

But he was a Half-Godly Emperor, after all, so after being disappointed for a little while, he became determined again. Even if he couldn’t continue becoming stronger, he would continue killing as many enemies as possible!

Lin Feng admired him for his determination. When he learned where that Half-Godly Emperor was from, Lin Feng admired him even more, because that Half-Godly Emperor wasn’t from the Continent of the Gods. He was from a small world, like Lin Feng!

Lin Feng had never heard of the small world where he came from. There were so many small worlds, Lin Feng couldn’t know all of them…

Lin Feng killed 730,000 creatures and broke a new record. Godly Emperor Huang, back in the days, had only killed 500,000. The only difference was that back in the days when Godly Emperor Huang fought on the battlefield, there were more types of unknown creatures than these days.

Lin Feng and Godly Emperor Huang walked to a palace in town, and stopped before one of Xuan Yuan’s tools, a bronze mirror half a meter wide. It had yellowish and black demon marks on it.

It was the Bronze Mirror of Results, Lin Feng’s result was on it, 730,000. But when Lin Feng saw the names before him, he was astonished and he felt a great pressure.

“Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, a hundred thousand years ago, killed two million creatures. He is well known for that.

“Yun Shan Ming, a hundred thousand years ago, killed 2,300,000 creatures, people started calling him Ultimate God Yun.

“Dong Fei Yu, a hundred thousand years ago, killed 2,500,000 creatures, people called him Ultimate God Yu.

“Mo Mian, a hundred thousand years ago, killed four million creatures. That’s when they started calling him Xuan Yuan!”

{Translator’s note: Xuan Yuan doesn’t mean anything, but he was a legendary emperor so his name is associated with power}

Lin Feng took a deep breath when he saw those names. They were all incredible people in the Continent of the Gods. Even though Yun Shan Ming had died, they had done almost as great as Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

They had all killed creatures back in the days in Xuan Yuan City, and had become even more famous doing so.

“Godly Emperor Huang, wasn’t this city founded by Xuan Yuan? Did he allow other strong cultivators to come here, then?” Lin Feng asked Godly Emperor Huang.

Godly Emperor Huang nodded and smiled, “Of course. Back then, they weren’t enemies, especially Tian Di the Celestial Emperor and Mo Mian, they were good friends.”

“Mo Mian founded this city, but in theory, you could say they all founded it together. They loved it. This city was an important part of their lives,” Godly Emperor Huang sighed. “Otherwise, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor would have destroyed this city and built a new one… but he didn’t, right? Why would he have continued using this city, otherwise?

“Because he didn’t dare. If Xuan Yuan City didn’t exist anymore, the Continent of the Gods would be in danger,” explained Godly Emperor Huang. Lin Feng understood the history of the continent a little bit better.

“Let’s go. Now that you have succeeded, you need a background,” said Godly Emperor Huang smiling broadly. They left the palace. Godly Emperor Huang’s aura was growing more and more dazzling and resplendent. The aura was specific to Godly Emperors.

“Time to choose the town’s great leader!”

“Mo Feng is going to become the town’s great leader, if you’re not happy with that, you can come and challenge him! If you win, it means you can become the town’s great leader!” shouted Godly Emperor Huang. His voice spread everywhere in town, and even in the Yin Territory.

In town, hundreds of strong cultivators raised their heads and looked at Godly Emperor Huang in the sky. They all gathered at the foot of the palace.

Lin Feng sighed. Godly Emperor Huang had been the protector of this town for hundreds of years, and he was very successful.

He wasn’t corrupt, and he took his position seriously.

“Godly Emperor Huang, did you say that Mo Feng is going to be the town’s great leader?” asked some people very quickly.

Godly Emperor Huang nodded. Then he looked at the person, a tall and sturdy Half-Godly Emperor wearing armor.

“You want to challenge Mo Feng?” asked Godly Emperor Huang loudly.

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