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Chapter 379: Fighting Against Officer Tie Xuan!

Chapter 379: Fighting Against Officer Tie Xuan!

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“Yes, if Mo Feng wins against me, then I have nothing to say! If he wins and anyone does anything against him, I’ll support Mo Feng,” said the big fellow. He wasn’t handsome, but his dense Qi seemed like the Qi of a righteous person.

Godly Emperor Huang looked happy and nodded, “Alright, Tie Xuan, I’m happy to hear that. Besides, you’re the strongest of the seven Half-Godly Emperors, so if he wins against you, it means the others can’t do anything against him.”

“Officer Tie Xuan won’t lose!”

“Officer Tie Xuan is a symbol of strength in Xuan Yuan City.”

“Mo Feng can’t compete with Officer Tie Xuan, even if we admire Mo Feng!” shouted many people. Nobody said anything about Lin Feng’s social status. If Meng Tian had still been alive, he would have told everyone that Lin Feng was a criminal and that he couldn’t become the town’s great leader.

None of the strong cultivators in Xuan Yuan City despised the Demon Emperor. On the contrary, they admired him, especially those who had lived in town for a long time.

The hundreds of strong cultivators at the foot of the palace stepped back to give Lin Feng and Tie Xuan space to battle.

Officer Tie Xuan bowed hand over fist and said proudly, “Please, Mo Feng!”

“Alright!” Lin Feng looked at Tie Xuan’s energies and felt even more determined. His silhouette flickered and disappeared. A second later, he was a hundred meters in front of Tie Xuan.

“Please,” said Lin Feng. His robe and hair fluttered in the wind. He looked sharp. He had to win!

Back in the days, a Holy Spirit Emperor was like an almighty god against whom he would never be able to fight. Now he had reached the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Now, he was facing a Half-Godly Emperor and didn’t fear him. He had already defeated Half-Godly Emperors, he had even killed one!


There was an explosion. A great and fierce battle started. Lin Feng jumped and threw a punch, aiming at Tie Xuan’s chest. Terrifying energies surged, enough to easily destroy mountains.

Tie Xuan’s armor shook violently. He also threw a punch, he looked like an overlord. The shades of millions of beasts were howling furiously.


Their fists collided. Lin Feng used his Imperial Imprint Formula. A gigantic white imperial imprint appeared and collided against Tie Xuan’s body.

Tie Xuan groaned icily. He raised his left hand to block it. He had amazing defenses, so he managed to block the attack.

“As expected, he’s really strong and can compete with me!” said Tie Xuan, bursting into eager laughter. He jumped and raised his arms. Two gigantic illusory dragons appeared. The hundreds of strong cultivators looked worried.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and raised his hands without the least hesitation. He used his Mara Nirvana Formula, and demon Qi rolled around him.

There was another explosion, and Tie Xuan groaned with pain as he was blown away. Lin Feng jumped again and threw another punch. Tie Xuan had a bad premonition.

However, Tie Xuan didn’t panic. He knew that Mo Feng would be difficult to fight against. He had seen him kill all those invading creatures, after all.

Tie Xuan was blown another hundred meters backwards. His released strength in his legs to avoid falling. He steadily stood up in midair, his face yellow, his armor crackling.

“Look! Is Officer Tie Xuan going to use his ultimate skill?”

“Mo Feng is oppressing Officer Tie Xuan so much that Officer Tie Xuan has no choice but to use his ultimate skill!”

“As expected, Mo Feng is really strong, otherwise, why would Godly Emperor Huang support him?”

Many strong cultivators were commenting on their battle. They were amazed by Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was standing a hundred meters away from Tie Xuan. He sensed that Tie Xuan’s Qi was getting scarier, and was a mysterious type.

It was an ancient tortoise Qi, explaining his defensive power!

There was an explosion, surprising everyone. Tie Xuan’s armor broke apart, but then condensed again. This time, it was a dazzling golden armor. There was a huge tortoise pattern on it.

“Fighting Tortoise Attack!” shouted Tie Xuan furiously. He raised his hands and an ancient tortoise appeared.

Lin Feng had never seen such an attack. He was in danger.

Lin Feng shouted furiously, and his Buddha Sword flickered. At the same time, Lin Feng used his Great Buddha Formula.

The Buddha Sword burst into dazzling, buzzing white lights. It was like an ancient beast was howling furiously.

Lin Feng had to use his best attack against the best attack. Nobody was sure who the winner was going to be, but everyone saw the collision.

The energies from the explosive meeting rolled in waves all around. Even the purple Qi in the Yin Territory shook violently for a few minutes.

Lin Feng and Tie Xuan were both hurled back. Godly Emperor Huang was stupefied. The strength from their colliding attacks could have injured him!

Hundreds of strong cultivators around sensed the energies. They all released Qi to protect themselves and the inhabitants of Xuan Yuan City.

Energies surged wildly for a dozen minutes after the attack. The Buddha Sword fell down onto the ground with a metallic sound. Tie Xuan’s armor had disappeared, and his face was covered with blood. He was badly injured.

Lin Feng wasn’t injured, but he had used lots of energy. Even when he had fought against Dan Nü, he hadn’t found the battle so tiring.

Tie Xuan was the strongest cultivator of the seven Half-Godly Emperors there!

“Mo Feng, from now on, I, Tie Xuan, acknowledge allegiance to you. If anyone disrespects you, as long as they’re not Godly Emperors, I will crush them!” shouted Tie Xuan. Nobody would dare provoke Lin Feng after hearing Tie Xuan’s words.

Before that, some people were probably unwilling to submit, like the two Half-Godly Emperors who had come to Xuan Yuan town with Meng Tian, but now, it was different. Tie Xuan was a great officer, after all.

Lin Feng looked at Tie Xuan and smiled, impressed by his forthrightness.

“Mo Feng, try and become the town’s great leader. Xuan Yuan City needs someone like you. Even though you are not a Godly Emperor yet, someday, you will be,” said Tie Xuan, standing up and wiping the blood off his mouth with a smile.

Lin Feng nodded and looked at Godly Emperor Huang.

Godly Emperor Huang was surprised. Lin Feng was stronger than he had expected, stronger than ordinary Half-Godly Emperors. If Lin Feng became a little bit stronger, he’d soon be able to defeat low-level Godly Emperors.

“Alright, from now on…” Godly Emperor Huang began with a smile, about to declare that Lin Feng was the new great leader of the town. Just then, dazzling blue lights flashed in the south of the city. A group of people in shuttles appeared and came flying over.

“Godly Emperor Huang, we came here to help. You didn’t come to welcome us, that’s fine, but making a piece of trash of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer the town’s great leader, what the hell is wrong with you?”

Lin Feng stopped breathing. He looked at the blue godly lights in the sky: another Godly Emperor. He was extremely strong.

At least, he was stronger than Godly Emperor Huang!

Godly Emperor Huang looked grim. He had been protecting this town for hundreds of years and nobody had ever dared talk to him disrespectfully!

“Are you from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty?”

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