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Chapter 380: Godly Emperor Jiu!

Chapter 380: Godly Emperor Jiu!

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Godly Emperor Huang groaned icily. A cultivator of the second Godly Emperor layer had arrived.

“Hehe, is that how you welcome guests in Xuan Yuan City?” the Godly Emperor in the sky smiled icily. He rolled up his sleeves and released energies. Godly Emperor Huang also released energies. Their energies collided and sparkled.

“Xuan Yuan City has never refused guests. When you’re here, you don’t cause trouble. If you want to bully people by flaunting your powerful connections, then you’re in the wrong place. People from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty don’t need to come here,” said Godly Emperor Huang stonily.

The Godly Emperor who had just arrived looked grim. He knew where he was. If the Continent of the Gods hadn’t been in danger, he would have committed an offense just by coming here.

“I am Godly Emperor Jiu from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Greetings, Godly Emperor Huang,” said the man, bowing suddenly. He looked at Godly Emperor Huang disrespectfully, but he couldn’t compete with Godly Emperor Huang, so he couldn’t do much more.

“Oh? Godly Emperor Jiu from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty?” Godly Emperor Huang looked unimpressed.

“Master, nobody would dare disrespect you. Everybody knows you’re extremely strong. You’re quite famous,” said Godly Emperor Jiu mockingly. Godly Emperor Huang’s expression changed sourly when he heard Godly Emperor Jiu. He clenched his fists for a few minutes.

“Since you’re from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, you know what it means to be in Xuan Yuan City? I hope you didn’t come to cause trouble. Otherwise, I will call people from Godsland and they will replace you!” said Godly Emperor Huang icily.

Godly Emperor Jiu smiled emptily. He didn’t know what to say, but everybody could guess what he was thinking when he frowned and looked at Lin Feng icily.

“You came to compete for the town’s great leader’s position? Hehe, you’re a moron of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. You think you can become the town’s great leader?” said Godly Emperor Jiu mockingly, looking at him disdainfully.

Lin Feng understood. This guy was like a slave to Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, a disciple and elder in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. He had a high status, however.

Lin Feng looked at Godly Emperor Jiu, who looked quite young. Godly Emperor Jiu wasn’t any weaker than Huang Zhong, otherwise he wouldn’t provoke him like that. What kind of trump cards did he have?

Godly Emperor Jiu was slightly stronger than Godly Emperor Tian, with the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer. He was even stronger than the female Godly Emperor.

However, Godly Emperor Jiu looked at Lin Feng in a provocative way.

“What? You’re not replying to me?” Godly Emperor Jiu said when he saw Lin Feng looking indifferent. He rolled up his sleeves and terrifying energies rolled in waves around them.

Lin Feng’s chest hurt and he coughed blood as he was pushed back a few steps.

Godly Emperor Huang clenched his fists, ready to attack. The situation didn’t look good for Xuan Yuan City.

“Master, don’t do that,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He was touched and moved because Godly Emperor Huang was so nice to him.

Godly Emperor Huang looked at Lin Feng. He was worried and asked, “Are you alright? Mo Feng!”

“Eh? Your family name is Mo? You’re a criminal from Criminals’ Village?” exclaimed Godly Emperor Jiu darkly.

“Indeed, I am from Criminals’ Village. I am Mo Feng. So what?” said Lin Feng, his hand on his chest. It was so painful. Lin Feng looked at Godly Emperor Jiu icily.

“You… insolent little prick! How dare you talk to me that way?” swore Godly Emperor Jiu. He was furious when he heard Lin Feng, and about to attack.

The hundreds of strong cultivators who were there jumped forwards and destroyed Godly Emperor Jiu’s energies.

“Don’t touch our leader!” shouted the hundreds of strong cultivators in unison.

Godly Emperor Jiu paled. How did they dare-? How was this possible? Tian Di was astonished, as he was the old Tian Di’s descendant.

“Godly Emperor Jiu, let me tell you one thing. Since you’re here, you have to respect the descendants of the Demon Emperor. Everybody here admires him, you’re annoying everyone with your behavior,” said Godly Emperor Huang, who usually didn’t talk so much. He was angry because of Godly Emperor Jiu, but he was quite pleased by the hundred of cultivators’ reaction.

Mo Fang was furious, too. He wished he was able to crush Godly Emperor Jiu. He now understood why his grandfather had made him follow Lin Feng.

Godly Emperor Jiu pulled a long face, but he didn’t dare say anything else. He looked at Lin Feng icily and said, “No matter what, you’re a criminal. You can’t become the town’s great leader.”

“I’m sorry. Godly Emperor Jiu, but you probably don’t understand what it means to be here. There are rules in Xuan Yuan City. I hope you’ll respect them,” said Lin Feng, smiling icily. He pointed at the city walls. There were some gigantic words written on it, all containing demon energy.

No matter where they’re from, no matter who they are, anyone can become the town’s great leader!

Those were the words written on the wall. Godly Emperor Jiu’s cheeks burned. Why hadn’t Tian Di the Celestial Emperor told him about this before?

“Hmph! So what?” asked Godly Emperor Jiu, pulling a long face and clenching his fists furiously.

“So what? I killed 750,000 of the creatures. I am qualified to be the town’s great leader. Even though you’re a Godly Emperor, you haven’t managed to do that.”

“If you want me to withdraw, no problem, you must kill creatures first, though and then you can challenge me. You can also have some of your servants do that. They can challenge me if they want to become the new town’s great leader. Anything is fine.”

“What do you think, Great Master Godly Emperor Jiu?” inquired Lin Feng, smiling icily.

Godly Emperor Jiu who initially looked at Lin Feng disdainfully now could only look glum. “We’ll see in a few days!”

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