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Chapter 381: Agreeing On A Future Battle!

Chapter 381: Agreeing On A Future Battle!

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“Alight, when new creatures appear, I will send some strong cultivators to kill them. Then, I will choose one of them to fight against you. If you win, you can be the town’s great leader; if you lose, you will have to be punished as a criminal.

“However, don’t forget that no matter what you become, the Continent of the Gods has given you up!” Godly Emperor Jiu said disdainfully.

When Lin Feng heard that, he clenched his fists angrily.

The hundreds of strong cultivators of Xuan Yuan City looked at Godly Emperor Jiu. They didn’t like the word criminal because they admired Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

Godly Emperor Huang was worried about Lin Feng. What if Lin Feng lost?

“Let’s disperse now. Let’s hope Mo Feng wins!” said Officer Tie Xuan after a while. The atmosphere was oppressive.

Everybody nodded and looked at Lin Feng, then left the area. Mo Fang didn’t leave, waiting for Lin Feng.

Tie Xuan walked up to Lin Feng and patted Lin Feng’s shoulder, saying, “If you lose, I’ll challenge you again!”

“Hehe, I won’t let you have it your way!” said replied Feng, smiling confidently.

Tie Xuan laughed and walked away. He didn’t care about Godly Emperor Jiu at all. He was an officer in Xuan Yuan city and he had lived there for a very long time. Everybody respected him, including Godly Emperor Huang.

Godly Emperor Jiu looked at them icily. He was furious, but he controlled himself. He wanted to kill Lin Feng and Tie Xuan on the spot. He would soon be able to do so, one of his servants would soon kill them!

“Godly Emperor Jiu, please come to the great palace for a talk. Tie Xuan will take care of your servants,” said Godly Emperor Huang, slowly walking over to Godly Emperor Jiu and glancing at the fifty-some cultivators who had come with Godly Emperor Jiu. There were a dozen cultivators of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer and four Half-Godly Emperors, all quite young.

Godly Emperor Huang could see geniuses, and he noticed a cultivator in purple clothes who was following Godly Emperor Jiu. His Qi looked very stable. Godly Emperor Huang looked grave and solemn. He knew that person was dangerous.

When Godly Emperor Huang saw how strong he was, he frowned. Top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, he would soon break through to the Godly Emperor layer…

Was he as strong as Tie Xuan?

Godly Emperor Huang didn’t glance at him any longer, leading Godly Emperor Jiu to the great palace.

Godly Emperor Jiu glanced at the cultivator in purple clothes. The latter nodded and disappeared from the crowd’s field of vision.


Lin Feng walked over to Mo Fang, and they both got ready to leave. Lin Feng suddenly frowned, because someone appeared in front of them and blocked the way.

Lin Feng glared at the man in purple clothes angrily. Lin Feng knew what he wanted.

“You better move away voluntarily,” said the purple man, pointing at Lin Feng with his finger. “If you do, I, Zi Xuan, may spare your life,” said the man in purple clothes icily. He looked at Lin Feng disdainfully.

Lin Feng just smiled icily. “How come you’re so confident?” said Lin Feng mockingly. He shook his head and got ready to walk away.


Lin Feng didn’t even have time to move before Zi Xuan threw a punch at his chest. A terrifying energy oppressed Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng just smiled. He tilted sideways and released space and time Dao strength. Zi Xuan’s punch landed on nothingness, not reaching him at all.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and patted Zi Xuan’s shoulder, saying, “Anyway, move now, buddy. And good luck if you try to kill those unknown creatures!”

Lin Feng and Mo Fang then walked away. Zi Xuan looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.

Zi Xuan stood there, looking at the space and time Dao which had blocked his punch, and eventually smiled. He shook his fist, and the space-time energy broke apart.

“Hehe, interesting. You didn’t disappoint me, at least,” said Zi Xuan, smiling coldly and looking at Lin Feng’s back.


Lin Feng and Mo Fang continued walking away. However, when Mo Fang saw Lin Feng’s expression, he was surprised. He stopped and asked, “Mu Feng, what’s wrong? Why are you pulling a long face? Could it be…?”

“Mo Fang, Zi Xuan is a difficult opponent. If I hadn’t used my full strength, I wouldn’t have been able to stop his attack,” said Lin Feng, looking glum.

“What can you do?” asked Mo Fang. If Lin Feng became the town’s great leader, he would be able to get rid of his criminal status. If Lin Feng didn’t manage to defeat Zi Xuan, he wouldn’t be able to become the town’s great leader, and Zi Xuan would steal the position from him.

“I need to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer as soon as possible,” Lin Feng sighed. It was easier said than done. He didn’t have a godly emperor seed, and he wasn’t going to look for one. It would be a waste putting all his energy into looking for a godly emperor seed.

“Let’s forget about it for now. Step by step,” Lin Feng sighed. He smiled at Mo Fang calmly and walked away, heading back to his room.

Mo Fang looked grim, but he couldn’t do anything to help Lin Feng. He had to break through to the ninth layer as quickly as possible first!…


The day passed quickly. Lin Feng didn’t need to heal Huang Nü anymore. He could just release forbidden strength, and Huang Nü could absorb it herself.

Huang Nü regained her full mental abilities extremely quickly. Lin Feng had the impression he didn’t have enough energy to satisfy her. However, the pills Godly Emperor Huang gave to him helped a lot, so he managed to continue.


Three days passed. Huang Nü’s Qi became much more stable. Her plant body didn’t have black marks anymore. On the contrary, she looked more and more golden, like a beautiful and noble imperial plant.

“Miss Huang Nü, can you recover your human form now?” Lin Feng asked the plant.

“What? You want to see my real face?” said Huang Nü provocatively, but then giggled. She was joking.

Lin Feng watched the plant become even more dazzling. It shook and turned into a human form.


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