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Chapter 382: Your Body Can Be A Seed!

Chapter 382: Your Body Can Be A Seed!

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When Lin Feng saw that, he was stupefied. She looked exactly like the shadow he had seen before.

Huang Nü’s Qi was elegant and free from vulgarity. She looked like a celestial being, surrounded by a golden armor. She looked like a battle goddess, her eyes a bit cold.

Lin Feng had seen many beautiful women in his life, and only two had reminded him a little bit of Meng Qing. The first one was Yao Yu Yan, and Huang Nü was the second.

Yao Yu Yan’s Qi wasn’t as powerful as Meng Qing’s, but it was also elegant and free from vulgarity, like that of a celestial being.

Huang Nü looked like a battle goddess, but she also looked extremely pure and beautiful. Anyone would turn around when coming across her on the street.

“Hey, you perv! What are you looking at? Or are you just scared of me?” Huang Nü mocked him, while giggling.

Lin Feng blushed and smiled, scratching his nose. He hadn’t felt this way for a very long time.

“Miss Huang Nü, you…?”

“I’ll put some clothes on. Wait,” said Huang Nü. She knew what Lin Feng meant. Lin Feng didn’t have time to react as a golden light appeared in front of him.

Lin Feng could have stopped time to look, but he didn’t. Perhaps Huang Nü was also testing Lin Feng to see if he was a pervert or not.

When the golden lights disappeared, Huang Nü reappeared, wearing a golden dress. It made her look humble and proud at the same time.

She looked like a goddess, a woman who had come straight out of a painting, naturally beautiful.

“I never thought that the woman I saved would be so devastatingly beautiful,” Lin Feng sighed. He looked at her admiringly.

“So, Mu Feng, do you want the godly emperor seed or not?” asked Huang Nü indifferently.

She didn’t want to waste time with that issue. If Lin Feng wanted the seed, she would think about it. If Lin Feng didn’t want it, she wouldn’t ask again.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t need it anymore. You can keep it.”

Lin Feng surprised himself by saying that. He opened the door and went out.

Huang Nü watched Lin Feng leave, surprised too. “What an interesting guy!”


Lin Feng left Xuan Yuan City to look over the chaotic battlefield. It was filled with debris, dry blood, and the remains of unknown creatures. Mo Tu had died there. Lin Feng hadn’t had the opportunity to find his body and bury it.

Some of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was out there, too. Many strong cultivators had died there for the Continent of the Gods. Their ardent Qi had disappeared, the battlefield was filled with a cruel and poisonous Qi.

If I become the town’s great leader, Master Xuan Yuan will probably forgive me for not being able to protect his grandson, thought Lin Feng, looking at Mo Tu’s body guiltily.

“It would be good if you became the town’s great leader,” said a voice in Lin Feng’s brain. Lin Feng lit up happily.

“Godly Emperor Blood, is it you? You’re awake?” said Lin Feng, hastily checking his spirit world. Very quickly, Lin Feng saw Godly Emperor Blood’s silhouette.

Godly Emperor Blood’s silhouette flickered and he came out of Lin Feng’s world, appearing in front of him. Even though he was short, he looked majestic.

But no matter what, Lin Feng smiled because he found Godly Emperor Blood funny.

“Hey, little boy, what’s with the smile?” said Godly Emperor Blood.

“Master, don’t be annoying, I’m not in the mood,” Lin Feng sighed. He didn’t feel like arguing with anyone. He didn’t mind joking usually, but now that he had refused Huang Nü’s godly emperor seed, how could he become a Half-Godly Emperor?

Godly Emperor Blood scratched his beard and smiled.

“Haha, you’re in a bad mood because of a godly emperor seed? I thought something serious had happened,” said Godly Emperor Blood, shaking his head and smiling. He sat down on the ground, ignoring the numerous skeletons and corpses around him.

“Master, what do you mean?” asked Lin Feng.

“What I mean is that you can break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer even without a godly emperor seed,” replied Godly Emperor Blood calmly.

“How?” said Lin Feng. He had thought about that, because he had been walking on a different path for such a long time.

He knew how difficult it was to walk on a different path. Now he didn’t have time, he had to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer as quickly as possible to be able to fight against Zi Xuan.

“Sigh, calm down, I’m not done talking yet,” said Godly Emperor Blood firmly. Lin Feng admired Godly Emperor Blood for his calm.

“You have been abandoned by the gods, you have a forbidden body. You probably understand that you are walking on a different path from ordinary Godly Emperors. Back in the days, you couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer.

“Don’t forget that your forbidden body allows you to do so many things. You can become a Godly Emperor, even without godly emperor seeds. Back in the days, Mo Mian didn’t use godly emperor seeds either, and he still became a Godly Emperor.

“Even I didn’t use a godly emperor seed to become a Godly Emperor. How can you react like that with an external sort of strength? You have to trust your own abilities, your own body, your own path, that’s the most important,” said Godly Emperor Blood. His words were like blades in Lin Feng’s heart. They had a big impact on him.

“A godly embryo can become a seed which can help you find your path and break through to the Godly Emperor layer,” said Godly Emperor Blood, ignoring Lin Feng’s expression, remaining calm and confident.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and tried to imagine what it was like to walk on that new path. Well, not really new, because Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, Mo Mian, had already walked it before.

Godly Emperor Blood had also walked on that path. Lin Feng could also walk on that path now. Since other people had done it before him, it would be easier for him to do it, since he had access to some information.

“Hey, little boy, you…?” asked Godly Emperor Blood, turning to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was already in a deep meditative state. Godly Emperor Blood smiled when he saw it.

I hope you’ll succeed!, thought Godly Emperor Blood. He remained there, seated on the ground next to Lin Feng, protecting him so that nobody could disturb him.

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    Why the chapter is so short?

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    Really? Is it really hard to get there to the point that you need that seed to breakthrough?

    So how about the Hundred thousands people who has already reach that level?
    The half-Godly Emperor and above? Are all of them really use that seeds?

    Bullshit!!! What kind of lame story then it would be?
    I thought with passing time, the chapter will become more better, but look like nothing has changed.
    The Author really didn’t pay attention and reflect on the story that he made. Yea the lame story

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