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Chapter 383: Leveling Up During A Chaotic Battle!

Chapter 383: Leveling Up During A Chaotic Battle!

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Lin Feng was a deep meditative state. He made himself one with the energies of the battlefield. From far away, he looked like an immobile tree. He didn’t draw people’s attention, but Godly Emperor Blood remained there to protect him.

Time passed slowly, one day, two days, Lin Feng was still seated there, calm and serene, visualizing his own Dao. He focused on the process his body had to go through to become a godly emperor seed.

That process wasn’t long, it was just extremely complicated. As soon as Lin Feng understood how the process worked, he’d break through. If he didn’t understand how it worked, he could be stuck at his current cultivation level for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. If he never understood, he would remain like that for hundreds or millions of years, and his body would dry up and be blown away in the wind.


Mo Fang was very worried about Lin Feng during those two days. He hadn’t seen Lin Feng for two days, and Lin Feng’s room was empty. Huang Nü wasn’t in Lin Feng’s room anymore, either.

On the third day, Mo Fang had a panic attack. Extremely worried, he rushed to Godly Emperor Huang’s residence and told him about his concerns.

Godly Emperor Huang had spent time with his daughter during those two days, he was extremely happy. However, when Mo Fang told him about Lin Feng, he found himself worried, too.

Huang Nü looked nervous when she heard Mo Fang, turning to him and asking, “When did you see him for the last time?”

“Two days ago. He had a short battle against Zi Xuan, then he went back to his room and disappeared,” said Mo Fang. He had never seen Huang Nü, but he could see that Huang Nü and Lin Feng’s relationship wasn’t simple because she looked nervous.

Huang Nü smiled when she heard that and said, “If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry, he’s fine.”

“Why?” asked Mo Fang. He didn’t understand. Why was she so confident that Lin Feng was fine?

“Because he’s doing something extremely important. When he’s done, he’ll come back,” said Huang Nü, smiling confidently and looking relieved.

Godly Emperor Huang glanced at his daughter, also relieved. He smiled at Mo Fang, “You can leave now, Mo Feng will come back in a few days.”

“Eh… alright,” said Mo Fang. He wanted to say something else, but when he saw that Huang Nü and Godly Emperor Huang didn’t look worried anymore, he felt frustrated and angry, so he left.


Godly Emperor Huang looked at his daughter strangely. Even though he didn’t say anything, Huang Nü understood what he was thinking.

“Father, he’s studying his own path,” whispered Huang Nü with a smile.

Godly Emperor Huang’s expression changed drastically. He looked nervous again. He asked, “You refused to give him the godly emperor seed?!”

“No, he refused to take it!” said Huang Nü, smiling and shaking her head. She looked amused. She couldn’t wait to see whether Lin Feng would succeed or not.

“I’m sure you refused to give it to him first to make him study his own path. It will be extremely difficult like that, though. How many people have managed to do that in history?” sighed Godly Emperor Huang. He felt powerless and guilty. He had promised he’d help Lin Feng with three things, and he hadn’t managed to help him with the most important one so far.

“Hmph! Father, you think I’m lying? You really wanted to give your priceless daughter to him?” Huang Nü berated him angrily when she heard her father.

Godly Emperor Huang coughed quickly. “No way! But, it’s been a long time since you should have been married,” Godly Emperor Huang said hastily when he saw his daughter was angry.

“Hmph! So what?” said Huang Nü, sitting down on a chair stubbornly.

“If you get married, you won’t be able to keep the godly emperor seed anymore,” said Godly Emperor Huang, sighing and shaking his head.

“I..,” said Huang Teng Hua. She wanted to contradict him, but her face paled and she shivered. Indeed, if she married someone someday, her godly emperor seed would be taken by her husband. It was her most priceless thing in life.

It was a simple thing to understand: when getting married, her seed would be taken. Did she want to give it to Mo Feng that easily, though?

Huang Nü blushed and looked at Godly Emperor Huang, “No, but even if I get married, I need to marry someone who’s definitely going to become a supreme cultivator! If Mo Feng shows he’s strong enough, I’ll marry him. And he’ll have two seeds then, he’ll be even stronger!

“But if he fails, I won’t feel like giving it to him,” said Huang Nü, clenching her fists. She was stubborn and determined.

Godly Emperor Huang couldn’t do much, he just hoped that Lin Feng would be fine. Godly Emperor Huang would really admire Lin Feng if he succeeded, because only a few people had succeeded in history.


Woo, woo, woo!…

Suddenly, the bugle call for battle sounded in town. Everybody perked up.

Godly Emperor Huang’s expression hardened. “Unknown creatures are going to attack again, hurry up!”

He hadn’t even finished talking before he disappeared. Huang Nü watched her father disappear with mixed feelings. Back in the days, the one who had the potential to compete with Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was her father, but because of her, he had wasted his life in Xuan Yuan City.

“Father, I am sorry,” said Huang Nü sorrowfully. She left the room and got ready to fight.


Outside, there were clouds of energies everywhere. Hundreds of strong cultivators were holding weapons humming with power. When Godly Emperor Huang gave them an order, they obeyed instantly.

Godly Emperor Jiu’s servants, a dozen strong cultivators, gathered together. The leader of Godly Emperor Jiu’s small army was Zi Xuan, and he obeyed Godly Emperor Jiu’s orders.

Godly Emperor Huang and Godly Emperor Jiu met in a palace. They glanced at each other and nodded.

“Attack!” “Attack!” said the two Godly Emperors at the same time. Godly imperial weapons appeared in their hands and they flew towards the green aura of the creatures.


The battle had already started. Zi Xuan and Tie Xuan were at the very front. The unknown creatures couldn’t compete with their weapons. Both were very brave, but their states of mind were completely different.

Tie Xuan’s way of thinking was simple: he was there to kill unknown creatures and protect the Continent of the Gods. He wanted to protect ordinary people from being injured by the green poison.

Zi Xuan wanted to do better than Lin Feng. That was the order he had received from Godly Emperor Jiu. If Zi Xuan became the town’s great leader, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor would have direct influence over Xuan Yuan City. Nobody would dare go against him anymore.

Thinking about that, Zi Xuan’s eyes gleamed evilly and he shouted furiously, “Die!”

A dozen threads of green and poisonous Qi dispersed around him. Tie Xuan frowned on seeing it. “How strong!…”


Lin Feng was still meditating. It was the most crucial moment for him, but suddenly, some poisonous green tentacles appeared around his feet. The attackers hadn’t forgotten him, he had killed so many of their friends.

Sss… Sss…

The green creatures hissed, ready to attack Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes. A white godly aura appeared around him at the same time, and the green creatures were instantly blown away, green poison splashing all around.

Pfew… I did it, thought Lin Feng, smiling and clenching his fists. Realizing how strong he had become, he smiled even more.

Even without a godly emperor seed, he had overcome that seemingly insurmountable obstacle!

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