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Chapter 385: Unable To Withstand A Single Attack!

Chapter 385: Unable To Withstand A Single Attack!

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Three days later, Godly Emperor Huang and Godly Emperor Jiu were in Godly Emperor Huang’s great palace. A group of people were behind them. Lin Feng and Huang Nü were there too, and they were all looking at the bronze mirror.

The bronze mirror displayed the number of creatures each people had killed. When Godly Emperor Huang announced Zi Xuan’s result, Zi Xuan and Godly Emperor Jiu both pulled long faces because they could see other people’s results as well, especially Lin Feng’s.

“Zi Xuan killed nine hundred thousand creatures, he reached Mo Feng’s old total.”

“Mo Feng has killed one and a half million. He’s getting closer and closer to Tian Di the Celestial Emperor in the list,” said Godly Emperor Huang, smiling at Godly Emperor Jiu.

Godly Emperor Jiu rolled up his sleeves, quietly furious. Mo Feng’s results were getting closer to his ancestor’s! It didn’t look good at all…

Young people like that had to die. Back in the days, Mo Mian, Xue Ran and the others formed a faction. The same things which had happened back then couldn’t happen again, Mo Feng couldn’t be the new Mo Mian. He couldn’t rise!

Thinking about it, Godly Emperor Jiu’s eyes were filled with murder. Even though he didn’t show it, to someone like Lin Feng, who had a deep understanding of death Dao, it was easy to sense.

“Huang Nü killed one million seven hundred thousand creatures. Her result isn’t that far from Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s, either,” said Godly Emperor Huang. He was satisfied, but sad at the same time. Back in the days, she could have easily surpassed Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

Princess Huang wasn’t infamous, but now…

“Tie Xuan, 700,000, similar to Mo Feng’s result the other day.”


Five days later, it was time for Zi Xuan and Lin Feng to compete for the position of town’s great leader. Many strong cultivators gathered to watch. They were all excited.

Those people were divided into two groups. One group, composed of four hundred people, was there for Lin Feng, Tie Xuan at their front. The other group was tiny, with Godly Emperor Jiu at the front. They were backing Zi Xuan, but they were only a few dozen people.

Godly Emperor Huang was in the middle, acting as the referee. Huang Nü didn’t come, which surprised many people.

“Zi Xuan killed many unknown creatures, so he’s qualified to challenge Mo Feng. The winner will become the town’s great leader,” said Godly Emperor Huang.

Zi Xuan clenched his fists and looked at Lin Feng evilly. He raised his foot and stomped the ground, cracking the bluestone.

Lin Feng was expressionless. Standing in the sky, he said to Zi Xuan, “Come and fight. Let’s not waste time.”

“How arrogant! Hmph! After the battle, I’ll teach you how to be a good boy!” spat Zi Xuan grimly. He raised his spear and threw himself at Lin Feng. The battle had started!

Lin Feng looked at Zi Xuan and his spear, an impressive sight. The strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer was intimidating, but Lin Feng wasn’t scared.

Lin Feng made some hand seals and used his Imperial Imprint Formula. A gigantic imperial imprint appeared, and white lights flashed, forcing everyone to squint. When they reopened their eyes, they were completely dumbstruck.

“How…how is that possible?”

“Mo Feng is so powerful!”

Many people were dumbstruck. They couldn’t believe it their eyes.

Zi Xuan, a cultivator of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, hadn’t withstood a single attack!

Lin Feng took his hand back, and white lights slowly appeared around him. His Qi changed completely. Godly Emperor Jiu was astonished.

“How is that possible? He…” When Godly Emperor Jiu saw Lin Feng’s godly lights, he was scared. He wasn’t scared of the Lin Feng who was in front of him, he was afraid of the future Lin Feng.

He hadn’t even used a godly emperor seed to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer! With more time, how strong would he become?

“Die!” Without even realizing it, Godly Emperor Jiu attacked without the least hesitation. He couldn’t let Lin Feng become any stronger, especially someone who belonged to the Demon Emperor’s lineage! How would Tian Di the Celestial Emperor react?

Therefore, Godly Emperor Jiu decided to intervene. He had to solve the issue as quickly as possible!

Godly Emperor Jiu was extremely quick. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lin Feng and threw a punch at him. He had the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer, he was really dangerous, not like Godly Emperor Tian back then.

Lin Feng had the impression his veins and arteries were going to explode. A terrifying strength penetrated into his body and started destroying his inner energies.

At that crucial moment, Lin Feng decided to use a trump card. He used both his Great Buddha Formula and his Birth of a Buddha at the same time and fused them together.

Boom! Buddha Qi exploded out and surrounded him.

Godly Emperor Jiu punched the Qi of the two Buddha formulas, and it disappeared. The blow continued moving towards Lin Feng, but Godly Emperor Jiu didn’t have it easy either. He was pushed back a hundred steps and spat out some blood.

“You want to die!” shouted Godly Emperor Jiu furiously. He threw himself at Lin Feng again. Lin Feng had to die!

“How insolent! Mo Feng has won and is now the town’s great leader, you dare try to kill the town’s great leader? You want to die!” shouted Godly Emperor Huang. He didn’t think Godly Emperor Jiu would dare attack Lin Feng, so he hadn’t reacted as quickly as he should have. Luckily Lin Feng had managed to dodge the first attack, and now Godly Emperor Huang had time to act. What if Lin Feng had died from the first attack?

Godly Emperor Huang threw a punch which collided against Godly Emperor Jiu’s. Godly energies exploded and rolled in waves. Many people had no choice but to run away to avoid the energies.

“Mo Feng, go to the main hall. Take the bronze mirror and sit on the main throne. When you’re officially the town’s great leader, nobody will dare attack you again!” shouted Godly Emperor Huang. He started fighting against Godly Emperor Jiu, both of them having the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer. Nobody knew who was going to win.

Lin Feng looked grim. He really hadn’t thought that Godly Emperor Jiu would try to kill him. He didn’t waste time and immediately started running towards the main hall.

“Zi Xuan, stop him!” shouted Godly Emperor Jiu. His eyes were bloodshot.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Zi Xuan’s face stiffened. He stood up and threw a punch at Lin Feng.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng threw a kick which contained the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao. Zi Xuan was smashed away.

Lin Feng had become a Half-Godly Emperor, so facing Zi Xuan was easy. When he had the strength of the top of the ninth layer, he could already kill Half-Godly Emperors. Now that he was a Half-Godly Emperor himself, someone like Zi Xuan was like an insect to him.

Lin Feng was even convinced that he could fight against cultivators of the first Godly Emperor layer. He might even be able to defeat Godly Emperor Tian now. Of course, it was just a guess.

Zi Xuan was hurled a hundred meters away. Lin Feng didn’t stop. He ran into the main hall and took up the bronze mirror without the least hesitation, before running towards the throne.

The precious throne looked ordinary, so why was it called precious? It was just a white seat made of jade. It smelled good too. Lin Feng found it hard to imagine that the Demon Emperor used to sit on it.

“This throne is called the Xuan Yuan Throne, it is one of the three precious items of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor,” said a clear and melodious female voice next to him.

Lin Feng turned around, and saw Huang Nü.

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  1. Gray June 12, 2019 at 7:01 am - Reply

    “This throne is called the Xuan Yuan Throne, it is one of the three precious items of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor,” said a clear and melodious female voice next to him

    So now it was 3 already
    1. Cauldron
    2. Scepter/staff
    3. This Throne.

    But why in the Grave it is said that the other has already got the Godly Emperor precious item? Hmm..

    • akai_ken June 15, 2019 at 4:32 pm - Reply

      It was never stated , lin feng just assuled it but whats sure is that he got one of xuan yuan knowledge or heritage just like ling feng

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