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Chapter 386: Xuan Yuan Throne!

Chapter 386: Xuan Yuan Throne!

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“So this is one of the Demon Emperor’s three precious items?” said Lin Feng. He was astonished. What was going on? Hadn’t he already obtained one of the three Demon Emperor’s precious items? Zhen Mo had seemingly obtained the Demon Emperor’s skill, making him a descendant of the Demon Emperor.

But Lin Feng realized that he now had the three items: the Blood Cauldron, the Demon Staff, and now the Xuan Yuan Throne!

Godly Emperor Blood had told him the Blood Cauldron was a supreme godly imperial weapon. The throne was apparently a supreme godly imperial weapon as well!

Lin Feng couldn’t believe it; how could he have obtained the three supreme items? Having just one of them was already extremely rare. It was already surprising that they hadn’t ended up in some strong cultivators’ hands.

But Lin Feng had obtained the three of them in such a short time?

“What? You don’t believe me?” Huang Nü said when she saw Lin Feng’s strange expression. She wasn’t happy. Did Lin Feng think she was a liar?

“No, I believe you. But how do you know that?” Lin Feng smiled.

“How could I not know?” said Huang Nü. She walked to the throne and sat down on it naturally.

Lin Feng looked at her, astonished. She put her arms on the armrests.

“You… You’re the town’s great leader?” Lin Feng was astonished. His heart was pounding. Godly Emperor Huang had said that nobody could be the town’s great leader, but his daughter was now seated on the throne, which meant she was…?

“I can be, but I don’t want it,” replied Huang Nü, shaking her head. She stood up and walked away from the throne without even glancing at it.

“But why? It’s a great honor to be the town’s great leader,” said Lin Feng. He was speechless. Being the leader of Xuan Yuan City was as prestigious as being the leader of one of the Five Governments.

“What is the best in your opinion, being Princess Huang or being the town’s great leader?” said Huang Nü with a faint smile. She looked a bit embarrassed, too.

Lin Feng was startled. Princess Huang? He didn’t know what she meant.

“Alright, I’ll tell you since you don’t know. Sit down,” Huang Nü hmphed. Lin Feng seemed so ignorant sometimes. She pointed at the Xuan Yuan Throne, telling him to sit down.

“I will fail,” whispered Lin Feng, walking to the throne. A strange kind of energy emerged. Lin Feng understood something was wrong, so he stepped back.

He hesitantly put his hand on the throne, and nothing strange happened, so he stepped closer to it again. He sensed a warm strength emerge from the throne and penetrating into his circulatory system.

Lin Feng took a bigger step and slowly sat down on the white Xuan Yuan Throne. It remained calm, nothing happened. Lin Feng was astonished. Godly Emperor Huang had told him that ordinary people couldn’t sit on it.

“Congratulations. You’re the new town’s great leader,” Huang Nü said to Lin Feng cheerfully. She was making fun of him.

“Why did your father tell me that ordinary people couldn’t sit on it and I can?” asked Lin Feng.

“Because you’re not ordinary,” Huang Nü smiled.

“Fine,” said Lin Feng. He was speechless. He couldn’t do much but believe her. At least, his social status had changed, he was now the town’s great leader, which meant that people like Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei wouldn’t dare attack him anymore.

“Let’s go out. Your father and Godly Emperor Jiu are fighting. Let’s make them stop,” Lin Feng frowned. He stood up and got ready to leave.

“Hey, aren’t you taking the throne?” asked Huang Nü.

“Ah, right, I’ll take it,” said Lin Feng. He raised his left hand, the Xuan Yuan Throne shrank down and moved into Lin Feng’s hand.


Lin Feng and Huang Nü left the main hall. As expected, the two Godly Emperors were still fighting outside. Neither of them were willing to stop.

“Mo Feng is out!”

Tie Xuan looked at Lin Feng and Huang Nü. The two Godly Emperors looked at him too. Godly Emperor Huang hoped Lin Feng had succeeded.

Godly Emperor Jiu looked glum and evil, hoping he could destroy Lin Feng instantly.

“How did it go?” shouted Godly Emperor Jiu icily.

“You won’t be happy! Sorry!!” replied Lin Feng, smiling mockingly. He didn’t fear Godly Emperor Jiu now. He raised his left hand; white lights flashed, and the Xuan Yuan Throne appeared.

Boom! White lights surrounded the whole town. They turned into a protective layer protecting Xuan Yuan City.

The white lights hummed when they surrounded the two Godly Emperors, preparing to kill them because they posed a threat to the security of the town.

Godly Emperor Huang and Godly Emperor Jiu’s expressions changed quickly. They immediately released strength to protect themselves, but were blown apart anyway.

“Father!” “Teacher!” shouted Huang Nü and Zi Xuan respectively. Huang Nü caught Godly Emperor Huang. Zi Xuan caught Godly Emperor Jiu.

“I’m alright,” coughed Godly Emperor Huang smiling wryly, then moved out of his daughter’s arms and looked at the Xuan Yuan Throne in delight.

“Piss off, you useless piece of trash!” shouted Godly Emperor Jiu, slapping Zi Xuan violently. Zi Xuan was thrown a hundred meters away. He could only glare at Lin Feng, clench his fists, and ground his teeth.

Lin Feng was impressed. The Xuan Yuan Throne was calm in the main hall, but outside it had released such a terrifying strength, to the extent that it was able to push Godly Emperors away.

“Mo Feng, you really succeeded?” asked Godly Emperor Huang, staring at Lin Feng and the Xuan Yuan Throne.

“Greetings, Great Leader! Greetings, Great Leader!!” Officer Tie Xuan was the first one to kneel down and acclaim Lin Feng, their new leader!

Tie Xuan was an officer. When he acknowledged Lin Feng, the four hundred other strong cultivators acknowledged him, too. They all knelt down as well.

Godly Emperor Huang didn’t kneel down but he cupped his fist and bowed slightly to show Lin Feng proper respect.

“Impossible! I don’t believe it! No!” shouted Godly Emperor Jiu furiously, his eyes bloodshot. He threw himself at Lin Feng and raised his fist again. “Let’s see if you’re a real or a fake leader!” he shouted ferociously.

Godly Emperor Huang didn’t intervene this time. He wanted to see what the Xuan Yuan Throne was going to do.

Lin Feng looked at the man icily. He didn’t do anything to block him, he just sat down on the Xuan Yuan Throne.

Godly Emperor Jiu was blasted away. He looked like a mess, even worse than Godly Emperor Tian back then. His hair was messy, his blue robe was torn apart, and he was crawling on the ground, which was pretty funny for a Godly Emperor.

“Fuck!” shouted Godly Emperor Jiu furiously. He hammered the ground with his fist, and the bluestone exploded. He wanted to stand up, but a terrifying strength oppressed him from above. No matter what he did, he could only lay there on the ground.

“Godly Emperor Jiu, one day of punishment for disrespecting the Great Leader!” announced Lin Feng, smiling icily. The Xuan Yuan Throne flared with light, and white lights surrounded Godly Emperor Jiu.

“AHHHHH!” Godly Emperor Jiu screamed. His bones crackled audibly. Many people’s faces turned pale. A Godly Emperor was lying on the ground and looking miserable in front of Lin Feng.

“Well, if you admit you were wrong, I may let you stand up!” said Lin Feng, smiling dismissively. He stood up and walked to Godly Emperor Huang. “Thank you very much for your help, Master. I will never forget it.”

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