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Chapter 387: Giving Orders!

Chapter 387: Giving Orders!

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“Great Leader, don’t mention it. It was nothing,” Godly Emperor Huang blushed. Now that Lin Feng was the town’s new great leader, Godly Emperor Huang had to be extremely polite. Since Lin Feng had become the town’s great leader, his social status was the highest in town.

Lin Feng had Officer Tie Xuan and the others disperse, then glanced at Zi Xuan, who was still bleeding. In the end, he left with the fifty strong cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

Godly Emperor Jiu was still there, on his knees. He wanted to stand up, but each time he tried the Xuan Yuan Throne released terrifying energies and oppressed him. He felt so humiliated. Maybe if he admitted he had been wrong he’d be allowed to stand up…

However, how could Godly Emperor Jiu apologize in front of a criminal? Lin Feng chuckled, thinking that he could make Godly Emperor Jiu lay there like that forever.


Godly Emperor Huang informed the strong cultivators of Godsland that Lin Feng had become the new town’s great leader. It was extremely important, especially since Xuan Yuan City hadn’t had a leader for ten thousand years, or maybe even longer. It proved that the Continent of the Gods was still balanced, like the yin and the yang.

Godly Emperor Huang wasn’t extremely strong, but he was still well-known, and people from Godsland respected him, he had a good reputation there. In addition, the Huang Dynasty had members spread all over the continent. Offending Godly Emperor Huang came down to offending those people.

Very quickly, the news that Lin Feng had become the Great Leader spread everywhere in the Continent of the Gods, and even in some small worlds.

“Lin Feng was the champion, then some people plotted against him and made him a criminal. Today, he’s cleared, he’s not a criminal anymore. Now that he’s the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City, his position is as high as that of the leaders of the Five Governments.”

Many people had done all they could to kill Lin Feng and then made him a criminal, including Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, Godly Emperor Tian, and Godly Emperor Lei. In only a month, Lin Feng had already gotten rid of the criminal status.

Now, Lin Feng wouldn’t be on tenterhooks anymore, they would!


At that moment, in the main hall of the Celestial Gods Government…

Godly Emperor Tian was seated. Godly Emperor Jiu Yao and Godly Emperor Lei were at his sides. They all looked glum and worried. The atmosphere was oppressive.

Lin Feng wasn’t a criminal anymore; he was now at the same level as them in the hierarchy.

“Brother Tian, what should we do?” asked Godly Emperor Jiu Yao after a long time. She looked devastated.

Godly Emperor Tian frowned and pulled a long face. He looked much older all of a sudden. He had a bad premonition, and was extremely worried and troubled. If Lin Feng wanted to get his revenge, Godly Emperor Tian would probably be the first person he’d come to see.

“We have no choice but to wait and see,” said Godly Emperor Tian, shaking his head and sighing. He felt powerless. Even though he was a Godly Emperor, he felt depressed and dispirited. Before, he could do whatever he wished with Lin Feng.

But now… Now Lin Feng was a hero considered a protector of the Continent of the Gods. In terms of position and privileges, he was at the same level as them!

“Wait? And watch that little boy become stronger?!” demanded Godly Emperor Lei. His heart was pounding in anger.

“What? Do you know how to defeat him, then?” asked Godly Emperor Tian smiling mockingly.

Godly Emperor Lei’s face paled, and he said nothing. Indeed, he couldn’t do anything either!

“What do you mean by ‘wait’, Brother Tian?” asked Godly Emperor Jiu Yao nervously.

“Let’s wait for Tian Di the Celestial Emperor to do something,” said Godly Emperor Tian slowly. He suddenly looked relieved.

“Don’t forget that Tian Di the Celestial Emperor won’t allow anyone like Lin Feng to be the leader of Xuan Yuan City. He’s meticulous and careful, so he won’t attack Lin Feng for now, but he can still get somebody else to do the dirty work.”

“Get somebody else to do the dirty work?” Godly Emperor Jiu Yao and Godly Emperor Lei didn’t understand.

Godly Emperor Tian smiled, “Tian Di the Celestial Emperor is such an incredible cultivator. Even when he farts, it smells good. Aren’t there people who like smelling his farts? Tian Di the Celestial Emperor will use people like them to kill Lin Feng.”

“That way, he won’t attack himself, and he will still get rid of that threat,” said Godly Emperor Tian smiling as if everything had been under control. He didn’t look nervous anymore.

Godly Emperor Jiu Yao and Godly Emperor Lei burst into laughter.

“Haha! I see. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor is really meticulous and careful. Why were we even worried?”

“Right, even if Lin Feng is now the new Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City, he just has a status similar to ours, he’s still a good-for-nothing in front of the leaders of the Four Temples and the Three Dynasties,” said Godly Emperor Jiu Yao and Godly Emperor Lei mockingly. They didn’t look anxious anymore.

The three of them suddenly seemed fearless and carefree. They even looked amused.


A few days passed…

After Lin Feng became the town’s great leader, the unknown creatures stopped attacking, it was extremely strange, as if they knew that he had become the town’s great leader.

Godly Emperor Jiu still refused to admit he was wrong, so Lin Feng continued preventing him from standing up. He was still lying on the ground.

Godly Emperor Jiu was stupefied with fury. Mo Feng was Lin Feng! He had heard the announcement that Lin Feng had become the new Great Leader. Mo Feng was Lin Feng, the one who had defeated Dan Nü and the Champion holding two titles.

Godly Emperor Jiu had not expected that, and neither had anybody else. Lin Feng had disappeared for a month, come to Xuan Yuan City and now he was the town’s great leader. Everything was so sudden.

He used to be an insignificant person to Godly Emperors, now he had influence!

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    Anyone wondering, you should had payed attention when Lin Feng and Godly Emperor Huang talked privately, he told Lin Feng that Yan Di told his friends to save him. And also that Yan Di couldnt because he was in trouble.

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