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Chapter 388: Yin Territory!

Chapter 388: Yin Territory!

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“Great Leader, there’s something wrong in the Yin Territory.”

Nobody had been living in the Great Leader’s palace. Now, Lin Feng was the town’s great leader, so he moved in there. Mo Fang became his personal assistant.

Today, Tie Xuan came to inform Lin Feng early in the morning something was wrong in the Yin Territory. Lin Feng had to take care of Xuan City now, so Tie Xuan and Godly Emperor Huang didn’t feel as much pressure. Godly Emperor Huang could now spend more time with his daughter.

Lin Feng was exhausted and felt strained. Even when he was a ruler in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he didn’t have so many things to do.

When Lin Feng heard Tie Xuan, he looked grim. The Yin Territory was mysterious, nobody had ever been to the depths of the Yin Territory. All they did was prevent the unknown creatures from entering the city.

The strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Gods were lazy, each time something happened in the Yin Territory, they just dispatched a few Godly Emperors to take care of the situation. When the issue was solved, the Godly Emperors left.

“What’s the problem?” asked Lin Feng, pointing at a chair. Tie Xuan sat down.

“Great Leader, some evil beasts are howling furiously around the Yin Territory and then their bodies rot. Given that the temperature around the Yin Territory is a few thousand degrees below zero, it’s the first time something like this has happened,” said Tie Xuan, looking glum. He told Lin Feng everything he knew.

“That’s surprising,” said Lin Feng. He had to be careful, as if he made a mistake, the whole continent could be in danger.

Lin Feng didn’t really care about the Continent of the Gods actually, he just wanted to protect his family members and friends. That was the only reason why he was doing all of these things.

Otherwise, after becoming the town’s great leader, Lin Feng would have gone straight back to Gods’ City to get revenge and kill Godly Emperor Tian and the others. But right now he couldn’t, he had to take care of a lot of things.

“I’ll go and see Godly Emperor Huang. You dispatch some Half-Godly Emperors to watch the edge of the Yin Territory. If anything else happens, inform me as soon as possible,” said Lin Feng, standing up.


Tie Xuan ran outside. Lin Feng headed over to Godly Emperor Huang’s small courtyard.

In the small and peaceful courtyard, Godly Emperor Huang and Huang Nü were sitting and chatting.

“What do you think of Lin Feng?” asked Godly Emperor Huang of his daughter with a smile.

Huang Nü played with her hands, looking shy. Her father kept asking her that. She knew what he meant.

“So-so,” said Huang Nü coolly. She was embarrassed. What had happened between her and Lin Feng was so strange…

“Hehe, is that so? If he’s so-so, why didn’t you kill him? I am your father, I remember that you used to kill all the men you didn’t like,” said Godly Emperor Huang, smiling teasingly.

“Hmph! You’re making fun of me, dad. If he hadn’t healed me, I would have killed him,” sniffed Huang Nü. She had a bad temper.

Godly Emperor Huang knew his daughter wasn’t serious. If she didn’t like Lin Feng, why would she have helped him get the throne and become the town’s great leader?

Huang Nü was Huang Teng Hua, the godly emperor seed. If anyone married her, they’d obtain the seed and become a godly emperor. Few people knew how powerful Huang Teng Hua was, though.

The Xuan Yuan Throne had Mo Mian’s seal. Ordinary people couldn’t break it, even Godly Emperors, even Tian Di the Celestial Emperor wouldn’t have necessarily been able to break it and sit on it.

But Huang Nü could and that was the reason how she had helped Lin Feng. Lin Feng hadn’t had to do anything. Only Huang Nü and her father knew that, nobody else.

Huang Nü didn’t intend to tell Lin Feng about that. She didn’t want Lin Feng to feel like he owed her. She helped when she felt like helping, she was just that kind of person.

“Greetings, Master!” called out Lin Feng at that moment. Godly Emperor Huang and Huang Nü frowned and stood up. The door of the courtyard opened itself.

“Come in.” When Lin Feng saw Huang Nü was frowning, he ignored her and turned to Godly Emperor Huang.

“Has anything happened? You look anxious,” asked Godly Emperor Huang. He initially wanted to make a joke, but when he saw Lin Feng’s expression, he was nervous.

Lin Feng told Godly Emperor Huang what Tie Xuan had told him. The atmosphere turned silent. Lin Feng sat down on a stone bench. Huang Nü was standing next to him. Godly Emperor Huang was stroking his beard thoughtfully.

“Could it be that something happened inside the Yin Territory?” mused Godly Emperor Huang after a long time.

“Something happened in the Yin Territory?” Lin Feng frowned, not understanding what the old man meant.

“Lin Feng, back in the days, the Demon Emperor said that the Yin Territory was almost boundless. Maybe there are peerless cultivators in there, people even stronger than Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, but he’d never been inside, so he couldn’t be sure. Even today, nobody knows what there is inside.”

“The Demon Emperor wanted to get inside, but unfortunately he was killed before he had time to do it!” said Godly Emperor Huang. He looked furious. If the Demon Emperor were still alive, the continent would have been so different…

“What do you suggest, Master?” asked Lin Feng.

Godly Emperor Huang shook his head. He had no suggestion, no ideas. Defense was the best strategy. That’s what they had always done, focusing on defense.

Lin Feng didn’t find that suggestion satisfying. He wanted to find a real solution. By doing nothing but trying to defend, the situation would become more and more dangerous.

“I will go inside the Yin Territory,” said Lin Feng, sighing in resignation and hammering the stone bench he was seated on with his fist.

“No, no, no, you can’t,” said Godly Emperor Huang. His expression changed drastically. He couldn’t let Lin Feng take such a risk. It was too dangerous, Lin Feng could die.

“Master, don’t worry, I won’t act recklessly. If anything dangerous happens, I will immediately come back,” said Lin Feng, smiling and shaking his head stubbornly.

“You… sigh…” Godly Emperor Huang looked at the determined Lin Feng. Making him change his mind was almost impossible, so Godly Emperor Huang just sighed.

“Father, I’ll go with him,” said Huang Nü, walking out of the room.

Godly Emperor Huang watched Huang Nü go out. After a short time, Huang Nü strode back in, now dressed in a suit of armor.

“Even though the Yin Territory is dangerous, if we find something in there, you will become as famous as Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor,” said Huang Nü, smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t care about that, he just wanted to check the place out. The more dangerous a place was, the more mysteries it had. Nobody had ever been there, Lin Feng would be the first!

“Young people are brave,” sighed Godly Emperor Huang with a smile. He knew why his daughter wanted to follow Lin Feng, though.

“Master, we won’t be in danger there, I’ll take Godly Emperor Jiu along,” Lin Feng said suddenly, smiling in a strange way, a bit of cold killing intent in his eyes. Godly Emperor Huang understood what Lin Feng wanted to do.

How cruel!

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