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Chapter 389: The Yin Gate!

Chapter 389: The Yin Gate!

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“Godly Emperor Jiu, I’ll give you an opportunity, if you agree, I’ll let you stand up,” Lin Feng said to Godly Emperor Jiu, standing in a commanding position.

Godly Emperor Jiu had been laying there for ten days. His hair was messy, he looked dispirited, his eyes empty.

Godly Emperor Jiu barely glanced at Lin Feng, wishing he could punch and crush him.

“I’ll kill you, you asshole!” said Godly Emperor Jiu. His eyes were bloodshot. He was a Godly Emperor and Lin Feng was humiliating him like this, how terrible!

He didn’t care about the throne, and threw a punch at Lin Feng. Even if he died, he didn’t care as long as Lin Feng died with him.

But he couldn’t kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and the Xuan Yuan Throne released energies. With a gentle explosion, Godly Emperor Jiu was slammed back down to the ground. He couldn’t even move his fingers anymore.

“I didn’t think you’d still act like this after days of suffering,” Lin Feng sighed theatrically.

Godly Emperor Jiu looked at Lin Feng and shouted furiously, “Stop being hypocritical, just tell me what you want!”

“Hehe? You can’t stand being humiliated a little bit?” replied Lin Feng, smiling icily.

Lin Feng stretched out his left hand and pulled Godly Emperor Jiu up, then threw him away. Godly Emperor Jiu crashed against a pillar, and the pillar exploded.

“Stand up now. Follow me to the Yin Territory. If you want to kill me there, it’ll be extremely easy,” said Lin Feng calmly.

Godly Emperor Jiu scratched his neck and slowly stood up. Even though he tried to look indifferent, he was furious. He could move again. It was an opportunity…

However, he didn’t have time to smile. When he heard Lin Feng’s mention the Yin Territory, his face paled.

The Yin Territory was a dangerous territory, nobody knew what was in its depths. Even Tian Di the Celestial Emperor didn’t dare go there, but Lin Feng wanted to try? It was pure madness!

“Lin Feng, if you want to die, die alone, I won’t come with you,” Godly Emperor Jiu declared hotly. He turned around and got ready to leave.

“Hehe, you have no choice.” Lin Feng knew that Godly Emperor Jiu would never accept, so he had gotten prepared.

He raised his left hand, the Xuan Yuan Throne appeared and white lights surrounded Godly Emperor Jiu. White lines appeared around his chest.

“Ahhhhh……. my circulatory system?!” Godly Emperor Jiu screamed and looked at his veins. They were all sealed! He had become a piece of trash!

“Godly Emperor Jiu, you should think carefully,” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly. Godly Emperor Jiu had the impression he was facing a demon.

“You’re a demon! You’re a real demon!” shouted Godly Emperor Jiu, frightened now.

“Let’s go. Don’t make me destroy your circulatory system,” said Lin Feng, smiling icily as he walked past Godly Emperor Jiu.

Godly Emperor Jiu ground his teeth. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he regretted coming to Xuan Yuan City even more. When Tian Di the Celestial Emperor had sent some strong cultivators there, Godly Emperor Jiu had put pressure on the other Godly Emperors to let him go.

He had thought it’d be a great opportunity. He had even thought becoming the town’s great leader would be easy for his group. He had never thought Lin Feng would end up using him as a slave.

A Godly Emperor was being treated like that by a Half-Godly Emperor?! If anyone knew about this, how would they react?

Lin Feng didn’t care about what Godly Emperor Jiu was thinking. With the Xuan Yuan Throne, no matter how many strong cultivators came to Xuan Yuan City, Lin Feng would be able to keep them under control.

Godly Emperor Huang had told Lin Feng that the Xuan Yuan Throne had seventy percent of the Demon Emperor’s strength. With that kind of strength, oppressing cultivators of the first and second Godly Emperor layers was easy, so how strong had the Demon Emperor been?

Huang Nü was waiting for Lin Feng. When Lin Feng arrived with Godly Emperor Jiu, they started walking.

Officer Tie Xuan and a few hundred of strong cultivators were guarding the periphery of the city. Lin Feng and the two others were heading to the Yin Territory, if anything happened, the hundreds of guards would use their full strength to protect the city.


Lin Feng and the two others didn’t waste time, traveling hundreds of li to the Yin Territory.

The Yin Territory was extremely vast. Nobody knew what was on the other side.

The only entrance was called the Yin Gate, it was through that gate that the unknown creatures came to attack Xuan Yuan City.

Half-Godly Emperors needed only a few minutes to fly over hundreds of li, but Lin Feng and the two others walked.

Lin Feng wanted to understand everything about the Yin Territory, including the border area between the Yin Territory and Xuan Yuan City.

There was no grass at all, only a greenish-black substance, poison left by the unknown creatures when they came.


Very quickly, Lin Feng and the two others arrived near the entrance of the Yin Territory. They were freezing. Godly Emperor Jiu marginally better off than Lin Feng and Huang Nü.

The Yin Qi was extremely thick there. Even the Snow Mountain wasn’t as cold at the Yin Territory.

Lin Feng watched the purple fog rolling above the ground. It was an ice-cold Yin Qi. The atmosphere was very calm, and the sound of howling beasts had disappeared.

Lin Feng continued walking and saw the Yin Gate. There was no purple fog there, which meant there was no ice-cold Yin Qi.

“Lin Feng, we could die in there, do you really want to go in?” Huang Nü asked Lin Feng. She seemed nervous.

“She’s right, Lin Feng, let’s go back,” said Godly Emperor Jiu hastily. He was happy when he heard Huang Nü speak up.

He didn’t want to die in the Yin Territory. He was a Godly Emperor. No matter where he was in the world, people respected him, because he was a Godly Emperor. Dying in the Yin Territory would be such a pity.

Lin Feng glanced at them and said nothing. He continued walking ahead stubbornly.

Lin Feng was firmly holding the Xuan Yuan Throne as he crossed the gate and disappeared.

Huang Nü followed him. Godly Emperor Jiu ground his teeth; he wanted to escape, but Lin Feng had his circulatory system under control. If he didn’t want Lin Feng to cripple his cultivation for good, he had to follow.

The three people, two Half-Godly Emperors and one Godly Emperor, officially entered the Yin Territory.


Everything became misty around Lin Feng. A Yin energy surrounded him. His legs shook and felt numb. An ice-cold Qi penetrated into his bones and circulatory system. Lin Feng released brightness strength to stop it.

Huang Nü and Godly Emperor Jiu had the same sensation as Lin Feng.

Lin Feng turned his head. He couldn’t see the Yin Gate anymore, and there was no daylight like in the outside world. Everything was purple and ice-cold.

“It’s such a desolate place,” said Huang Nü.

A desolate area could be a desert, a chaotic place, or a place where a long war had taken place. The Yin Territory looked like an ancient battlefield.

Lin Feng continued walking forwards. The area was boundless. There was yellow grass on the ground, and branches, and dead trees, and poison. But the poison was different from outside, there was grass here, not outside.

“Let’s continue,” said Lin Feng taking a deep breath. He continued walking forwards.

Huang Nü followed him. Godly Emperor Jiu had no choice but to do the same.

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