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Chapter 390: The World Under the Ground!

Chapter 390: The World Under the Ground!

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The more Lin Feng moved forwards, the more shocked he was. Even though the Yin Territory didn’t have any buildings, its boundless character was already astonishing. Lin Feng and the two others walked like that for three days, and during those three days, they didn’t see anything at all, not a single green tentacle.

Apart from dead trees and yellow grass, Lin Feng hadn’t seen anything.

That went on for five days. Lin Feng remained extremely focused. As time passed, Lin Feng had the impression there was something wrong. They walked for five days, they had probably traveled thousands of kilometers; how come they hadn’t seen anything, not a single creature?

They had seen so many unknown creatures at the border with Xuan Yuan City. The creatures were quite slow, which meant they couldn’t be that far away from the Yin Gate. Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on, but there was definitely something wrong.

“Lin Feng, I think it’s useless to continue. Even if we continue walking for a hundred days, nothing will change and Yin Qi will corrode our bodies,” Huang Nü frowned.

When Lin Feng heard her, he nodded. There were no unknown creatures here, and the Yin Qi would corrode their bodies even more. As they moved forwards, the Yin Qi became thicker.

Lin Feng could still handle the Yin Qi, but if they continued, he wouldn’t.

“Lin Feng, look, what’s that?” asked Huang Nü, suddenly crouching down. She looked at the grass, where a little hole had appeared around some poison.

“What’s that?” Lin Feng crouched down, he was stupefied. They both started to understand.

“It seems like there are no unknown creatures in the Yin Territory, they are underground!” Lin Feng stood up and shouted. He started shaking.

If the creatures were above ground, it’d be better because they’d be easier to defeat. Underground, they’d be difficult to find and defeat.

“How’s that possible?” said Godly Emperor Jiu. He couldn’t believe it. If the creatures were from under the ground, with the strength of the Godly Emperor layer, he would have been able to detect them.

Lin Feng looked at Godly Emperor Jiu, then he took out his Buddha Sword and stuck it into the ground.

Poison gushed out of the hole and the Buddha Sword was hurled back. Some tentacles were cut, they fell onto the ground and turning into green poison.

“That’s the proof,” said Lin Feng, glancing at Godly Emperor Jiu.

Godly Emperor Jiu frowned and pulled a long face. He had nothing to add. He grunted icily and turned around.

“Lin Feng, what should we do?” asked Huang Nü. She didn’t know what to do.

“I want to go down there and see,” said Lin Feng, smiling after thinking for a while.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want to go and see. Godly Emperor Jiu, you come with me,” Lin Feng nodded. He glanced at Godly Emperor Jiu, then raised his sword and started digging.

Godly Emperor Jiu was furious. He wished he could crush Lin Feng to mush so much! But what could he do? He was stuck!

“I’ll lead the way,” Godly Emperor Jiu said to Lin Feng.

Huang Nü grinned mockingly and then smiled at Lin Feng sweetly, meaning “you found a good slave.”

Lin Feng smiled back at her. He hadn’t thought he would make a slave of a Godly Emperor in Xuan Yuan City, especially one that wanted to kill him before.

Godly Emperor Jiu sighed, rolled up his sleeves and a blue godly aura around appeared around him. Lin Feng nodded with satisfaction, the difference between Godly Emperors and Half-Godly Emperors was gigantic.

Godly Emperor Jiu frowned, rose up in the air, clenched his fists, turned into a sharp sword and plummeted down.


Godly Emperor Jiu crashed against the ground, the whole Yin Territory shook violently. Godly Emperor Jiu disappeared. Lin Feng sighed icily and stepped forward. An ice-cold Yin Qi emerged from that hole, which was half a meter across. It was purer than the surface.

“Come in,” said Godly Emperor Jiu icily. Lin Feng jumped inside without the slightest hesitation. Huang Nü actually followed, too. She didn’t feel like staying outside on the ground, with nothing to do. She wanted to explore and see if she could find anything interesting.

When Lin Feng penetrated into the ground, he was stupefied. Huang Nü put her hand on her mouth, trying not to vomit.

Godly Emperor Jiu put his hand on his nose in disgust. If Lin Feng hadn’t forced him to come, there was no way he would have come here.

A huge passage appeared in front of them, made for humans. It had been made using poison and acid by the unknown creatures. The passages looked like earthworm tunnels, and the walls were covered with green slimy poison.

There were many tentacles, looking quite disgusting with the green slime.

The tentacles seemed like they were asleep. Now and then, Lin Feng and the two others heard snorting sounds.

“Let’s continue,” said Huang Nü, pushing Lin Feng aside. She still had her hand on her mouth and nose. She didn’t want to stay there.

Lin Feng nodded, and Godly Emperor Jiu continue leading the way.


The tunnels were thousands of thousands of meters long. After a while, Huang Nü finally dared pull her hand off her nose and mouth, and took a deep breath. It didn’t smell so bad anymore.

Lin Feng looked at the ground. There was still poison but it was dried out. The purple fog was so thick that they could only see a few dozen meters away.

“Something which has the strength of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer is moving. Be careful,” said Godly Emperor Jiu suddenly. Lin Feng and Huang Nü walked with the greatest care. A thousand meters later, they had no choice but to stop.

“What’s that?” Lin Feng was watching a flying purple creature. It was a different creature from the others. It was two meters long, had three mouths, and a pair of bloodshot eyes. It was fluorescent too and illuminated the area around.

“I’ve never seen that kind of monster at the border with Xuan Yuan City,” said Lin Feng. He was sure of that. This monster was much stronger than any of the creatures he had fought against there.

Sss… Sss…

Very quickly, the purple monster flew away and hissed, but it didn’t seem to have seen Lin Feng and the two others. Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“There might be even stronger creatures there,” Lin Feng sighed. But he kept calm, as if he were meditating. What kind of creatures were the strongest ones here?

Lin Feng and Huang Nü glanced at one another and nodded. They continued walking into the depths of that world. Godly Emperor Jiu could only be impotently furious.

They walked for another hour, over three hundred li, and came out of the tunnels. They were still underground, but now there was an underground field in front of them. It didn’t look like the Yin Territory at all. There were living things here!

The Yin Qi was ice-cold. Lin Feng released brightness strength to protect himself from the corrosive energies.

“Blood Giants?”

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