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Chapter 391: Altar!

Chapter 391: Altar!

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Lin Feng saw a familiar creature, a blood-red giant. It was a few hundred meters tall, its legs over fifty meters. A cultivator needed the strength of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer to compete with such a creature.

“What’s that?” gasped Huang Nü, pointing at a creature next to the blood-red giant. Lin Feng looked in that direction and was stupefied.

There were creatures made of stone, a few dozen meters tall. The shortest ones were only a dozen meters tall, but their bodies were extremely resistant and their earth Qi was extremely thick and dense.

“I know what that is. It was said that back in the days the convicted Demon Emperor…” began Godly Emperor Jiu. He stopped in the middle of his sentence and paled. He put his hand on his chest and shrieked before falling on his knees.

“If you dare disrespect Master Demon Emperor again, I will cripple your cultivation. Without the Demon Emperor, the Continent of the Gods wouldn’t be what it is now,” said Lin Feng, icily pressing Godly Emperor Jiu’s chest with the tip of his Buddha Sword.

Godly Emperor Jiu groaned with pain. He was extremely pale and looked at Lin Feng angrily.

Lin Feng grunted icily. The Xuan Yuan Throne’s strength decreased a little and color reappeared on Godly Emperor Jiu’s face. His chest didn’t burn as much anymore. He struggled to get back up to his feet and stopped calling the Demon Emperor a criminal.

“So, what’s that?” asked Lin Feng coldly.

Godly Emperor Jiu was terribly angry. He didn’t feel like telling them, but he had no choice, as Lin Feng could cripple his cultivation. He ground his teeth and said, “It’s a Stone Battle General.”

“Stone Battle General?” Lin Feng frowned.

Huang Nü continued, “Stone Battle Generals are battle creatures the Demon Emperor created back in the days. He created eighty Stone Battle Generals. They have the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

“Back then, the Demon Emperor had many people under his command: disciples, demon generals, and Stone Battle Generals.”

“But why are the Demon Emperor’s Stone Battle Generals here?” asked Huang Nü. She was curious.

It was usually said that the Demon Emperor had never been in the Yin Territory, so how could his Stone Battle Generals have ended up here?

Lin Feng’s heartbeat accelerated. He started doubting; had the Demon Emperor really betrayed the Continent of the Gods in the end?

“Hmph! If he wasn’t a criminal, why would his Stone Battle Generals have ended up here? I’m sure he betrayed the Continent of the Gods now, and made a pact with the Yin Territory,” said Godly Emperor Jiu when he saw Lin Feng remaining silent and that Huang Nü looking surprised. He smiled icily.

Lin Feng glared at him sharply, so Godly Emperor Jiu didn’t dare say anything again. He just looked angry.

He still thought that the Demon Emperor had betrayed the Continent of the Gods to make an alliance with the Yin Territory.

Lin Feng was confused. He knew that the Demon Emperor was just and honorable because he had lived in Criminals’ Village. He used to be a hero who wanted to protect the Continent of the Gods, but then Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s father had killed him to help his son rise up in the hierarchy.

All the strong cultivators of Xuan Yuan City respected and admired Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, including Godly Emperor Huang. They all thought the Demon Emperor had been the victim of a conspiracy.

But now the Demon Emperor’s Stone Battle Generals were in the Yin Territory. If he had never been there, how was this possible?

However, after a few minutes, Lin Feng thought, Does coming to the Yin Territory make someone a criminal? A traitor? An ally of the Yin Territory?

Lin Feng didn’t believe so, so he quickly excluded the idea.

“Be careful. Avoid the creatures and continue moving,” Lin Feng told Huang Nü and Godly Emperor Jiu. They continued walking forwards with the greatest care, managing to hide from the creatures so they remained unnoticed. That way, they didn’t have to fight.

Huang Nü nodded and followed Lin Feng calmly. She also recalled all her Qi to remain undetectable.

Godly Emperor Jiu smiled icily. Even though he couldn’t kill Lin Feng, what if Lin Feng had an accident? Then, he would be able to steal the Xuan Yuan Throne, and Lin Feng wouldn’t pose a threat to him anymore!

Thinking about that, Godly Emperor Jiu stepped onto a rock and broke it.

“Argh, argh!”

Lin Feng and Huang Nü jumped sideways. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He raised his head and saw a blood-red giant moving towards him. It didn’t look good.

“Run! They saw us!” shouted Lin Feng, dragging Huang Nü’s hand and flying away.

However, there were too many blood-red giants, thousands of them. They were surrounded by seven layers of giants, Lin Feng couldn’t pierce his way through.

Godly Emperor Jiu looked after him coldly. What could Lin Feng do now? If Lin Feng died, Godly Emperor Jiu would take Huang Nü back to Xuan Yuan City, and everybody would consider him a savior, and she would be forced to witness it.

Godly Emperor Jiu was excited about his plan, but he had forgotten that Lin Feng still had the Xuan Yuan Throne.

“Godly Emperor Jiu, distract the giants, that’s an order!” shouted Lin Feng, kicking two giants behind him.

Godly Emperor Jiu’s evil smile stiffened, and he instantly paled. His plot would have been good if Lin Feng hadn’t had the Xuan Yuan Throne. Now, it seemed like he was about to bring about his own destruction.

Fuck!, Godly Emperor Jiu swore, but it was useless. All he could do was grind his teeth and jump away and around to distract the giants. He was a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor layer, the giants couldn’t do much against him.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü ran into the depths of the Yin Territory and left Godly Emperor Jiu alone with the giants.

“Lin Feng, it’s a bit strange that the blood-red giants noticed us, could it be that…?” said Huang Nü while flying away with Lin Feng. There had to be something wrong.

“Unless Godly Emperor Jiu caused trouble?” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Huang Nü nodded. It was the only rational explanation; they were hidden so well otherwise.

“Of course I know he did it. He wants me to die, but he can’t kill me himself, so he wanted those creatures to kill me,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. Lin Feng was amused; the situation was absolutely horrible for Godly Emperor Jiu. The man wanted to kill Lin Feng and hated him to the guts, but he couldn’t, and on top of that, he had to protect him… At that moment, it seemed worse than death to him.

“Lin Feng, you, look…” shouted Huang Nü at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and when he saw what was there, he clenched his fists.

There was an altar there, black and with demonic marks on it. They were broken, but still contained demon Qi, and the most important thing was that there was a gigantic stone statue on it.

The statue was a hundred meters tall. It was a handsome man with a Demon Staff in his hand. He was seated on the Xuan Yuan Throne and at his feet was a blood-red Blood Cauldron.

If Lin Feng didn’t have the Demon Staff, the Xuan Yuan Throne and the Blood Cauldron, he wouldn’t have recognized that hero: Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor!

There were many offerings on the altar, but they were probably very old already because they were covered with dust.

In the wild and boundless territory of the Yin Territory, there was only that one altar and that one statue.

“Do you think he was really a traitor?” Lin Feng felt sad and angry; he couldn’t believe that Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was a criminal.

If he was really a criminal, then Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was righteous and just.

Lin Feng was more and more confused and puzzled.

At that moment, Godly Emperor Blood said hoarsely, “Little boy, put the Demon Emperor’s three precious items on the altar and you’ll have the answer to your question.”

The old man reappeared.

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