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Chapter 392: Two Small Films!

Chapter 392: Two Small Films!

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What Godly Emperor Blood said surprised Lin Feng, but he still did what Godly Emperor Blood told him. Lin Feng trusted him, and he wanted to know the truth.

Lin Feng took out the Blood Cauldron, the Demon Staff, and the Xuan Yuan Throne, and he put them on the altar.

Huang Nü was astonished and looked at him, wondering where he had gotten all those things.

“Are you a direct descendant of the Demon Emperor?” asked Huang Nü. Lin Feng wasn’t officially a descendant of the Demon Emperor. If that had been the case, he would have known what to do the first time he saw the Xuan Yuan Throne. He wouldn’t have needed her help to sit on it.

“I’m not,” admitted Lin Feng. He didn’t know how to justify himself, though. Most people wouldn’t believe him if he said that, because he had the Demon Emperor’s three most precious items. But he really wasn’t.

“I believe you,” said Huang Nü when she saw how determined Lin Feng looked. She decided to trust him without the least hesitation.

“Thank you very much,” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding. Then he asked to Godly Emperor Blood, “Master, I put the three items on the altar, what now?”

“Sit on it too,” said Godly Emperor Blood. Lin Feng immediately jumped onto the altar.

When he sat down on the altar, he sensed an incredible Yin Qi condense, but it didn’t attack him. On the contrary, it surrounded him and isolated him from the rest of the area. Lin Feng didn’t know that when the Yin Qi isolated him from the outside world, it also bombarded Godly Emperor Jiu and the blood-red giants.

Godly Emperor Jiu crashed to the ground. He was panic-stricken, he couldn’t see Lin Feng anymore. Purple Yin Qi whistled all around him. He wanted to get closer to see what was going on, but he was really scared. He just stood there and waited for Lin Feng and Huang Nü to reappear.

Huang Nü was alarmed and shaken too. The Yin Qi had startled her, but it hadn’t attacked her, merely isolating her, too. However, she had the impression that if she took even one step forwards, the Yin Qi would attack her. What’s going on?, she wondered.

“Don’t move. I’ll tell you the reason later,” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng was seated on the altar, the gigantic one-hundred-meter-tall statue of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor behind him. The Demon Emperor’s three most precious items were at Lin Feng’s feet.

The three items glowed and were surrounded by demon lights. Blood-red and demon blood lights condensed with the pitch-black demon lights of the Demon Staff. They penetrated into Lin Feng’s third eye. White lights flashed around the Xuan Yuan Throne and surrounded Lin Feng. The temperature became colder and colder.

Lin Feng felt the presence of many memories which weren’t his own. They were blurred, but became more and more distinct as the energies of the three items condensed and penetrated into his mind.

“Tian Di the Celestial Emperor is chippy and shouldn’t be the commander-in-chief.”

The Demon Emperor’s image appeared in Lin Feng’s mind. He was a handsome man in black clothes. He had the eyes of a phoenix, and messy eyebrows. He also had a Champion Crown, on which the word SUPREME was written in big script.

The man didn’t have a long beard, but it was like the hair of his beard contained an incredible Dao strength. His robe was dazzling, demon lights flashed all around it. He had a necklace hanging over his chest.

The Demon Emperor straightened his clothes and sat up properly. Two young men appeared at his sides. One of them was wearing white clothes, wearing a golden Champion Crown, the other one had a blue satin robe, and on his chest, there was an embroidery of a dragon made of golden threads.

Lin Feng instantly thought of two names: Yun Shan Ming and Dong Fei Yu! The one in white clothes was Yun Shan Ming, and the one in blue clothes was Dong Fei Yu.

They were strong cultivators from the same era as the Demon Emperor; the Demon Emperor was stronger than them, and around him, they remained vigilant and respectful.

The two cultivators listened to the Demon Emperor respectfully. Yun Shan Ming nodded in approval, and Dong Fei Yu frowned and said slowly, “Demon God, what you’re saying is a bit arbitrary. Even though he’s chippy, he’s outstanding and talented. Giving him a chance to prove he’s a good commander-in-chief is important.”

“I don’t think so. I have the impression that he’s a bit too vile and petty. He is intolerant. Back in the days, gods, creatures and ordinary humans lived in harmony. Now we can’t anymore, but we shouldn’t destroy them all,” said Yun Shan Ming not letting Dong Fei Yu finish his sentence. The two strong cultivators had different views on the matter, but they weren’t arguing, just expressing their opinions.

“The best would be to have someone talk with the creatures, to find a solution for them to live in harmony,” said the Demon Emperor. The two strong cultivators nodded approvingly.

“Let’s build Xuan Yuan City and bring cultivators from everywhere to protect it!” shouted the Demon Emperor.

….And then Xuan Yuan City was built almost instantly.

Lin Feng finally understood how Xuan Yuan City had been built. The three cultivators had thought of that solution.

I see, thought Lin Feng, nodding.

The memories disappeared and another image appeared in his mind. This time, it wasn’t something peaceful and positive; it was horrible, a bloodbath.

Corpses, oceans and rivers of blood. The Demon Emperor was standing in front of Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. They looked at one another icily. The Demon Emperor was covered with blood and wounds. His Qi was unstable.

“Mo Mian, you betrayed the the Demon Gods Continent! You must be punished for your crimes! You dared slaughter honest people from the Demon Gods Continent, you are evil!” shouted Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, throwing a punch at the Demon Emperor. The Demon Emperor also threw a punch, it seemed like it could destroy an entire city. His Qi was terrifying. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was blown away and crashed into a mountain in the distance.

At that moment, a terrifying Qi surrounded the Demon Emperor; a dark shadow appeared and made a punching motion. The Demon Emperor coughed blood and was smashed away. He crashed onto a gigantic boulder, which exploded. His circulatory system was severely damaged.

The old man attacked, the Demon Emperor is doomed, thought Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, smiling cruelly.

“You guys are good at scheming. For the position of commander-in-chief, you’re really ready to do anything,” said the Demon Emperor, his hand on his chest. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor and his father were really despicable.

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s father smiled resplendently. He raised his hands and said proudly, “You know the saying, losers are always in the wrong. Why wouldn’t I help my son succeed? Haha!

“Kill the Demon Emperor, this criminal! He must be punished!” shouted the Celestial Emperor’s father, laughing icily. People heard him throughout almost the whole continent.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was furious. He had the impression he was looking at himself, he had also been the victim of that kind of plot.

“Are you furious? Is your heart filled with hatred? You feel like me?” said a familiar voice in Lin Feng’s mind. It was the Demon Emperor’s voice.

“Demon Emperor?” whispered Lin Feng, glancing around.

“Don’t look for me, I am not here. I am just a thread of broken soul,” said the Demon Emperor placidly.

Lin Feng nodded and looked at the statue. “Master, have you really betrayed the Continent of the Gods?”

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