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Chapter 393: Second Batch of Transmissions!

Chapter 393: Second Batch of Transmissions!

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Lin Feng asked the question he wanted to know the most. Nobody else could answer that question. Now that he was in front of the Demon Emperor, so he asked without hesitation. Lin Feng was convinced that even if the Demon Emperor had betrayed the Continent of the Gods, it would be for a reason.

“Do you think so?” asked the Demon Emperor, without hurrying to reply.

“I don’t know,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He was confused. He didn’t know what to believe.

“Hehe, since you don’t know, how could I?” said the Demon Emperor philosophically. Then he sighed.

Lin Feng frowned. He hadn’t thought the Demon Emperor would reply with something like that.

“You don’t believe me?” said the Demon Emperor. Lin Feng shook his head.

The Demon Emperor smiled, “What I don’t know is what Tian Di the Celestial Emperor and the others mean when they say I am a traitor. Do they mean I betrayed the Demon Gods Continent? Or do they mean I betrayed them because we had divergent opinions?

“If they mean I am a traitor because we have different opinions, then I admit it. If they mean I betrayed the Demon Gods Continent, then I can’t do much but laugh.

“If I had meant to harm the Demon Gods Continent, I wouldn’t have created Xuan Yuan City, I wouldn’t have killed millions of creatures. I wouldn’t have brought huge armies to fight against them, either.

“I didn’t betray the Demon Gods Continent, I just had different views from them,” said the Demon Emperor. He sounded angry. Lin Feng instantly sensed that the Yin Qi of the Yin Territory was becoming thicker. It could pierce through to people’s bones.

“Master, since you didn’t betray the continent, why is there an altar with your statue here?” asked Lin Feng.

“I didn’t want to see the statue and the altar here. My reincarnation decided to do so, so he put the altar and the statue here with the main purpose of finding an heir for the second batch of transmissions,” said the Demon Emperor, pointing at Lin Feng’s dantian. Blood-red lights flashed, and Godly Emperor Blood appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Godly Emperor Blood remained vigilant, but he also looked very angry. He looked at the Demon Emperor’s broken soul icily.

“We have nothing to do with one another, don’t try to establish a connection between you and me,” said Godly Emperor Blood icily.

“Haha, we have nothing to do with one another? How could you have done that otherwise?

“You are one of my clones. After I was injured, you seized the opportunity to escape. To escape from Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, you decided to reincarnate and come back as a human again. Who would Xue Ran be otherwise? Aren’t I right?” the Demon Emperor’s broken soul said to Godly Emperor Blood mockingly.

When Lin Feng heard that, he started trembling. Mo Mian, Xue Ran, he had heard those two names recently, but now he realized that those two people were the same person.

Lin Feng had no idea that Godly Emperor Blood would be Xue Ran (Translator’s note: Xue in Xue Ran means blood), and that he was also the reincarnation of the Demon Emperor’s clone, a public figure fifty thousand years ago in the chaotic continent.

“No wonder you keep saying you’re extremely strong. You really are,” said Lin Feng smiling wryly. He had always thought that Godly Emperor Blood was just a show off. Then he had noticed, with time, that Godly Emperor Blood actually seemed to be famous in some places. But now he realized how incredible he really was.

He was truly strong. Nobody could deny that. Xue Ran was the Demon Emperor’s reincarnation!

“Hey, little boy, now that you know I’m extremely strong, will you help me or not?” Godly Emperor Blood smiled.

“Hehe, you planned all that so that Lin Feng could obtain my second batch of transmissions?” said the Demon Emperor’s broken soul asked, interested.

“Yes, this little boy is quite talented. If he doesn’t die, he’ll definitely gain access to the Gods Country.”

After a long time, the Demon Emperor’s broken soul made an approving noise.

“Naturally. He’s definitely up to my expectations, how could he be part of the common herd?” said Godly Emperor Blood icily. Even though he was the Demon Emperor’s reincarnation, he didn’t treat the original respectfully. On the contrary, he was even a little bit aggressive. Otherwise, why would he have gone to rob the Demon Emperor’s grave?

Xuan Yuan’s grave could also be considered Godly Emperor Blood’s grave, but the latter refused to admit that.

“Lin Feng, I will transmit my second batch of knowledge to you. Help my descendants get rid of their criminal status if you can, I’d be really grateful,” said the Demon Emperor’s broken soul. He was almost begging Lin Feng. Lin Feng was a bit surprised to hear such an incredible cultivator beg him. What a strange feeling!

Lin Feng accepted, of course. Even if the Demon Emperor hadn’t asked him, Lin Feng would have done it, for Mo Fang and Mo Tu!

“Xue Ran, I’ll leave the rest to you. I’m… off,” said the Demon Emperor’s broken soul. His Qi became weaker and weaker and his presence disappeared, black smoke swirling and fading away around them.

Godly Emperor Blood suddenly looked extremely sad. He turned around and looked at Lin Feng. “The Demon Emperor’s second batch of transmissions is as good as the first one. Zhen Mo obtained the Demon Emperor Skill, which is better than a godly skill, it’s a celestial skill.

“The second batch is also a celestial skill, called the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill. The Demon Emperor made it at the end of his life, but he never had time to use it before he was killed.

“Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you use it, because nobody will recognize it. You can use it as you wish,” said Godly Emperor Blood.

Lin Feng closed his eyes, and demon words appeared in his mind before disappearing quickly. Lin Feng used his full strength to remember them.


Time passed, Godly Emperor Blood was next to Lin Feng, stroking his beard. He looked nervous. The second skill wasn’t less powerful than the first one, but it was long and Lin Feng had to remember everything in a short time.

Words kept appearing and disappearing in Lin Feng’s mind, if he didn’t pay attention for even a second, then he’d fail to learn it, and the skill would be lost forever.

Godly Emperor Blood was worried, Lin Feng was nervous and frowning. Sweat appeared on his forehead as he felt exhausted. He was shaking from head to foot. How difficult!

Lin Feng was struggling even though he had only remembered a few words, what about the next hundred? The pressure was massive!

Godly Emperor Blood realized that Lin Feng was in danger. If he didn’t focus, the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill would disappear forever and Lin Feng’s cognition would collapse. He’d lose his intelligence, learning abilities, and he would never be able to study cultivation again.

Godly Emperor Blood regretted that he had made Lin Feng come here. It seemed to be over for Lin Feng… If Godly Emperor Blood hadn’t made him come here, Lin Feng could have relied on his own abilities to become stronger…


Half a minute passed. Lin Feng’s face was shaking, his eyes were rolling, his whole body was covered with cold sweat which dripped onto the ground. His whole body was  aching, and his soul was shaking violently.

“Oh no, little girl, help him!” shouted Godly Emperor Blood to Huang Nü hastily.

Huang Nü could see that Lin Feng was in danger. After hesitating for a few seconds, she rolled up her sleeves and released golden lights around Lin Feng. Even Godly Emperor Blood couldn’t see through.

“Is that little girl…?” Godly Emperor Blood’s eyes opened wide. He shivered when he saw the saw the golden lights, and then he smiled. If she does that, maybe Lin Feng will break through to the very top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, thought Godly Emperor Blood, stepping back and smiling.

He was excited!

Lin Feng had the impression he was going to collapse, his eyes rolling, when he sensed a warm energy surround him, soft and gentle. Lin Feng didn’t know what happened afterwards, but the essence of the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill slowly penetrated into his mind.

Lin Feng could finally fully focus on the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill.


Time passed slowly. One day, two days…

One week…

Two weeks…

People in Xuan Yuan City were all extremely worried, including Godly Emperor Huang. They all gazed into the distance in the direction of the Yin Territory.

Two weeks had passed and nobody had news from Lin Feng and Huang Nü. Nothing happened on the side of the Yin Territory either. No creature came to attack like it used to be the case.

“Godly Emperor Huang, what should we do?” asked Tie Xuan, worried now.

It hadn’t been easy to find a Great Leader. If Lin Feng disappeared, it would be a disaster for Xuan Yuan City and for the Continent of the Gods.

“What can we do, apart from waiting?” asked Godly Emperor Huang. He also looked nervous. He couldn’t dispatch strong cultivators to the Yin Territory, after all. It would come down to sending them to fight a losing battle. Why would he sacrifice even more people?

He didn’t want to take any risk, so he waited. “I just hope that they’re safe and sound.”

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