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Chapter 395: Heart-To-Heart Talk!

Chapter 395: Heart-To-Heart Talk!

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Huang Nü held Lin Feng’s hand tightly and stood up. Her whole body felt sore. She didn’t regret what she had done. She wasn’t in love with Lin Feng at all, but she still had feelings for him.

But Lin Feng had saved her using a particular method… so she had decided that apart from him, no man would ever be allowed to touch her or obtain her godly emperor seed.

Then, she had watched Lin Feng a lot, and had heard a lot about him: a champion who held two titles, a talented man, his future bright. She also remembered how angry she was when she came back to her senses, she remembered how she had humiliated her father, too…

But in the end, she had chosen him. One reason was that she wanted to use Lin Feng to get her revenge. She was convinced Lin Feng was talented enough to avenge her, just not yet. He still needed some time, but he would be at some point.

Huang Nü was perfectly aware that someone like Lin Feng couldn’t have only one woman, but she didn’t mind. Since she had chosen him, she had to accept him the way he was.

Lin Feng didn’t dare look her in the eyes… she had given him her most precious thing, after all. Lin Feng hadn’t expected such a thing to happen.

The relationship between Lin Feng and Huang Nü couldn’t even be described as a friendship yet. They were just acquaintances of one another. Well, during this time spent in the Yin Territory, they had become closer. They had already had an intimate relation before, and in the Yin Territory, she had helped him, it was enough for them to be considered spouses.

Lin Feng had now broken through to the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. He wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without Huang Nü. He might even have died during the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill transmission process, but Huang Nü had helped him at the most crucial moment.

“I…” Lin Feng had mixed feelings. He wanted to say something but when he saw that Huang Nü looked so composed and not angry, it made things much easier. It felt so natural.

“No need to say anything. If you are an honest and righteous man, consider me a member of your family, and protect me.

“Right now, you are not strong enough, and you can’t help me get my revenge, but I am convinced that someday, you’ll be able to do that, and you’ll help me regain my honor and dignity,” said Huang Nü. She didn’t know that Lin Feng was about to say something.

She told him what she thought, she didn’t want him to feel guilty. She just hoped he’d remember her as one of his wives, that he would never humiliate her or tarnish her reputation, and that he’d be grateful.

When Lin Feng heard that, he nodded quickly. He could easily consider her one of his family members. He would treat her as one of his most important wives. Even though he knew he would never love her like he loved Meng Qing, he could definitely imagine himself treating her well.

Lin Feng didn’t consider himself a gentleman or a perfect man, but he respected women, or Meng Qing would have never stayed by his side for so long. Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin would never have accepted staying back in order to not be burdens for him. Lin Feng knew he owed all his wives.

“Huang Nü, I..,” said Lin Feng, hugging her.

He wanted to say something but Huang Nü’s temper flared. She said proudly, “You’re still calling me Huang Nü! Hmph!”

“Eh, ah… Hm… I’ll call you Little Huang then!” said Lin Feng. Indeed, calling Huang Nü by her full name was a bit too impersonal.

Huang Nü nodded proudly. Little Huang, she liked that nickname!

They were now really close.

“Little Huang, you’re a great person. I promise you that someday, if I ever manage to stand at the top of this world, I’ll avenge you.

“I know that Master Godly Emperor Huang used to have the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor layer, and he didn’t manage to avenge you. That means that your enemy was terrifyingly strong. But since you’re now my wife, I will not leave the matter at that.

“When I reach the clouds, I’ll crush your enemy, I promise!!” declared Lin Feng, determined.

When I reach the clouds, I’ll crush your enemy!

When Huang Nü heard that, her eyes became wet and tears flowed down her cheeks. She put her head on Lin Feng’s neck and cried. She had suffered so much all those years. Now, she finally had an occasion to free herself from her emotions.

She had suffered for so many years, and had never dared complain because she couldn’t, she was too strong and determined. She was from the great Huang Dynasty!

She wasn’t alone anymore. She had a father, she had Lin Feng, she had two men to support her. And even if Lin Feng didn’t do what he had just promised, at least it made her happy to hear it at that moment.

When I reach the clouds, I’ll crush your enemy!

Huang Nü was satisfied. Many people said things like that, but when she heard Lin Feng say it, she was convinced that he would do it someday, and deeply touched.

“Husband, I… am smitten with you,” said Huang Nü, blushing and putting her head on Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng was charismatic, otherwise, why would so many women like him?

“Oh, my little beauty, you’re making me melt,” said Lin Feng teasingly, holding her snowy-white chin with two fingers and staring her straight in the eyes. He had the impression that Huang Nü had the potential to become a second Meng Qing, because she was very charismatic, strong, and attractive. She had a real personality.

Huang Nü closed her eyes and waited.


What happened after was obvious. Godly Emperor Blood was waiting impatiently, he turned around a few times, but he couldn’t see them, they were surrounded by energies. He was really furious when he saw that. “Stinky little bastard, making your teacher wait like this!”

Even though he wasn’t officially Lin Feng’s teacher, he considered Lin Feng his disciple, his only disciple ever!

Three hours passed, Godly Emperor Blood was getting really impatient. Finally, Lin Feng and Huang Nü reappeared. Huang Nü’s face was completely red and her hair was messy.

Godly Emperor Blood coughed and looked at Lin Feng angrily. He obviously knew what had happened.

“Stinky little bastard, you should be punished for making your teacher wait for so long,” said Godly Emperor Blood, throwing a punch at Lin Feng. He didn’t use too much strength, and Lin Feng didn’t use pure Qi to block the punch, either. He took the punch like an ordinary man.

He had the impression his bones were broken, and he would be in pain for at least half a day. Huang Nü laughed.

The old man coughed. “Anyway, enough… Lin Feng, destroy the altar and the statue. Even though Mo Mian and I are not friends, I am his reincarnation, and I don’t want to be considered a criminal,” said Godly Emperor Blood.

Lin Feng let go off Huang Nü’s hand and walked over to the altar. He took out his Buddha Sword and destroyed it. The hundred meter tall statue also collapsed and turned to powder.

Lin Feng took his three items back, and glanced around. He had obtained so much in this place, he would never forget it.

“Alright, come on, the Yin Territory isn’t our world,” said Godly Emperor Blood, sighing and combing his beard.

Lin Feng nodded and turned around, asking, “Master, should we continue moving forwards or should we go back?”

“Let’s go out. This place is extremely dangerous, it could get worse. You were safe in here so far because the Demon Emperor’s broken soul helped you, otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to come this far.

“You remember the Stone Battle Generals? They were there to help you fight against the unknown creatures. The Demon Emperor’s broken soul has dispersed, so the Stone Battle Generals are yours. You can bring them back to town, you’ll scare away many people with them.”

“Regarding that piece of trash, bring him back so that nobody says you’re a criminal again,” said Godly Emperor Blood, pointing at Godly Emperor Jiu, who was lying on the ground unconscious.

Lin Feng nodded. He put Godly Emperor Jiu in a ring, and Godly Emperor Blood went back into his spirit world.

“Let’s go, Little Huang,” said Lin Feng, stretching out his hand. Huang Nü glanced at him and ran away, ignoring him.

Lin Feng laughed and scratched his nose. He didn’t understand women, or maybe he always met weird ones?

Lin Feng followed her through the underground tunnels. On the way, Lin Feng picked up the eighty Stone Battle Generals. Each Stone Battle General had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. With so many Half-Godly Emperors, nobody could compete with him in Xuan Yuan City.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü continued running towards the exit. They soon arrived outside again.

They didn’t stop, and continued flying towards the Yin Gate.

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