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Chapter 396: Before Leaving!

Chapter 396: Before Leaving!

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“Finally, you’re back, my beloved daughter!” When Godly Emperor Huang saw Huang Nü and Lin Feng come out of the Yin Gate, he was delighted and infinitely relieved.

Godly Emperor Huang had come to the Yin Gate to wait the day before. if they hadn’t come, he would have probably crossed the Yin Gate alone; he wouldn’t have made anyone from Xuan Yuan City come with him.

Luckily, Lin Feng and Huang Nü had come back before that. And they weren’t injured! On the contrary, Lin Feng had even reached the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer! His Qi was completely different from before. His protective godly aura had also become even more dazzling. A new Godly Emperor would soon appear in the Continent of the Gods, and on top of that, a young one!

“Father, I gave him my seed,” said Huang Nü, biting her lips and blushing.

Godly Emperor Huang’s eyes popped open… he couldn’t believe it! He inspected his daughter’s Qi, and indeed, the godly emperor seed Huang Teng Hua had disappeared from her body. He also sensed some of Lin Feng’s Qi inside of her, which meant Lin Feng and Huang Nü had…

Godly Emperor Huang looked startled and glared at Lin Feng icily. Even though he used to say Lin Feng was a good match for her all the time, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would dare deflower her. How audacious, and on top of that, in the Yin Territory!…

“Ah! Little boy! You showed your true colors, eh?!” Godly Emperor Huang was getting angry. He wanted to crush Lin Feng.

“Father, it’s not what you think! Let me tell you the story!” shouted Huang Nü when she saw her father didn’t understand. She told her father everything: that Lin Feng had been in danger, that he had obtained Mo Mian’s second batch of transmissions, and so forth.


After Huang Nü was done talking, Godly Emperor Huang looked relieved and surprised. That little boy had inherited the second batch of transmissions? And the great Xue Ran had also transmitted knowledge to him before this?!

After calming down, Godly Emperor Huang thought it wasn’t that bad to have a son-in-law like this. He could be proud to have one! He didn’t show it, though. He just hoped his daughter would be happy with him and that he would treat her well. He looked at Lin Feng coldly and stated, “Little boy, you better treat my daughter well! If you don’t, I don’t mind killing you, even if I have to perish along with you!”

“Daaaaaad! Stop scaring my husband!” said Huang Nü hastily, stepping between her father and Lin Feng.

Godly Emperor Huang frowned and sighed. “When a girl is of age, she must be married off. You’re a grown-up now, but I am still your father. Sigh…” said Godly Emperor Huang, pretending to be sad. He clasped his hands in his back calmly.

Huang Nü’s eyes became wet and she hugged her father, she cried and said, “Father, I am not worthy of being your daughter!”

“Don’t cry, my beloved daughter. I am happy for you. I hope you’ll be happy. It wasn’t easy to heal you and help you regain your human form. I did all I could for you before, but I won’t always be by your side, and Lin Feng will. As his wife, he will protect you forever.

“I know that this young man is not a little bastard who seduces and then abandons women. You did so much for him. He probably feels incredibly grateful. Now, he can take care of you,” said Godly Emperor Huang. His eyes were wet as he spoke.

He had raised his daughter, and now she wasn’t his alone anymore. It was difficult to be a father…

It was like that to be a parent, one had to let their children go away someday. Godly Emperor Huang understood that, but he still felt sad and nostalgic.

Lin Feng knew he had to promise Godly Emperor Huang he would take care of her when he saw them like that.

“Master, don’t worry. I will always protect Little Huang. I will never let anyone harm her,” said Lin Feng.

“And how can you be so confident?” said Godly Emperor Huang coldly.

“Because she is my wife, and I am Lin Feng!” Lin Feng replied fearlessly. Lin Feng hadn’t forgotten he was facing a Godly Emperor. However, he couldn’t flinch!

When Godly Emperor Huang heard that, he remained silent for a few minutes and finally sighed, “Alright, I’m relieved. She’s yours,” said Godly Emperor Huang, smiling and nodding. He let go of his daughter, and Huang Nü ran into Lin Feng’s arms.

“My beloved daughter is yours. I have nothing to worry about,” said Godly Emperor Huang, nodding and smiling.

“Master, don’t worry, I…”

“Eh? You’re calling me “Master”?” Godly Emperor Huang glared at Lin Feng angrily.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and bowed quickly, “Father-in-law, don’t worry, Little Huang is safe with me. I, as her husband, will always support her.

“She did so much for me, she gave up her most precious thing for me, how could I ever betray her? If I ever betray her, may I be cursed, may my de…”

“Stop talking, darling,” said Huang Nü putting her hand on his mouth quickly.

Lin Feng laughed and nodded. At that moment, he really started falling in love with this girl. Guilt was being slowly replaced by love in his heart.

She made him feel at ease. Lin Feng’s heart quickened when he looked at her.

“Let’s go back to town,” said Godly Emperor Huang after a little while. He was satisfied with the whole situation, and even happy.


Half an hour later, they arrived in Xuan Yuan City.

“Godly Emperor Huang, these are the Demon Emperor’s eighty Stone Battle Generals, I’ll leave them in Xuan Yuan City so that they can protect it. I’ll also leave the Xuan Yuan Throne in town, the Stone Battle Generals will listen to it. You can also use the Xuan Yuan Throne to control them. They can help fight against the unknown creatures.

“There are many different sorts of unknown creatures. In this memory crystal, I made a list of the different sorts of unknown creatures. There are a dozen types. I also indicated their weaknesses and strengths. It’s yours.

“Maybe that it’s not a good thing to do as the town’s Great Leader, but I have to go back to the central part of the Continent of the Gods now. I need to help my friend Yan Di; he’s in danger, so I hope everybody can forgive me,” said Lin Feng to the hundreds of strong cultivators of the city after they arrived at the top of the city wall. He cupped his fist bowed.

Officer Tie Xuan quickly replied, “Understood, Great Leader!”

“Great Leader, your wife and you can leave without worrying about us. With the Stone Battle Generals, we’ll be alright,” said Officer Tie Xuan.

Lin Feng nodded. He was relieved. He was the leader of Xuan Yuan City, and also the Demon Emperor’s heir, he had lots of things to do and responsibilities.

“Father, I’ll leave the rest to you,” said Lin Feng to Godly Emperor Huang.

Godly Emperor Huang nodded and glanced at Huang Nü, looking sad. “Daughter!”

“Father!” said Huang Nü. She didn’t feel like leaving either, but she didn’t cry. She hugged her father and left.

“It’s alright, leave now!” said Godly Emperor Huang, pretending to be impatient to see them leave. However, Huang Nü and Lin Feng knew he was really sad and was probably going to cry after their departure.

“Let’s go, Little Huang,” said Lin Feng, grabbing her hand.

“Bastard! Lin Feng, you asshole! Release our teacher!” shouted someone at that moment. Zi Xuan flew towards Lin Feng extremely quickly and raised his spear. He wanted to attack Lin Feng by surprise.

Lin Feng grunted icily and threw a punch at Zi Xuan’s spear. Zi Xuan shuddered with fear as his spear was blown away. Lin Feng grabbed Zi Xuan and lifted him up.

Lin Feng had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. However, the difference between them was already gigantic. At the same cultivation level, few people could compete with Lin Feng.

Zi Xuan used to be confident when facing Lin Feng, but not anymore, and was dealt with after only one punch. However, Lin Feng didn’t want to kill him.

“Your teacher has become a piece of trash. If you want him back, no problem, I’ll hand him over to you,” said Lin Feng icily. He threw Zi Xuan away and flung a ring at him. Godly Emperor Jiu emerged from the ring and crashed onto the ground.

Godly Emperor Jiu’s face was extremely pale and his hair was messy. He didn’t look like a godly emperor anymore, and he didn’t have his godly aura anymore, either.

When Godly Emperor Huang saw that, his hair bristled. It was incredible to see a Godly Emperor like that.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Teacher! How is this possible!?” shouted Zi Xuan, outraged. He crouched down and looked at his teacher, and when he saw he had no cultivation anymore, he glared at Lin Feng furiously and clenched his fists.

“ARRRGGHHHHH! I’ll kill you!” shouted Zi Xuan furiously, throwing himself at Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng just glanced at him coldly. He glanced at Mo Fang, and Mo Fang nodded back.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and a space shuttle appeared. Lin Feng and Huang Nü jumped inside. Mo Fang also flew towards them.

Lin Feng had promised Mo Zhang that he would take Mo Fang on a trip to see the world. He had to bring him along.

“Dad, we’re off!” said Huang Nü waved. The space shuttle turned into a beam of light and they disappeared from Godly Emperor Huang and the other strong cultivators’ fields of vision.

Godly Emperor Huang looked as if he were a hundred years older, but if his daughter was happy, then he was happy.

“Bring them back. Don’t let them leave until I give you the authorization,” said Godly Emperor Huang icily. Tie Xuan was already being oppressed by Zi Xuan. He shouted furiously, and a countless number of strong cultivators surrounded Zi Xuan. They captured Godly Emperor Jiu and the others and took them away.

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor couldn’t learn about this, or he would destroy Xuan Yuan City.

He would surely learn about it, sooner or later, but for the time being, they didn’t need to worry about that.

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