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Chapter 397: Unforeseen Event in Criminals’ Village!

Chapter 397: Unforeseen Event in Criminals’ Village!

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“Lin Feng, I want to go back to the village first, and then we can go to the central part of the Continent of the Gods.”

One day passed and on the second day, Mo Fang finally told Lin Feng he wanted to go back first.

Lin Feng didn’t mind, he was just worried. How could he explain to Mo Zhang what had happened to Mo Tu? Mo Tu had just arrived in Xuan Yuan City and then he had died… How would the old man react? Would he survive?

Lin Feng was very worried, so he hesitated.

When Mo Fang saw Lin Feng looked hesitant, he understood and said, “Brother Lin Feng, don’t worry. Life and death are normal things. People from Criminals’ Village die all the time. My grandpa won’t blame you.”

“Alright, I hope so,” said Lin Feng sighed. He was really sad, even if Mo Fang tried to cheer him up. He recalled when Mo Tu had drowned in the poisonous tentacles, then he had seen his corpse… what a cruel thing. Lin Feng felt really guilty.

“This world is cruel, you know that. Guilt is useless,” said Huang Nü at that moment.

Lin Feng glanced at her, but said nothing. Her words were harsh, but she was right; it was a cruel world. It was the law of the jungle. The weak were the prey of the strong. Weak people died, strong people lived. Strength was the most important thing.

In Mo Tu’s case, it was just that the world was cruel.

“Thank you, Little Huang,” said Lin Feng smiling. Huang Nü smiled back. The space shuttle streaked across the sky.

She was a hundred years old. Because she had transformed into a plant, she was very lonely. She had even lost her senses for a long time, and knew nothing of the outside world. The world had changed a lot since she had transformed into a plant. It was a good opportunity for her to discover and explore this new world. She also wanted to know what her enemy had become!


The space shuttle was extremely fast because Lin Feng controlled it. With the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, he was much faster than when he used to have the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer before. Therefore, it took them only half a day to arrive at Criminals’ Village.

Without Lin Feng, that village was just a hidden land of peace and prosperity where like-minded people lived in harmony.

But they didn’t live in isolation because they wanted to; they were forced to by the Celestial Emperor, because of their origins. He treated them like animals.

Lin Feng actually enjoyed spending some time in a place like that. Nobody plotted against him, nobody fought, it was as if everybody was part of a big family.

The space shuttle landed at the top of the mountain where Lin Feng had been saved by a mysterious person. Lin Feng stood at the top and looked over Criminals’ Village.

Lin Feng and the two others jumped off the space shuttle and slowly walked down the mountain path towards the entrance of Criminals’ Village.

However, the main street, which was usually lively, was completely silent. Nobody talked. There was no children playing on the sidewalk, either.

There was something wrong. Lin Feng and Huang Nü realized that instantly. The Qi was strange too, cold and deadly.

“It seems like something happened,” said Huang Nü.

“Grandpa! I want to see my grandpa!” Mo Zhang looked devastated and panic-stricken. He clenched his fists and ran away towards Mo Zhang’s residence. Lin Feng and Huang Nü followed him.

There was absolutely nobody there. Lin Feng passed in front of a few houses belonging to the old women who had started treating him as a son during his stay there, but there was nobody. Their things were still tidy in their houses.

Lin Feng ran towards Mo Zhang’s house, but when he arrived, the house had been crushed. There was no grass anymore around the house. Lin Feng walked towards a piece of purple wood, the remains of the old man’s bed.

Lin Feng looked at Mo Fang and realized something.

“Grandpa and the others may have been captured,” said Mo Fang. He looked furious, clenching his fists and shouting, “I’ll kill them!! Those bastards!”

Mo Fang’s voice made the whole village shake. He wanted to find his enemies and crush them. Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t let him take that risk, so he grabbed Mo Fang’s arm.

“You’re very angry, but it’s of no help. We need to investigate and find the culprits,” Lin Feng said, trying to calm Mo Fang down, even if he understood his reaction. He also went crazy when someone tried to harm his family members.

“I know. There’s only one city in the region, it’s called Ya City. It’s guarded by people who are under the orders of Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. It was created to watch us. I think that the villagers may have been kidnapped and taken there,” said Mo Fang, gritting his teeth. He hated Tian Di the Celestial Emperor so much!

Lin Feng hated Tian Di even more after hearing Mo Fang’s story. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was truly evil. He was definitely not worthy of being the ruler of the world.

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s go to Ya City right now,” said Lin Feng. He took out the space shuttle again, and the three of them jumped into it and flew in the direction of Ya City, which was five hundred li away.


Ya City was the biggest city in the north. It wasn’t under the jurisdiction of any territory. It was an independent town where strong cultivators sent by Tian Di the Celestial Emperor lived. It was near a region called the Xia Region, but the strong cultivators dispatched by the Tian Di the Celestial Emperor could easily defeat the Xia Region’s Godly Leaders.

The Godly Leader of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine was a cultivator of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he would need years and years before breaking through to the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s troops could easily defeat such people.

The north was much more powerful than the east, but still, the strongest Godly Leaders there had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.


Lin Feng and the two others arrived in Ya City in one hour.

The architecture there was similar to the architecture in Gods City. The buildings were beautiful and majestic. They were made of jade, bluestone, and other precious materials. Some buildings were hundreds or even thousands of meters high. The city walls were hundreds of meters high, they weren’t shorter than in Xuan Yuan City.

Even though Xuan Yuan City was a city, there wasn’t much there, it was just there to protect the Continent of the Gods from the creatures of the Yin Territory. Ya City was different. That city was hundreds of li in size.

Zhongzhuan City was the biggest city of the East, but it was incomparable to Ya City. The East was really tiny.

But Lin Feng could understand why it was so wide, because of its background. It was a territory under Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s direct control. They were rich!

“No need to worry, you are descendants of the Demon Emperor, they can’t possible kill all of you like that. Even the Celestial Emperor wouldn’t be able to cope with the consequences.”

“Your clan must be safe so far. Don’t worry,” said Lin Feng to Mo Fang whose face was completely pale.

“Indeed, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor is smart, he wouldn’t act recklessly,” agreed Huang Nü.

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