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Chapter 398: Ya City’s Leader!

Chapter 398: Ya City’s Leader!

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“Let’s find an inn and then try to find information,” suggested Huang Nü. It was a good idea.

The three of them found an inn, a room was one million Godly Stones.

Everybody needed Godly Stones, it was the currency of the continent. Lin Feng had no Godly Stones, so he paid a low level godly imperial weapon instead.

Lin Feng took two rooms, one for him and Huang Nü, and one for Mo Fang.

But anyway, the most important thing was to find information regarding Mo Fang’s clan.

Lin Feng and Mo Fang left. Huang Nü waited in the inn.


“Brother, do you know Criminals’ Village?” Lin Feng was walking on the main street, and asked someone who seemed quite strong.

The man looked at Lin Feng. He couldn’t see how strong Lin Feng was, so he remained vigilant and said, “Of course I do, those criminals are the Demon Emperor’s descendants, who doesn’t know about them?”

“So you probably know that the inhabitants of Criminals’ Village have been kidnapped and taken here?” said Lin Feng.

The man looked nervous, and didn’t want to talk to Lin Feng anymore. He turned around and walked away, but how could Lin Feng let him? He released a bit of Qi. When the man sensed Lin Feng’s Qi, he was frightened. Lin Feng’s Qi was more powerful than most of the strong cultivators in Ya City!

“Master, please. I’ll tell you anything,” said the man, already covered with cold sweat. He had the impression his arms were going to explode. He feared strong people, so he said everything.

Lin Feng learned everything he wanted to learn. The inhabitants of Criminals’ Village had been kidnapped three days after Lin Feng had left. However, the man didn’t know where they had been taken, but he was sure they were in Ya City.

After that, Lin Feng interrogated a few more people and learned everything he needed to know. One thing made him extremely anxious, though.

The leader of Ya City was going to execute Mo Zhang, accusing him of being a traitor.

It was always the same, those people were always accused of being traitors, so they had to be punished.

Lin Feng was furious. Once again, the same thing. The Demon Emperor’s descendants were really unlucky, and it was never-ending.

Who was the leader of Ya City, though? He was probably closely related to the Celestial Emperor. The Celestial Emperor had probably given him that order, otherwise, why would he do that?

“Oh no, since I learned about this, Mo Fang may have too…” Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He was extremely worried about Mo Fang. If Mo Fang heard about that, he would rush over to the town’s Great Leader, and with only the strength of the ninth layer, he would be killed.

Because of Mo Fang’s behavior, the Celestial Emperor would have one more reason to kill Mo Zhang!

“Lin Feng, the leader of Ya City is quite strong, I know him,” said Godly Emperor Blood, coming out of Lin Feng’s spirit world. He looked quite grave. Only Lin Feng could see him, other people couldn’t.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Godly Emperor Blood. Xue Ran used to be famous back in the days, and was extremely strong. There were few people around he said were strong and dangerous.

“What is his cultivation level?” asked Lin Feng.

“Third Godly Emperor layer!” said Godly Emperor Blood, amused.

“Eh…?” Lin Feng was stupefied and nervous.

Third Godly Emperor layer? How strong! Mo Zhang was from Criminals’ Village, he didn’t stand a single chance against someone like that.

Lin Feng regretted that he had crippled Godly Emperor Jiu’s cultivation. He could have taken him there, controlled him with the Xuan Yuan Throne, and made him resist Ya City’s leader while he saved the inhabitants of Criminals’ Village.

But now Lin Feng had to be extremely careful and hope that Mo Fang wasn’t doing anything foolish.

“Master, do you have a plan?” Lin Feng asked Godly Emperor Blood. Godly Emperor Blood was Xue Ran, the Demon Emperor’s reincarnation; he had to have a plan, otherwise, he wouldn’t have looked at Lin Feng amused when he had told him the cultivation level of the town’s leader.

“I do. There’s always a solution,” said Godly Emperor Blood. Lin Feng sighed with relief.

“But you can’t do it,” added Godly Emperor Blood.

Lin Feng glumly asked, “What’s the plan?”

“You must break through to the first Godly Emperor layer within two days, then our souls can fuse together and we’ll have the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer, and we can block the leader. Meanwhile, Huang Nü and Mo Fang can save those people.”

“But you just broke through to the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, you can’t possibly level up again. Also, it’s extremely difficult to break from the Half-Godly Emperor layer through to the Godly Emperor layer. You could easily lose your mind and die.

“There aren’t many Half-Godly Emperors in the continent, between eight and ten thousand. But there are at the very most one thousand Godly Emperors.”

“You understand? There’s a one percent chance of breaking through to the Godly Emperor layer,” said Godly Emperor Blood. Even though he had faith in Lin Feng’s abilities and talent, he didn’t think Lin Feng could succeed, unless a miracle happened.

Even Lin Feng didn’t think he could break through to the first Godly Emperor layer in two or three days. If he did, he’d be the first one in the whole world.

Lin Feng’s cultivation speed was already incredible. Some people practiced cultivation extremely hard and never managed to break through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer. Lin Feng had broken from the bottom of the Half-Godly Emperor layer to the top in less than two months, it was already incredible.

Lin Feng was convinced he could break through to the Godly Emperor layer in six months if he tried really hard, but not three days!

“Let’s go back to the inn first and we’ll see,” sighed Godly Emperor Blood. He turned into a blood-red beam of light and disappeared.

Lin Feng looked at the tallest building in Ya City. It was the residence of the leader of Ya City. He sighed and headed back to the inn.

Huang Nü was at the window waiting for Lin Feng to come back.

Lin Feng opened the door and entered their room. It smelled good inside the room.

“Husband, did you find anything?”

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