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Chapter 399: Mo Fang in Danger!

Chapter 399: Mo Fang in Danger!

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Lin Feng closed the door. When he smelled the fragrance in the room, he calmed down. He told Huang Nü everything he had learned. Huang Nü had lived for ten thousand years, she definitely knew about the leader of Ya City, at least that’s what Lin Feng thought.

However, Lin Feng was surprised when she didn’t. Ten thousand years ago, Ya City didn’t exist. It had been created after.

“Such things are complex. We don’t know the details,” Huang Nü frowned. A cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer… What a difficult opponent. Saving the three hundred inhabitants of Criminals’ Village wouldn’t be easy.

Regarding Godly Emperor Blood’s advice, Huang Nü had an idea, she thought could work. However, would Lin Feng agree?

Lin Feng was curious.

“Actually, it’s very simple, you need to consume a piece of my flesh, then you use the godly emperor seed, then, and you’ll be able to break through to the Godly Emperor layer! Huang Teng Hua, the godly emperor seed, is part of my body. If you consume my flesh, it’ll help you assimilate the seed easily. Then breaking through to the Godly Emperor layer will be easy, therefore-”

“That’s your suggestion?” said Lin Feng, interrupting her.

“What? You don’t want to?” Huang Nü smiled. Lin Feng was angry, which made her feel touched.

“How could I eat a piece of your flesh?!” Lin Feng hmphed.

“Then there’s no solution. You can’t save the Demon Emperor’s descendants,” Huang Nü sighed.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü remained silent. The atmosphere was heavy. One could hear them breathe. Huang Nü blushed and walked away, feeling awkward.

The moonlight penetrated into their room through the window. It was calm at night in Ya City. It was cold, too. Ya City was a rich city, but they didn’t allow night markets and such things.

“By the way, Little Huang, has Mo Fang come back?” asked Lin Feng suddenly. They had focused on his issue and almost forgotten about Mo Fang.

Mo Fang had left with Lin Feng and he hadn’t come back.

“Mo Fang must have heard the same thing as me and gone to the leader’s residence… They must have captured him by now,” said Lin Feng, looking at the highest building of the city. It would make the situation even more dangerous for Mo Zhang.

Because he would be accused of two crimes, and Mo Fang might be sentenced to death as well. The Celestial Emperor would be extremely happy.

Lin Feng started thinking that leaving Criminals’ Village with Mo Fang hadn’t been a great idea, it had probably drawn some people’s attention. Only three days later, the inhabitants of Criminals’ Village had been captured.

Lin Feng immediately thought of the two Godly Emperors who had come with Meng Tian back then. They were both Half-Godly Emperors from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. What if they talked about Godly Emperor Jiu and Lin Feng? It would be extremely troublesome.

Lin Feng was furious at himself. He had been careless, and forgotten about those two people. They had hidden really well after he had killed Meng Tian.

“Little Huang, can you contact your father?” asked Lin Feng when he realized the situation was a bit out of control. Huang Nü’s face paled. If Lin Feng was right, Godly Emperor Huang and people in Xuan Yuan City in general were in danger.

“I can contact him. I will tell him about the two people.” She took out a small flower leaf and wrote a few things on it, then she smashed it onto the ground with deadly force and the leaf turned into powder.

“My father will receive my message within twelve hours,” said Huang Nü. Lin Feng nodded. He was extremely worried, and hoped they weren’t too late. Those two people couldn’t be allowed to leave Xuan Yuan City if they were still there.

“Husband, what about Mo Fang?” asked Huang Nü. She had mixed feelings. She didn’t really want Lin Feng to take risks because of Criminals’ Village. If they had to go through all those hardships, it was because of the Demon Emperor’s decisions.

Sooner or later, the Celestial Emperor would get really angry.

She was Lin Feng’s wife, and she wanted to support him. Huang Nü wanted to tell Lin Feng to stop caring about those people, but she didn’t dare. She was sure that Lin Feng would get angry if she said that, and their relationship would deteriorate.

Lin Feng didn’t know what she was thinking, he was trying to think of solutions. He thought of something suddenly: why not go to the Ya City palace as the leader of Xuan Yuan City?

However, considering Mo Fang’s situation, it was difficult to plan anything.

“Tomorrow morning, I’ll go and pay a visit to the leader of Ya City as the leader of Xuan Yuan City,” decided Lin Feng. He hoped Huang Nü would come with him.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü went to bed. They made love but it wasn’t as mad and passionate as in the Yin Territory.


At that moment, in the residence of Ya City’s leader…



Whipping sounds spread in the air. There was blood on the walls, stinking up the place.

It was the northern part of a prison. There was an old man hanging on a wall, his white prisoner’s clothes soaked with blood and urine, his grey hair messy, his face dirty.

His Qi was extremely weak, he was about to kick the bucket. Now and then he got whipped.

The old man was opposite a table. Seated there was a man in purple clothes. There was a blank sheet on the table and the man was writing about Mo Zhang’s crimes. Mo Zhang, the Demon Emperor’s descendant.

“Old man, will you talk or not? If you admit you committed crimes, we’ll put you in a cell with people from your clan. But it’s been a while, you think the leader will not kill your fellow villagers?”

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