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Chapter 400: Face To Face!

Chapter 400: Face To Face!

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“You people are dogs, you don’t understand what loyalty and honor are. We are not like that, we prefer perishing altogether,” said Mo Zhang, smiling icily. He could barely open his eyes.

“You… hit him! Let’s see how resistant this old bag of bones is,” said the official, pulling a long face and grinding his teeth.

Pa… Pa…

The hack whipped the old man twice. Mo Zhang groaned with pain. His voice was so weak it was difficult to hear him. He had no strength anymore and he was an ordinary man… but he was an ordinary man with a powerful background, that’s how he had managed to survive.

At that moment, another prison guard arrived. When he saw the official pulling a long face, he was surprised, but when he saw Mo Zhang, he smiled ferociously.

“Hehe, old bag of bones, someone is here for you. You’ll be so happy.” The high official raised his left hand and two prison guards entered the room, holding a man in black clothes. His feet were tied, and there were wounds all over his body.

Mo Zhang raised his head slowly, then his expression suddenly changed.

“Little Fang, my grandson! How is this possible?” Mo Zhang started trembling. The emotional pain was even worse than the physical pain.

“Hmph! What’s wrong, old bag of bones? What do you think? Will you admit your crimes this time?” said the official. He waved and the two prison guards threw Mo Fang onto the ground. The official stood up, grabbed a metallic stick and put it in a fire. It was used to brand people with the sign “CRIMINAL”.

“Our Great Leader made it himself, it’s as powerful as a medium-level godly imperial weapon. When used, most people lose half of their vitality,” said the official, raising the scorching piece of metal with a sinister smile. He walked over to Mo Zhang and stopped the tip of the metal stick a dozen centimeters away from him, then looked at Mo Zhang.

“Will you admit or not?” said the official icily.

“I…” Mo Zhang started crying. He didn’t want to say he had committed a crime, but how could he just watch?

“Ancestor, I’m so sorry. I am not worthy of being your descendant. I am a disgrace. If Little Fang survives, he will avenge you!”

Mo Fang cried too. He was shaking from head to foot. He was a descendant of the Demon Emperor. Even though the Demon Emperor had been called a criminal or a traitor for a long time, the inhabitants of Criminals Village had never accepted that. If they admitted they were criminals, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor would be relieved.

“Official… I… I…” said Mo Zhang. His face was pale. He looked even older than before. He was about to admit he was a criminal.

“No, don’t, grandpa…” coughed Mo Fang weakly. Mo Zhang shuddered and looked at Mo Fang, who looked so determined.


After the sun rose the next day, it was really hot in Ya City. The temperature easily reached hundreds of degrees, people below the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer couldn’t stay there.

Therefore, people in Ya City had the strength of the Low-Level Holy Emperor at least. That was why there weren’t that many people in Ya City, even though it was gigantic. They had had to find solutions to protect shop owners.

The leader of Ya City was in his palace, protected by four cultivators of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. People from other places were often astonished, because their own Godly Leaders only had the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

However, in Ya City, cultivators of the Holy Spirit Emperor were only guards. What a difference!

Shortly after sunrise, two people arrived in front of the leader’s palace. The man was wearing black clothes and his long black hair hung over his shoulders, he had a sword in his back, the Buddha Sword. The woman was behind him, wearing a golden armor which drew many people’s attention, and she was also extremely beautiful. Many men felt they were bewitched when they saw her, but when they saw him, they stayed far away. How could they steal a Half-Godly Emperor’s wife?

Lin Feng didn’t stow the sword in his ring, he carried it on his back, it made him look stronger.

“Who are you? Leave now!” said the four guards when they saw Lin Feng and Huang Nü. But when they saw Lin Feng’s strength, they were scared. Top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer… there were very few Half-Godly Emperors in Ya City.

“I’m here to pay a visit to your leader. Tell him Lin Feng is here,” Lin Feng said icily.

The four guards looked surprised, but they remained respectful because Lin Feng was a Half-Godly Emperor. They were just simple guards. They looked at Lin Feng coldly, but they were afraid he would attack them.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly which made them feel even more nervous. He just waited patiently.

Very quickly, a guard came back. His expression had changed, and he knew Lin Feng’s social status now. When he came back, he bowed hand over fist and said, “Please come in, Great Leader!”

The guards moved aside and let Lin Feng and Huang Nü enter.

The three other guards’ faces were pale. That one guard had just called Lin Feng ‘Great Leader’?

Some people didn’t know Lin Feng, but people who were from prestigious places knew him, his rank was similar to that of the Five Governments’ leaders! The three guards didn’t dare say anything.

However, when Lin Feng saw the gate open itself, he shouted furiously. “I am not a Godly Emperor, but I am the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City! How come you’re not here to welcome me!?

“You have three seconds! If you don’t come out, Xuan Yuan City will sue you and you will become a criminal! Then strong cultivators will be sent to Ya City to punish you!”

Everybody in Ya City heard him. They were astonished.

They had lived for a very long time, but they had never heard anyone threaten the Great Leader of Ya City.

Many strong cultivators rushed over to see who had dared talk to their leader like that.

“Hehe, the leader of Xuan Yuan City is a bit arrogant. I, Yuan Xuan, have never done anything bad for the Continent of the Gods. Why did you come to attack me verbally?”

The Great Leader came out four seconds later and smiled disdainfully.

Lin Feng had said three seconds, he came out four seconds later, which showed he disdained Lin Feng. He was a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer though, so it was normal. Lin Feng was just a Half-Godly Emperor. Their ranks were similar, but not their cultivation level.

Lin Feng looked at him icily. He had already anticipated this, so he had thought of something.

“Godly Emperor Blood, let’s start!”

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