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Chapter 401: Qualified!

Chapter 401: Qualified!

Edited by Aelryinth

Lin Feng and Godly Emperor Blood’s souls fused together once again. Lin Feng’s godly aura became even more dazzling, blinding people with the white lights of his aura.

Lin Feng raised his hands, and the gate of the palace exploded. Lin Feng entered.

“Since the leader of Ya City didn’t want to let me in, I had to go in myself,” Lin Feng smiled icily. He walked on the wooden debris of the broken gate and entered the palace. The four guards’ faces were pale and they were trembling. Lin Feng walked past them without even glancing at them, which only scared them more.

Lin Feng’s Qi was more powerful than that of a Half-Godly Emperor. It was the Qi of the Godly Emperor layer. To the four Holy Spirit Emperors, it was terrifying.

“As expected, he’s quite strong, no wonder he’s the leader of Xuan Yuan City,” said Yuan Xuan at that moment. He didn’t sound angry. He could care less about the gate of the palace.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü walked towards the palace, and noticed Yuan Xuan. He was smiling broadly, seated at the foot of a big tree and holding a cup of tea. In front of him, there was a table with a chessboard. There were two sets of pieces on it, white and black.

“Welcome, Great Leader Lin,” said Yuan Xuan. When he saw Lin Feng, he slowly stood up and cupped his fist in his other hand before his chest. Lin Feng’s status wasn’t low, as he was the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City, after all. His rank wasn’t any lower than Yuan Xuan’s. He had heard of Lin Feng’s achievements, and he knew how strong he was. He didn’t dare underestimate him.

“Great Leader Yuan, I like your lifestyle,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. He didn’t mention the fact that Yuan Xuan had disrespected him a little. What would it help to mention that? He couldn’t teach him a good lesson, anyway. He couldn’t do anything against a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer, even when he fused together with Godly Emperor Blood’s soul, because he only had the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer.

Therefore, Lin Feng had broken the gate of the palace to show he wasn’t a weakling, not to lose face. Regarding the fact that Yuan Xuan had talked to him disdainfully, Lin Feng couldn’t do much, as Yuan Xuan was stronger than him after all.

The two of them were smart. They didn’t need to say what they thought to understand one another. Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t mind that Yuan Xuan looked at him mockingly. Yuan Xuan didn’t mind that Lin Feng had broken the gate, either.

“Great Leader Lin, what brings you to Ya City?” asked Yuan Xuan, smiling emptily. He slowly sat down again and played with his cup of tea. He seemed amused.

Lin Feng smiled. Yuan Xuan didn’t tell him to sit, but Lin Feng wasn’t going to adhere to formalities anyway. He sat down and glanced at Huang Nü to tell her to sit down as well.

Yuan Xuan was a bit surprised, admiring Lin Feng for his courage. Most people wouldn’t have dared sit down without his permission.


“I came to borrow some of your fighters to protect the Continent of the Gods,” said Lin Feng. He had already planned everything and made a simple request. He didn’t really need people or help, it was just the beginning of his plan.

Yuan Xuan’s expression suddenly changed. He looked puzzled, he sighed and said, “Great Leader Lin, recently, Ya City has been having problems. There are many robbers and bandits. I dispatched all my guards already. I’m afraid…”

“Is that so? Great Leader Yuan, don’t lie. If you refuse and that Xuan Yuan City is in danger, I can’t be held responsible alone!” said Lin Feng, smiling in amusement. What he was saying was that now that he had asked Yuan Xuan for help and that Yuan Xuan had refused, if Xuan Yuan City was in trouble, Yuan Xuan would be held responsible.

Nobody would be able to say that Lin Feng hadn’t done his best to protect Xuan Yuan City after that.

Yuan Xuan looked glum, and his eyes gleamed coldly. Lin Feng smiled widely, he even looked amused. Yuan Xuan also noticed the coldness in that look.

“You seem happy, Great Leader Lin,” Yuan Xuan said icily.

“Is it funny? The situation is serious and you’re mocking me?” answered Lin Feng coldly, not giving him face.

“Isn’t it funny, though? Why would I be held responsible?” said Yuan Xuan. He looked even glummer and angrier.

Lin Feng looked amused and indifferent, and said slowly, “I need help. If you refuse and there is a problem, it’ll obviously be your fault,” answered Lin Feng, smiling mockingly.

Yuan Xuan’s eyes gleamed. They were filled with killing intent for half a second.

“Why don’t you ask other people for help?” asked Yuan Xuan threateningly. He started releasing some threads of Qi of the third Godly Emperor layer.

Lin Feng grunted with pain and his face paled. But he smiled even more broadly and asked, “What? Will you dare kill me? The leader of Xuan Yuan City?”

“Hmph! If you want to cause trouble, you can leave!” said Yuan Xuan aggressively. He rolled up his sleeves and waved. He wanted some of his guards to make them leave, otherwise, the situation would deteriorate.

“We can leave, but before that, release my friend,” said Lin Feng sighing.

“Oh? Friend? What friend? When did your friend come here?” said Yuan Xuan pretending he didn’t understand.

“Isn’t he here? What a pity. Since he’s one of the officers in charge of Xuan Yuan City, if my friend is gone, I’ll have to report that to people higher up in the hierarchy,” said Lin Feng, pretending to be sad.

Yuan Xuan looked grim. He naturally knew what Lin Feng was talking about. Mo Fang had come on the previous day to save his grandfather, Yuan Xuan had captured him himself and used him to threaten Mo Zhang.

But since when was Mo Fang an officer? Yuan Xuan didn’t believe that. Lin Feng was just plotting.

“Great Leader Lin, I hope that you won’t cause any more trouble. Yesterday, that criminal tried to invade the palace, since when is he one of your officers? Could it be that Xuan Yuan City has made an alliance with the descendants of the Demon Emperor?

“Hmph! Since it’s that way, I will report the case to Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. You will be severely punished,” said Yuan Xuan to Lin Feng. He hoped Lin Feng would be punished and convicted again.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly, all those people were quite litigious. “Haha, punished? Are you qualified to punish me?” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly.

“You wish you were,” said Yuan Xuan, smiling ferociously. He stretched out his left hand and moved the last black piece of the chessboard. His moves were perfect.

“The blacks win. This chessboard is very powerful. I obtained the most powerful position, so I win,” Yuan Xuan smiled. Lin Feng knew what Yuan Xuan was talking about; he considered that one last piece a person.

Lin Feng frowned, then smashed the chessboard and crushed it, before it disappeared.

“Indeed, I am not qualified, but the so-called qualification we’re talking about is just a creation,” said Lin Feng. He looked at the crushed chessboard and grinned.

Yuan Xuan said icily, “You want to break the rules? Aren’t you afraid of public opinion?”

“The public? Would they attack me? Why? Because I broke a chessboard?” said Lin Feng, frowning in mock incomprehension.

“Don’t you know that this chessboard has existed for a very long time? Someone is going to be very angry because of that,” said Yuan Xuan, threatening Lin Feng.

“Hehe, I know it was been created a long time ago, I broke it to make him angry. If he’s angry, he’ll show his true colors. The devil can’t hide his cloven hoof,” grinned Lin Feng. Yuan Xuan looked evil and demonic.

“You really want to do that?” sighed Yuan Xuan sighing. His eyes were filled with killing intent. He was about to attack.

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