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Chapter 403: Killing Yuan Xuan!

Chapter 403: Killing Yuan Xuan!

Edited by Aelryinth

“Little Huang, save them!” shouted Lin Feng. He didn’t have time to lose. Nobody could compete against Huang Nü in Ya City, so she could do it.

Huang Nü was wearing her golden armor, looking valiant and heroic. She flew towards the palace of Ya City.

“Stop!” shouted Yuan Xuan, gritting his teeth. He threw a punch at Huang Nü.

“Your opponent is me!” shouted Lin Feng. Then he threw a punch at Yuan Xuan. Lin Feng’s left arm hurt. He made half a step backwards and shouted furiously. Then he jumped forwards again and threw another punch.

“Die!” shouted Yuan Xuan furiously. He was a Godly Emperor, but now he only had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, and Lin Feng was provoking him! Yuan Xuan had no choice but to fight with his full strength.

Lin Feng felt a bit oppressed. After all, Godly Emperor Blood had used a special skill to lower Yuan Xuan’s cultivation level, but in reality, he was a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer. He had more experience and his attacks were more developed.

“Mara Nirvana Formula!” said Lin Feng icily. He raised his arms and the sky became dark. Lightnings appeared, containing a powerful, thick, and dense demon Qi. They struck Yuan Xuan.

Yuan Xuan shouted furiously. He raised his hands and two golden imprints appeared, and grew to one hundred zhang, then shot towards Lin Feng’s celestial spirit.

Lin Feng was under great pressure, that imprint attack was dangerous. If he didn’t pay attention, he could get hit and badly injured. Lin Feng’s hair fluttered in the wind, and he raised his left hand and released as much demon Qi as he could. His eyes became bloodshot, his Qi even scarier.

A black cloud of Qi surrounded Lin Feng’s celestial spirit as he raised his hands, the ground started trembling. In half a second, many spirits appeared around him.

The strong cultivators of Ya City didn’t dare get close. That battle was frighteningly fierce. If they got too close, energies could spill over and injure them.

“Demon Emperor Celestial Skill! I hope you enjoy it!” said Lin Feng hoarsely. When he said that, he suddenly looked like a demon. People in the distance shuddered with fear when they saw him.

Yuan Xuan was no exception. He had never felt so scared in his life, even though he had lived for millennia. He had never felt so scared.

His soul was shaking. Lin Feng’s skill was so terrifying.

It didn’t look good!

Yuan Xuan couldn’t sit and wait for death. He could sense that the blood Qi which constricting his cultivation level was weakening. He was becoming stronger again. A dozen minutes and he’d recover eighty percent of his strength. Then it would be easy to kill Lin Feng, he’d crush him like a dog.

“Chaotic Sky!” shouted Yuan Xuan furiously, raising his palms towards the sky. Two beams of light appeared and condensed, like he was establishing a connection to the skies, and borrowing the strength of the vault of heaven. He was about to use a powerful attack!

The Chaotic Sky attack was in the top thirty of the Godly Skills’ List, incredibly strong. It allowed a cultivator to borrow strength from the sky. It had been created by a cultivator of the sixth Godly Emperor layer ten thousand years before.

However, Yuan Xuan was unlucky. He was using a godly skill, whereas Lin Feng was using a celestial skill. The two skills were just incomparable. Maybe that the nuance was difficult to see, but when a celestial skill and a godly skill collided, it was easy to see the difference.

Yuan Xuan had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer at that moment. The two cultivators had the same power. It wasn’t good at all for Yuan Xuan.

There was an explosion, and the two terrifying threads of energies collided. Yuan Xuan looked confident at the beginning, sure he could destroy Lin Feng’s attack with his Chaotic Sky, but his smile quickly stiffened and his face paled.

His energy was completely absorbed. The strength of the sky disappeared. The sky became extremely dark and a thick Qi whistled.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng murderously. What was happening there would definitely get to Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. The Three Dynasties and Four Temples would also learn about it quickly, so it would be dangerous for him. Therefore, he had to kill Yuan Xuan to be safe.

Lin Feng was merciless. Having a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer as an enemy wasn’t a good thing. He would be in permanent danger if he didn’t kill Yuan Xuan. He had to die!

Lin Feng was astounded by the power of the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill. He looked at the energies which were absorbing Yuan Xuan bit by bit. His Qi had completely disappeared.

Eh? Is he dead? Lin Feng was staring at Yuan Xuan. His Qi had completely disappeared, and then his body completely disappeared as well.

Lin Feng sighed. The Demon Emperor Celestial Skill was this terrifying? It was a great skill to assassinate people without being noticed. It was even scarier than the skill Zhen Mo had obtained…

If the Demon Emperor had created that skill when he was younger, it would have changed everything. Tian Di’s father might not have been able to kill him. The Demon Emperor Celestial Skill was aggressive and dangerous, sneaky and powerful…

Lin Feng took a deep breath and fell to his knees, then bent over and put his hands on the ground.

Using the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill was exhausting. He had used up so much energy. Besides, he had been quite scared during the battle, because he had noticed that Yuan Xuan had started regaining his strength. Without Godly Emperor Blood, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to do anything against Yuan Xuan. He would have been the one who would have died.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and then unsheathed the Buddha Sword. He walked into the palace of Ya City.


Not many people knew that Yuan Xuan had died because the city was shrouded in an ocean of blood-red clouds due to Godly Emperor Blood’s skill. They hadn’t been able to see the battle clearly. Lin Feng killed the strong cultivators who came to see.

Nobody could know what had happened there anymore. Lin Feng had no choice, he had to kill those innocent people to protect his own life.

Lin Feng found a secret place in the palace, which turned out to be the prison. It smelled like blood inside. Two hundred people, children, old people, and women were imprisoned in there. There were also some middle-aged men who looked completely exhausted and were on the verge of collapse.

Huang Nü was crouching, her hands on Mister Mo Zhang’s back and slowly releasing pure Qi to save him.


Lin Feng slowly walked towards her, on the way, he kicked the prison guard who was lying on the ground. Huang Nü had killed him in one punch. She had killed all the other prison guards, too.

“How is he?” asked Lin Feng frowning. The old man was barely breathing. Lin Feng was worried. Then he looked at Mo Fang, who was chained up and lowered his head. He didn’t say anything, his face ghastly pale. He looked completely dispirited.

“He’s very weak. I’m afraid he won’t make it today,” said Huang Nü honestly, frowning and sighing.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and said, “Let’s do our best to save him.”

“I’m doing my best, even if I give him some of my blood, it may only help him live a few more years,” said Huang Nü.

Lin Feng looked at Huang Nü, then he looked at the old man who was about to die, he was worried, he asked, “Will it be dangerous for you?”

“No. Just a drop would be fine,” said Huang Nü shaking her head, but her eyes gleamed. Even if he didn’t ask, she would do it anyway, but Lin Feng had asked to make her feel better.

Huang Nü wanted to make Lin Feng happy no matter what.

She was a princess, and proud. But now she had a man, and she wanted to be proud of him, she didn’t need to be proud herself.

Little Huang raised her left hand and bit her finger. One drop of blood appeared, she dripped it into Mo Zhang’s mouth. Golden lights flashed. Lin Feng was surprised; Huang Nü’s blood was golden, and it contained a thick desolate Qi.

After a long time, Mo Zhang finally regained some color. His eyes became brighter again. He coughed, proving he was still alive.

“You…” When Mo Zhang opened his eyes, his vision was blurry, but he recognized Lin Feng. He also saw Huang Nü. He was surprised.

“Master, are you feeling any better?” asked Lin Feng, smiling calmly. He put his hand on the old man’s back and helped him sit up.

“You, Mu Feng, you shouldn’t have taken risks to save me. I…” said Mo Zhang. His eyes were wet. He felt guilty, and hopeless.

“I betrayed my ancestor. I… tarnished his reputation. I…” said Mo Zhang and then he started crying.

“What was going on?”

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  1. suicai99 May 13, 2019 at 6:37 am - Reply

    why not LF just let all of them into his spirit world and carry them everywhere?

    after all he have the whole world in there.

  2. SILENTREADER14 May 20, 2019 at 6:26 pm - Reply

    He kill an innocent people too! What is the difference between him and the villains in the story then?

    The mc is just another hypocrites aswell-_-

  3. Mo Feng March 31, 2020 at 10:56 pm - Reply

    Silent, PAY ATTENTION to STORY, he killed them to keep himself alive, if Tian Di the Celestial Emperor heard about Lin Feng killing Yuan Xuan they would say he is a traitor and try to kill him again. Those people were coming to see, but nobody could know Lin Feng killed him, so he had too. Its not right, but it was a life and death situation.

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