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Chapter 404: Back to Gods City!

Chapter 404: Back to Gods City!

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When Lin Feng saw that, he didn’t understand. The old man looked remorseful. But then Lin Feng guessed what could have happened, but didn’t press for details. He looked at Mo Fang, who was still chained up and was staring blankly. His eyes seemed empty. Nothing seemed to make him react.

“I betrayed my ancestor. I failed. I even signed!” the old man cried. He felt powerless.

Lin Feng frowned. Lin Feng understood that the old man had probably done something to protect Mo Fang. Lin Feng hadn’t thought that Yuan Xuan would manage to make the old man do something like that before his death. He had even managed to make him sign something. Now, it would be difficult to prove that the Demon Emperor was innocent, especially if a member of his own family had admitted he was a criminal.

Lin Feng sighed and shook his head. Poor old man. But on the other hand, it was also for Mo Fang. If Mo Fang had died, then the Demon Emperor would have had no great grandson left. The old man had had no choice.

“Alright, don’t think about it too much. You did nothing wrong. The Demon Emperor would have done the same,” said Lin Feng, trying to cheer the old man up. He put the old man in his spirit world for him to recover.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Mo Fang. Mo Fang seemed absent-minded and powerless.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and broke the chains. Mo Fang slowly sat up without saying anything.

“Don’t feel guilty. Your grandfather did that to save you. He didn’t do anything bad. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor is dead now. You are alive, you are the future of the lineage. You understand?” said Lin Feng icily. No matter what Mo Fang thought, Lin Feng threw him into his spirit world. He would let him come out once he understood that.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü saved the other prisoners. The three hundred villagers knew Lin Feng, some old women cried with joy when they saw he was safe and sound.

Lin Feng put them in his spirit world as well. His spirit world was gigantic. His spirit world would become even more lively.

Lin Feng hadn’t been in his spirit world for a long time, which made him sigh, as he rarely saw his parents and Liu Fei. How sad. He couldn’t go back though, because the sadness would influence him.


Lin Feng and Huang Nü jumped into the shuttle and flew towards Gods City.

Very quickly, what happened in Ya City spread through the Continent of the Gods. Everybody learned about it in the Central Continent of the Gods and in the other regions. They also learned that Yuan Xuan had died and that Ya City had been destroyed. Nobody knew who the murderer was.

All the people who knew that Lin Feng had gone to Ya City were dead. In a few days, everybody in Godsland, in the Gods’ Government, in the Six Groups, the Four Temples, and the Three Dynasties knew about what had happened.


In the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, someone shouted furiously, “Investigate!”

A powerful group of cultivators were assigned the task of finding the culprit. The one who had destroyed Ya City was really audacious. Didn’t they know that Ya City was under the jurisdiction of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty? Didn’t they know that Tian Di, the Celestial Emperor, was extremely aggressive and dangerous?

Who had done this? Who had killed Yuan Xuan? A cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer? Who was strong enough to do that? Only someone of the same level or someone who had a higher cultivation level could have done that!

Considering all these factors, the murderer could only be an extremely strong cultivator from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Cultivators of the third Godly Emperor layer were already extremely strong. Cultivators of the first Godly Emperor layer couldn’t do much against a cultivator of the third.


Three days passed. During those three days, Lin Feng and Huang Nü traveled extremely quickly in their shuttle. Lin Feng realized that Ya City was extremely far from the Central Continent of the Gods. They had been traveling for three days and finally, Lin Feng could see the periphery of the Central Continent of the Gods in the distance.

Lin Feng wondered who had saved him back then. He had gone unconscious and then had woken up in Criminals’ Village. Who was that mysterious cultivator? Lin Feng was determined to find that benevolent cultivator!


On the fourth day, Huang Nü and Lin Feng finally arrived in Gods City.

When Lin Feng saw those familiar buildings, he had mixed feelings. He looked in the direction of Feng Qi Mountain, and couldn’t help but recall what had happened. Three Godly Emperors had humiliated him. Back then, he had only had the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He hadn’t even reached the top of the ninth.

Even though not much time had passed, Lin Feng had done so many things, and his social status had changed, so it all felt so old. Lin Feng couldn’t wait to see Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei. How would they react? What would they think?

“Little Huang, I want people to notice me this time,” said Lin Feng with an eerie smile. He looked in the direction of the Celestial Gods Government and smiled mockingly.

Huang Nü knew what had happened to Lin Feng in Gods City, and felt for him. He had been humiliated. Those Godly Emperors had humiliated a junior cultivator, and now that junior was a bit too strong for them.

What would they think of Lin Feng this time? Would they dare do the same again? Would they dare call him a traitor, a criminal?

Huang Nü was excited; she wanted to see if those cultivators who had humiliated her husband would shut up this time!

But there was one person she wanted to see even more, Meng Qing. Lin Feng had told her about Meng Qing. She was the most important woman of Lin Feng’s harem.

“Alright,” Huang Nü smiled. She followed Lin Feng into town.

Their godly auras were dazzling, they looked like two suns in the sky, one golden, one white. Many strong cultivators couldn’t even look at them because they would be blinded, shaking them. Many of them were so scared that their souls trembled.

“Who’s that?” asked an elder of the Unicorn Sect when he saw the two Half-Godly Emperors. He had the impression that one of them looked familiar but he couldn’t remember who it was.

“Is it Lin Feng? Indeed. If I’m not mistaken, it must be Lin Feng,” someone said suddenly. Initially, Gods City was calm, but Lin Feng’s appearance made that elder tremble. Lin Feng really looked like that Half-Godly Emperor in the sky.

However… how could Lin Feng be a Half-Godly Emperor?

Right, he remembered what the patriarch of the sect had told him, Lin Feng had obtained a very particular social status in the Continent of the Gods. His rank was now similar to that of the leaders of the Five Governments.

Thinking about that, the elder pulled a long face. He was furious, but what could he do? Nothing. He was a joke compared to Lin Feng. How could he fight against a Half-Godly Emperor?

Even their patriarch probably wouldn’t dare cause trouble when facing a Half-Godly Emperor. The elder was panic-stricken. He hurried and flew back to the sect.

The elders of the Unicorn Sect, the Jewels Celestial Sect, and Sword Mountain all saw Lin Feng. When the elders of Sword Mountain saw Lin Feng, they were delighted, and almost went crazy. Their amazing elder! All the disciples of Sword Mountain recognized Lin Feng too.

Many disciples headed back to Sword Mountain when they saw Lin Feng, they had to tell Great Elder Lin Zhe Tian that Lin Feng was back.

Lin Feng smiled icily when he saw some people on the ground.

“Godly Emperor Tian, Godly Emperor Lei, Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, the criminal Lin Feng is back. Aren’t you going to show up?” shouted Lin Feng mockingly.

Lin Feng sounded like a demon, his voice echoed everywhere in Gods City and hundreds of li around. The three Godly Emperors all heard him.

Lin Feng made a comeback. By saying that, he was mocking the three Godly Emperors who had humiliated and plotted against him back then. The criminal was back!

Lin Feng’s black robe fluttered in the wind, and he was surrounded by a godly aura, his jet-black hair hanging on his shoulders. He looked dignified and majestic, proud, cold, and amused.

Indeed, he looked amused. Back then, the three Godly Emperors could make fun of him, now he could make fun of them.

Regarding strength? Lin Feng had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, but he could easily defeat a cultivator of the first Godly Emperor layer.

When Lin Feng saw that the three Godly Emperors didn’t intend to show up, he smiled mockingly and shouted, “What? Don’t the three Godly Emperors want to see me, a criminal? Since it’s that way, I’ll come.”

“Hmph! Who do you think I am? You almost killed my son back then!”

“Hey, Lin Feng, you are audacious! You dared come back? Are you sick of living?”

“Great Leader Lin Feng, you’re a bit too arrogant, aren’t you?”

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