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Chapter 405: That’s How Lin Feng Is!

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The three Godly Emperors shouted angrily. Everybody saw Godly Emperor Tian appear. His godly aura illuminated the south of the city as he flew towards Lin Feng. Godly Emperor Lei also appeared, lightning and thunder energies rolling in waves around him. He arrived from the east of the city, while Godly Emperor Jiu Yao also appeared in the north of the city.

The three Godly Emperors showed up. The atmosphere was much livelier when they showed up.

When Lin Feng saw those three familiar faces, he smiled broadly.

“Long time no see, my three friends,” said Lin Feng, his expression wicked. Godly Emperor Lei looked at Lin Feng icily. Godly Emperor Jiu Yao smiled scornfully.

Godly Emperor Tian was ferocious as he clenched his fists and smiled icily. “Little boy, don’t think that because you broke through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer, you can compete with us or provoke us.”

“Hehe, that’s what you think,” said Lin Feng, definitely amused.

Godly Emperor Tian shuddered with fear when Lin Feng looked at him. How come, though? He only had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. Godly Emperor Tian was convinced he could kill a Half-Godly Emperor as easily as a dog or a pig. But when he saw Lin Feng, he found himself scared.

“Lin Feng, congratulations on becoming the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City,” said Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, smiling with false politeness.

Godsland had transmitted the news to them. They all knew about Lin Feng and his new status. His social status wasn’t any lower than theirs nowadays.

And as they saw it, that was why Lin Feng dared act so arrogantly. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have wasted time like this, he would have attacked immediately.

“Oh, everybody knows I’m the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City already?” said Lin Feng, pretending to be stupid. But from his eyes, it was easy to guess he was making fun of them.

Godly Emperor Tian was furious. His eyes were filled with flames of fury, he felt like he was going to burst.

Godly Emperor Lei was also furious. They hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng the previous time, what a pity. What would happen this time? They couldn’t fail!

But would they dare kill the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City? He was now considered a protector of the Continent of the Gods!

Actually, unless a member of the Three Dynasties said something, nobody would dare do that. Lin Feng was a protector of the Continent of the Gods. If anyone dared harm a protector of the Continent of the Gods, they were considered a traitor trying to destroy public order.

Therefore, the three people thought twice about it and decided to just make fun of him.

“You’re pretty wise, Godly Emperor Jiu Yao,” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly.

Godly Emperor Jiu Yao frowned, but controlled herself. Now that Lin Feng was back, it seemed like life wasn’t going to be good for them. Lin Feng had probably come back to get his revenge. He probably wouldn’t let them off.

The three of them knew that. Lin Feng’s rank was higher than theirs now. Lin Feng didn’t intend to let them off, and they couldn’t kill him. It felt like being a mouse in a cage!

“So, Godly Emperor Tian, what did you just say? Can you prove what you just said?” said Lin Feng, looking at Godly Emperor Tian in icy determination.

Godly Emperor Tian was extremely furious. An insignificant Half-Godly Emperor was making fun of him? How humiliating!

“What did you say? Can you repeat that?” said Godly Emperor Tian icily.

Lin Feng was provoking them, and it surprised all of them. Their eyes were all wide. Even though they knew Lin Feng’s new status was high, how come he dared provoke Godly Emperors? Did he overestimate himself?

“Lin Feng, be careful!”

Lin Feng heard a voice, and was delighted. He looked down to see Jian Shi, Sword Mountain’s leader.

Tang Zhen was with him. The two old men had rushed over. They were afraid something would happen to him.

Lin Feng smiled broadly, but then he sighed. Those people only knew how he was. Lin Feng wasn’t the same Lin Feng they had known.

“I just want to exchange views on cultivation with Godly Emperor Tian. Godly Emperor Tian, if you accept, let’s do it, and if you don’t dare, someone else can try,” said Lin Feng stonily.

Godly Emperor Tian was infuriated. He couldn’t help but burst into laughter, though. He looked crazy.

“Hehe! Since it’s that way, let’s ‘exchange views on cultivation’!” snarled Godly Emperor Tian, laughing frantically. This was an opportunity, he’d seize that opportunity to teach Lin Feng a good lesson. Even though he couldn’t kill Lin Feng, he could severely injure him, and nobody would say anything.

Lin Feng had provoked him first, after all. Nobody could blame him!

“There’s a big strength difference between you and me. I’ll attack you three times only,” said Godly Emperor Tian smiling coldly. No matter how strong he had become, he was only a Half-Godly Emperor. To Godly Emperor Tian, there wasn’t much difference between a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer and the Half-Godly Emperor layer, they were all tiny little insects!

“Hehe, actually no need. If you resist against three of my attacks, then you win,” Lin Feng shot back with a sneer.

Everybody was completely astonished.

Lin Feng… Lin Feng… eh? If Godly Emperor Tian resisted against three of his attacks, then he’d win?

That was too…

Jian Shi and Tang Zhen were astonished and worried. They thought Lin Feng was a bit too confident, he probably overestimated himself. How could a Half-Godly Emperor defeat a cultivator of the Godly Emperor layer? Even thought Lin Feng had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, how could he defeat Godly Emperor Tian, who had been a Godly Emperor for hundreds of years?

They didn’t believe Lin Feng could win. Lin Feng was just too confident. He wanted to preserve face.

“First attack, get ready.” No matter what people thought, Lin Feng attacked, raising his hands. Two gigantic imprints shot towards Godly Emperor Tian’s face extremely quickly. He wanted to shut Godly Emperor Tian up!

Godly Emperor Tian was furious. He threw a punch, which turned into an ancient golden dragon. Its five fingers were a hundred zhang long. The bright and sharp energy whistled as the dragon roared to the attack.

Godly Emperor Tian was using his full strength?

When the crowd saw that, they had pity and compassion for Lin Feng. Some people turned around and got ready to leave, it was useless to watch such a cruel battle. Lin Feng was doomed.


Pa… Pa! Godly Emperor Tian screamed as he was slapped by the two imprints. He was smashed away and crashed into a hundred-meter-tall building. The building exploded. Godly Emperor Tian controlled himself and fell on his feet to the ground. He touched his face, where marks of hands were imprinted on his cheeks.

Many people were completely dumbstruck, and couldn’t believe it their eyes.

How was that possible? He only had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, and he could defeat Godly Emperor Tian in one strike? And Godly Emperor Tian had used his full strength!

“Eh…?” Jian Shi smiled wryly. Was this the little boy they knew back then? That little boy had become quite strong!

Jian Shi had the impression that Lin Feng had already surpassed him, and was far ahead now. Back then, he could consider Lin Feng a junior, now he had to consider him an elder…

One strike, and he made Godly Emperor Tian fly away; just how strong was he?

Tang Zhen was also shaking, his eyes wide. He had clearly seen those two imprints, and they contained an incredible demon Qi. How dangerous!

Lin Feng had used his most powerful attack, the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill. He had used his most powerful skill against Godly Emperor Tian because it was the only way to finally shut Godly Emperor Tian up.

If he had managed to block Lin Feng’s attack, he would have probably started talking a lot again.

Godly Emperor Tian was going crazy. Godly Emperor Jiu Yao and Godly Emperor Lei glared at Lin Feng. They had the impression they were in the middle of the ocean on a small boat, their legs were shaking. They felt dizzy and sick.

Godly Emperor Tian had just lost?

Godly Emperor Tian was the strongest of the three Godly Emperors and also the best at scheming, but he had been defeated by a Half-Godly Emperor. Would people believe that if they hadn’t seen it?

Had Lin Feng become that strong?

Godly Emperor Lei and Godly Emperor Jiu Yao glanced at one another, both of them scared.

Godly Emperor Tian’s cheeks burned. How humiliating, he had used his full strength and lost? Defeated by Lin Feng?

He had never felt so humiliated. Lin Feng had already humiliated him a few times, two months before, and now again! He had become so strong.

Godly Emperor Tian didn’t feel safe anymore, and started panicking.

If Lin Feng could defeat him with the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor, what would happen if he broke through to the Godly Emperor layer? Wouldn’t he be able to kill him in one slap?

Thinking about that, Godly Emperor Tian’s face paled. He couldn’t just sit and wait for death. He had to kill Lin Feng!

“Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, Godly Emperor Lei, help me!” shouted Godly Emperor Tian ferociously. He clenched his fists and threw himself at Lin Feng.

He had to get rid of Lin Feng at all costs!

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